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Hello all, I'm new. I believe @Deleted User interviewed me.

Who do I talk to about a potential activism idea which multiple chapters could take part in?

Nobody associates that triangle with the IE symbol that I've seen

The point of rebranding would be to disassociate with the negative connotation of the Virginia rally, another option is to increase PR and change the public image of IE to forget that ever happened. Similar to how the Sweden Democrats use to be associated with WN 1.0 and now are more mainstream.

People who obsess over little details and symbolism are cancer

I endorse Norman Rockwell imagery

I don't mind using the Civnats as a PR shield. Plausible deniability can be a good thing.

It's a fine line but shouldn't be impossible to dog whistle to our guys while still remaining 'family friendly' to the general public

I think we can still promote an explicit bond between Euro-Americans, if we word it properly. I don't think anyone really wants to be in heterogenous social circles, they just know they aren't allowed admit it.

We could frame it as: "Promoting policies that favor a more homogeneous America akin to Japan"

Trump needs to pull all the strings to have a chance at helping our cause, which he hasn't done in 2 years. He's going to lose the house and might lose reelection in 2020. Not looking good. Democrats won the 2016 popular vote by 3 million votes, we just squeaked through the electoral college. The Dems dominate the normies. Texas is expected to go blue by 2024. The Republican party will likely return to a "win over the Hispanics" party soon after Trump leaves office.

Do we have any musicians in IE? I have an idea to suggest if so.

Not exactly. More of a folk song. But there's a great Swedish identitarian song that I think could be easily translated into English and recorded. This translation is not perfect:

Our continued existence gives meaning to the world. Imagine a planet filled with just NPCs. Losing the spark of Western Civilization would be the greatest shame in the universe.

There's a Today Show interview?

Virgil the problem is they don't want Africa, they want what we've got.

That would be funny if Trump starts using the presidential texts as frequently as he uses Twitter.

What was it like?

WN 3.0 incoming

We need a monster energy emoji

Ever since I became a boomer I've started unironically mowing my lawn...

Be Senator Lindsay Graham

Just ask the teacher to keep repeating himself.

Are there any small stickers, like ~2 inches, or only the large ones?

What's Defend the Rockies?

I just joined today.

Are there any IE neighborhoods? Places where ourguys have decided to move and live in close proximity?

@Logan I mean like walking distance from one another

Are there many IE guys in northern Idaho?

I've been thinking West Virginia might be a nice place to start an identitarian community. It's the only state that is both over 90% European and supports Trump.

Can you imagine a timeline where the torch march happened but the next day didn't?

Daily Reminder: Join your local Republican Precinct Committee

An identitarian "drudge report" style website would be cool, where relevant articles are linked to. Easier than writing your own articles.

Nice the most anti-immigration supreme court justice in decades has been confirmed!

Murkowski(R)-Alaska was the only Rep to abstain, Daines(R)-Montana was absent for daughter's wedding, would've voted aye

He was willing to fly back if his vote was required for a win but I agree he still should've been there

Here's where I've found the cheapest flights:

Also if you're relatively nearby you can try Greyhound they are pretty cheap

@Reinhard Wolff What will go on at the physical headquarters and how large of a building are you anticipating?

The modern world is a breeding ground for depression. My condolences


What do you have against generalizing?

Generalizing is a useful technique when dealing with large numbers, you can't analyze every person on Earth individually

I'm sure there are many lovely people in the democratic republic of Congo, but generally I don't want to live there

Somalia is libertarian, still don't want to live there either

Nice, that NBC interview went swimmingly. Couldn't have gone better. Good job!

@Reinhard Wolff What's your opinion on flyering community colleges? Also, how sticky are the stickers?.. My concern is if they are difficult to remove it might be considered vandalism.

I think it would be a great idea if some musicians produced quality identitarian music.

@Deleted User any genre really.

Would need good singers though.

@Deleted User is that violin?

I wish this song had an english version:

My ancestors were thrown out of windows

Correct @OMGDwayne I'm 25% Czech

I've never played football

They came to USA to farm, not sure why they left

That video calls for "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smashmouth

The big reveal: hazing will now be part of the application process

Im grandfathered in

I made a fake pumpkin:

Who's coordinating the national event?

@Reinhard Wolff who's coordinating the national conference?

I like to say "more homogeneous country" rather than "ethnostate"

Eventually one crypto coin will be perfect and take over the crypto market

I just purchased my ticket to the national conference

Are there many IE guys near Miami? Asking for a friend interested in joining

But specifically southeast florida?


What's the protocol for submitting flyering photos?

University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ

Yea I wasn't sure which were the best so I just posted them all sorry. Is there a way to set your camera to focus both near and far at the same time so one side isn't blurry?

Richards brand is tarnished at this point, the movement needs to ignore him

In the hole?

There used to be a youtube video of IE guys climbing a tree and talking to some reporter. Anyone know what that was called? I can't find it

Thanks, that video is so aesthetic

@Reinhard Wolff how do I get my hands on a copy of the books IQ and inequality, and Global bell curve?

@Reinhard Wolff what do you think about door to door soliciting for IE donations? Particularly targeting wealthy older people

@Reinhard Wolff what do you think about writing an IE theme song and singing it as a flash mob?

Elon Duck

Where do I buy an IE lapel pin?

Doesn't the X Haplogroup prove the solutrean hypothesis?

@Nemets it seems odd that haplogroup X is clustered in northeast America and not dispersed evenly among all native tribes. Also they've dated clovis spearheads to before the bering strait melted

Are there any charities that mainly help 'our' people? Not necessarily explicitly but just the best one in general

We must distribute the means of reproduction.

Moly has put out a ton of IQ videos

What does the gas tax have to do with immigration?

Can someone explain what's going on in France? I'm confused

Lol 7 cents

Maybe it will turn into another Ukranian revolution

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