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Hello, all. I'm more than glad to be here. I look forward to discussing/interacting with all of you. It will be a great honor to know any of you I can get to know.

Are there any VT members here?

@unclefesterr did I something wrong?

I @unclefesterri sure do, one sec.

@_AltRight_Anew -AZ I've never understood the hate for her from the"Alt-Right" types. She's a great asset to /ourcause/ & she's redpilled quite a few people.

Nice job, fellas!

Smooth brained

"look how many black friends I have, I listen to rap & cuck myself at every turn".....๐Ÿ˜ฎ

95k down 25k up....<:teehee:381917632359563264>

Well done, gents!

@TMatthews did you happen too strike up conversation about it?

Business cards in books is certainly useful as the people who might read those books are the types we want to look into us. I think it helps new activists or perhaps prospective types you might meet irl get over any "anxieties" when on their first time out etc.

Too true, journalism is objective; these are low-energy propagandists.

@TMatthews Normies ruin everything..REEEEEE!

Hey! Excellent! Potential here for certain.

That's how we do it my brothers & sisters. much knee jerk. I love it.

Excellent work, gents.

This last photo has got to be one of our most effective stickers. What a fantastic graphic design. Can't wait to get my merch order in a few days.

Whoa! Excellently done gents.....applause all around.

@Procella Eques that just earned a new sub from me. Civ-nat turned /ourguy/.

Nice work gents.

There are some risks involved but, we have a good record of keeping infiltration under control. Besides, if there is one what are they gonna report? That we dropped a banner, did some mma, did some flyering, handed out some cards, cleaned up some trash, fed some homeless people, protested outside a Mexican consulate (which was gold, wish I could've been there) & popped some green smoke...nothing to see here.

@Freiheit - CA You guys gotta get better nipple-slip protection.

Whoa! Whoa! Do mine eyes deceive? I just got home from work & Trump is on the SA genocide? Yes!

Ohh man, this is fantastic.

Online activism idea: All petitions on the standard array of sites concerning giving Boers refugees, SA matters....spread them like Cali wildfire. (No offense California folks)

@Goose I got honors in English comp at JWU.

@Goose I'll work on it this evening/morning.

Ok, I've got a first rough draft written. Where do I send it? @Goose

Here's a rough copy of a letter idea that was in the server a bit ago. It concerns the recent SA Boer Trump post.
Government Official,

President Trump has officially addressed the South African Boer genocide. This is a matter that has been ongoing for many years; South African white Farmers have been slaughtered en masse by the policies enacted by the Mugabe regime. "kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" has been a rallying cry for the indigenous peoples of South Africa. The United States must answer to this atrocity. The Boer has fed South Africa for decades & now they're being shown the appreciation through means of rape and torture and murder and dispossession. You must act & through whichever governmental means, give these honorable people Federal Refugee Status. Not only are they good and Noble people but they are steeped in agricultural skill & experience. The genocide of White people in South Africa must end!

@Bjorn - MD Precedent is what was implied but I can see where it's confusing.

@Aeyannic_Order stay with the quality. I'm in VT by myself (in a physical/organizational sense). There's no one here to do any activism but me, that's alright. I've got the feelers out, if find anyone who has quality potential I'll work the usual approach angles. If I don't, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

@Asatru Artist - MD Bring your shoes, game & food/drink is on me.

@Asatru Artist - MD I don't keep score, I'm no great golfer haha

"we have found the way, we found it through thousands of years in the labyrinth"

Jihad is a threat but not one bad enough to take on (((partners)))

Allies...only allies I need are good, honorable racial folk.


Grand work gents.

I'm giving serious thought to deleting mine, all my friends are people I actually know reason to have it. I'm 18 days left on a "hate speech" ban for posting "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE" meme.

Spectre? Smallest Pox & Spectre? @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yeah, I've met them. After they got doxxed I went & visited Specs office. Smallest Pox is gooorgeous.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN That sucks & I feel for you. I have one friend here who is a psuedo-normie meaning he knows my views & jokingly says I'm a "Nazzee".

Once again, I feel for you. That sh*t hurts. We are "the enemy" only to their conditioning. I don't know you but you're my racial brother, if you're ever in VT let me know; we'll have a great white time here on the mountain.


@Bjorn - MD Yeah, Assange has kicked the nest 1 too many times. God bless Assange despite that.



The end product of Blackpill use...sad.

Look how beautiful, well done. <:whitepill:439924104406106113> <:whitepill:439924104406106113>

Always adopt white children.

I come home from work & these are my notifications...feels good man, feels good.

@Kobacouldnt agree more, having non-whites shill for us makes us no better than any others who have others shill for them.

That's only if in the next 5 years the (((lobbies))) suddenly lost their entire grip & disappeared.

Such a sudden & dramatic shift would only come via violence. (Not by us btw)

@Koba No bank account in the western world belongs to a white person.

A one-way 1st class ticket to any non-white nation they like & $20,000. On the stipulation that if you ever return you will be indefinitely imprisoned.

The Afro-American nations would never pay for them to come back.

Who would take them?

Which African nation would pay to have them back?

@DairyMaxx we've not gotten to the Hispanics yet.

Maybe we can trade a Boer for a Black with SA, 1-1.

They will never be truly safe there, too many enemies. They are outnumbered & outgunned. Let Africa be for Blacks & Arabs, we'll keep the US & Europe.

@DairyMaxx what used to be our neighborhoods can be ours again. The Hispanics can be deported with ease, their land shares a border with ours. Round them up & send them back after the wall is built & the border patrol & the national guard merge & become the Soverign Guard.

*slaps prison boat* you can fit so many non-whites in this m**herf**ker

Yikes, can you sleep with your windows open?


We gotta find a way to get the idea that being in white nations is a bad thing. Some how get the sentiment among POC to self-repatriate.

๐Ÿ˜‚ NSM is such trash.

"muh trad-values".....*is actually a lying, cheating, degenerate*

We were the smart ones & foresaw the crash after the rush of trump. We stood & smiled while all the others ran around & yelled.

One thing I'll give TWP they had great graphics & messages on their propganda. No drugs etc but, too much larp.

And all the reasonable thinking/ideas

>lives alone
>Wears fashy hair to work
>Has IE flag on living room wall
>Chuckles at Koba

>600 rent
>No utilities
>Always free food (Chef)
>Lives year round in condo on ski resort where I work
>Free golf & skiing/riding
>State is 90% white
> Laughs at Kova

No hard feelings, you ever find yourself up this way we'll golf/ski & eat/drink & poster Burlington to our hearts content.

>has student loan debt from culinary school...
>Got jooed....

Is the (((accent))) hereditary?๐Ÿค”

Why are confirmed pedos still allowed to walk free? I learned who the rainbow toothed rapper was a few days ago & all of his pederasty.....

>was a doomer/misinterpreted Nietzche
>Found meaning in life via living life rather than "accepting" it.
>Realized "dooming" is only faking accepting mortality.
>Found Id-ism & hereditary culture.
>Life love feelings intesify
>Loves life

Apologies for the lack of interaction folks, I did a dumb & smashed my phone.

Most small local offices run unopposed.

Fake blackpills are sh*t tier. I'm immune to their propaganda.

Just saw this on my news feed. Look that huh? Nice!

Poc will never vote red, ever.

@Asatru Artist - MD No, please. No more diversity hires.

I was just doing a like info digging on "American moving to Italy" as I've been considering it for awhile now. This turned up...๐Ÿค”

@Asatru Artist - MD But.....theyre based blacks! They have a maga hat on & get thrown out of Starbucks cause their "fascist".

982 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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