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11/24/21 Michigan Cluster Meeting Report:

In attendance:
1. @Alan MI
2. @Eric MI (cluster meeting note taker)
3. @Michael MI
4. @Benjamin MI
5. @Johnny MI
6. @Sam MI
7. @Francis MI
8. @Nathan MI

1. @Arthur MI (Was unable to attend because hes in the process of moving)
2. @Ulysses MI (work conflict)

Basic Report:

@Alan MI : Planning Thanksgiving event. Bringing Mashed potatoes and gravy. Stickered 5 cities.
Maintained 1700 calorie ceiling and workout program.

@Eric MI : Very sick, so he will not be attending the Thanksgiving event. Will be well by the demo.
Can meet the network fitness standards (when not sick).

@Michael MI : Will be receiving his new promat at the Thanksgiving event. Bringing a peanut butter red velvet cake.
Has maintained the workout regiment that @Johnny MI helped him design. Has been concentrating on his new job.
Failed the 9 minute mile standard, failed the plank standard, completed the pullup standard, and completed the push up standard.

@Benjamin MI : Serving as quartermaster for the Thanksgiving event. Preparing the turkey.
Attended the NJP event. Submitted a report to @Thomas
Failed the plank standard, but completed the other three standards.

@Johnny MI : Stickered 4 cities.
Attended the NJP event.
Has created an accountability agreement with @Michael MI where as long as @Michael MI follows his workout regiment @Johnny MI will make sure he stickers at least once a week. This arrangement is already showing improvement for both of them.
completed all network fitness standards.

@Sam MI : Bringing a ham to the Thanksgiving event.
Working on building muscle since he has gotten down to a healthy body fat %.
completed all network fitness standards.

@Francis MI : Bringing punch to the Thanksgiving event.
Looking for a new job.
Failed the plank standard but completed all others.

@Arthur MI : Is healing from his injuries. Will likely get a large sum of money from the accident which will allow him to get back on his feet. WIl likely be staying with his father temporarily. He may move to Alabama in the future to live with his brother who intends to join PF after he leaves the military.

@Ulysses MI : Working on a banner and cutting out copies of the banner stencils. Cannot attend the Thanksgiving event due to a family matter. Stickered 3 cities.
Mainly focused on his career and determining family plans (recently married).


Longer Summary:

The meeting primarily consisted of discussing travel plans for both the Thanksgiving event and the upcoming demo. Nothing of particular note happened during this meeting to warrant more verbose articulation.

November 27th Michigan Thanksgiving Event (Frontsgiving).

Lead Organizer - @Alan MI
Quartermaster - @Benjamin MI

Members present: @Alan MI @Benjamin MI @Johnny MI @Francis MI @Michael MI @Sam MI

Purpose: To assess and improve the physical fitness of those attending, practice marching drills, practice sparring, and generally socialize.

10am: Arrival time

10:30am - noon: Marching practice/hike

noon- 2pm: Sparring

2pm- 4:30pm: Casual chit chat

4:30pm-5pm: @NS - Michael OH speech

5pm-5:15pm: Banner picture

5:30pm: general departure

Long form: The day began with idle chit chat as well as discussion of the days events. We hiked throughout the parks trails as a group. For approximately 3/4ths of the hike we were in marching formation. @ND - Ryan OH appointed @Alan MI to give the commands to the marching column for various actions including stopping, merging into one column from two, separating into two columns from one, and commands meant to mimic obstacles during demos such as curbs, trees, or other such encounters. The march itself maintained a brisk but relatively orderly pace for its duration. Afterwards everyone drank some water and chatted a bit before a sparring lesson was given by @ND - Ryan OH in which the basics of 5 strikes, 2 blocks, dodging, and general movement during combat were covered. Shortly into the actual sparring practice a park ranger arrived to notify us that we were not permitted to actually spar and strike one another on park property. After a brief conversation he told us that it was fine to practice striking the air as we had done so far, but that we could not actually strike each other. Therefore, we practiced a bit more, but the overall sparring time was cut short by this incident. As a result several members of the Ohio network began to cook up some food while everyone else chatted about a variety of topics. Later in the afternoon we found a more secluded section of the park to listen to @NS - Michael OH 's speech. Its contents were relevant to our cause and PF as a fraternal institution, and his delivery was excellent. @Benjamin MI recorded him presenting it. After discussing the contents of his speech we all took a picture with a banner that @PF-571562 brought. This concluded the event for the day, and everyone departed shortly after.

Yes, I often sticker in extremely small towns. Probably the majority of all sticker posts I've made have actually been in smaller communities because there are simply so many. You can always find at least 4-6 spots for a good sticker and picture.
I stickered Hell, Michigan which is literally the middle of no where. There wasn't even a downtown lol.

No problem buddy

You can always find somewhere to place a sticker. Worst case scenario if its not a busy area, which it probably isn't if its rural, you can stop and put stickers on the back of signs along the road itself or at an intersection. Ideally though, try to go to towns that have some little downtown of sorts.

Its not preferable to sticker in the rain, but I've done it several times, so it can be done if need be.

Oh yeah, I didn't even think about that haha :cloud_snow:

Old Dominion University might be a good place to sticker in light of this


That should not be tremendously difficult

@Eric MI yes, i thought nathan needed it to be after 5pm?

Oh, im guessing that is a recent development then. We all appreciate you going above and beyond again benjamin. Lets go with 5pm so eric can have a minute to chill aftet work. Let me know where i should meet yall down there

Both me thinks

If you wanna bring those shirts you can, but idk if you wanna risk them getting spray paint on them

Sounds good :thumbup:

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:16 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:17 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:18 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:18 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:20 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:22 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:27 PM

I think we should hit both of those in addition to the one you scouted with Nathan.
The 8Mile Wall is the only one thats risky, and I'm looking at it on maps rn. Its just a wall inside of a public park. The only risk is that it is next to several peoples backyards. I think if we did it at night, were very quiet, and used almost no lights we could do it very quickly in and out. Worst case scenario we'll check it out tonight and determine if its too risky after seeing it in person

Good parking spot near Chippewa Ave and Griggs Ave, for future reference

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:36 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 13, 2021 3:48 PM

@Benjamin MI don't let me forgot my waterbottle again today

thats an order ;)

@Nathan MI i thought the same thing when i saw it haha

Come to daves

We ended up finding some of that star of david graffiti and covered it up 👌

Believe so, you'll see when Benjamin sends it.

Missing attachment: 20211113_231602.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_231505.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_231822.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_231722.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_231845.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211113_231951.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_000414.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_000702.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_001105.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_001130.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_001331.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_001421.jpg

remember to download and reupload the files in this folder, don't just import them within mega because it sometimes messes up the perms for the share link you'll send @Thomas and @Mason TX

We scouted this out tonight and took some pictures of specific parts of the wall that would be good to stencil over:

I'll send a report of all our activities later.

@Walter ID extremely impressive.

I think he means that buying an expensive pair was biting the bullet rather than a standard cheap pair of tennis shoes/ sneakers which most people already have.

Np 👍👍


Hey buddy, what kinds of spray cans do you get to have that cone type shape?

I agree.

Yeah, thats why I had Eric do the spraying for that gang one. I think those spray cans will dramatically improve our ability to stencil in an aesthetic manner


i messaged @Norman GA who i think is the poc over there

I had a really funny image in my head this morning

I remembered when you said "thats some spqr shit right there", and I couldn't stop laughing thinking about that being in a chilis surrounded by nogs :rofl:

din din with the boys is a great time

so how do we go about getting short form videos of our activism made, like this one:

Also Interviewee-773859 has ghosted me for several days now, so he should be removed from the vetting server.

I think so, but im not totally sure

okay, who was in this video:

Yes always submit mega folders to both of them. If you ever add more stuff to the mega folder for each month (like if you add some footage or pics from Thanksgiving) then just notify them when you do that later on.

Okay, thanks

so how do we get spray paint like in this video:
it comes out as a cone which is way better for covering stuff up.

I just sent a message to Thomas, and I'm sure he knows

Thank you, and I'm sure you will :thumbsup:

send the mega to @Jason NY as well

@Benjamin MI is our main camera guy, so he is handling our mega folder now. I just told him to send it to you from now on in addition to Mason and Thomas

I think he just got cold feet probably not sus at all

He has instructed me to always send them to him

can you hop in mumble briefly?

Operation Whitewash is one of the biggest segments in the upcoming action report, fyi ;)

also, @Jason NY said that if we could get a compilation of us covering up several instances of gang graffiti he knows that they could make a really cool short form video out of it.

Thanks, idk how i missed it.

Does the person whose card it is have to be the one to first arrive? We could ask johnny to do it

Those cans with the cone are called turbo cans. Apparently its in the guide

Missing attachment: 20211115_140242.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211115_140311.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211115_140406.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211115_140442.jpg

First draft for the William H. Harrison topic:

Three months into The War of 1812 the American nation faced a crisis in the northwest territory. With Fort Detroit captured and American forces on the backfoot, someone with experience in military as well as diplomatic affairs needed to be appointed to commander of the Army of the Northwest. William H. Harrison was a national hero from his victory against an ambush at Tippecanoe by the Indian leader Tecumseh, and he was a renowned statesman with numerous land acquisition treaties during his career. Immediately after his appointment, he established Fort Meigs in northwest Ohio to plug the gap created early in the war until he could receive enough reinforcements to mitigate the numerical superiority of the British and Indian forces.

A year after his appointment, Commander Harrison had reversed the tide of the war in the northwest; his army was on the offensive. After recapturing Fort Detroit his army chased Tecumseh’s Indians along with their British allies into Ontario. At the Battle of the Thames the Indian army dissipated along with the British forces after Tecumseh was slain. This campaign and its penultimate conclusion at the Battle of the Thames became one of the greatest American victories in the war of 1812 and earned future president William H. Harrison a gold medal for his service to his country.

I probably will, thank you for the invitation

@Nathan AR talk about using a variety of promat!

i might not be able to make it then, but we'll see

I think @Billy IN and his buddy wanna attend

@Ethan IN i think is his friend

they've both told me they're interested in attending

Is he less retarded than Billy? I haven't met billy but I've heard mostly bad things

thats good, maybe he can wrangle billy a bit then.

he told me something similar, orthodox Christianity though

its all good :thumbsup:

@Robert IN welcome brother. Glad to see Indiana rising

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