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Are you coming to the national demo?

Maybe but I don't have time to think about it right now. I'm working 17 hour days. On the 16th I'll be flying home and then I'll have some time

Sure I can take the team

Yeah Jeffery doesnt have any desire to go to anything outside of nw13.

You're welcome to reach out to him. He is aware of his stance. Yeah I'll give a headcount, I think it'll be less than 10

What group is picking you up?

@all Welcome to the nw13 travel planning chat. Info posted below

:pfflag: :truck: Travel Clothing: All travel clothing items must be politically neutral, prioritize dull colors, absence of revealing marks or identifying features such as company logos, college icons, or city references. Multiple layers for weather changes and shedding of articles for en route activism. Medical masks are encouraged during stops. Dress code items are not to be worn in transit, nor are any organizational patches.

Average temperatures along the travel route will range from 40 degrees to 70 degrees. Bring appropriate layers for all situations.

- :billed_cap: Hat. (Cap, booney, etc.)
- :dark_sunglasses: Sunglasses.
- :mask: Medical style mask. (Ear loops.)
- :shirt: Compliant shirt, pants/shorts, shoes. (No open toed shoes.)

:pfflag: :betsy: Activism Dress Code: Activism dress code is only to be worn on command. Its contents are to remain neatly stored, clean, and undamaged during travel. Place your User ID or Alias on the tags or otherwise within your shirt, coat, hat, and other dress code items of interest so they remain in your possession.

Temperatures at the location are expected to be low. Expect long periods of exposure to wind and cold. Hydration is key in the days leading up to the action, and the time of the action itself.

- :pfflag: Cap w/ Chevron Patch.
- :man_construction_worker_tone1: Bump cap insert.
- :dark_sunglasses: Sunglasses (Aviators Preference)
- :white_large_square: Blank white mask.
- Dress Code Jacket
- :jeans: Khaki or tan colored pants.
- :hiking_boot: Appropriate boots. (Expect lots of movement)
- "Tactical" or work gloves. Strongly encouraged for protection from the heat of flares, smoke devices, better grip on flags and shields. (No hard knuckle.) (Preference tan/coyote.)

:pfflag: :school_satchel: Additional Items: Optional or non-necessary items will be marked with an asterisk.

- :tent: Camping supplies. Tent, sleeping bag. `(Confirm with your travel lead if/where you will be camping. Coordinate with tents to ensure efficient use.)

- :money_with_wings: [$25] Cash for event payment. Note: This total does not include your travel fees. Confirm with your travel lead to find your precise total.
- :potable_water: Reusable canteen(s) of at least one liter.
- Personal sanitation kit. (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)
- :betsy: :pfflag: ANY & ALL organizational flags in possession, or in possession of locals.
- Additional bottled water. (Kept on person.)
- Water Bottle Belt Holder.
- Money for purchases during travel, or purchase of workshop materials at the event. (Cash Only)(This amount is subject to personal preference and travel specifics, confirm with travel lead.) ^

- IMPORTANT: Cash contributions for...
- Legal Fund, which will go towards ensuring the safety and freedom of activists currently under threat, and repaying those who have already kept our members from dire harm on numerous occasions. Contributions could make the difference between the continued work and efforts of an activist, or dangerous injuries at the hands of state oppression.

- Purchase of promotional materials (stickers, flyers), patches (official/unofficial), stencils, posters, etc. This will be the last time, potentially, for some time to resupply in person. You may be more specific with the items you receive, and there are no shipping fees or wait times. Communicate with your locals, or NW and ensure you are getting what you need to sustain activity.

Additional Notes:
- Our travel distances will vary widely, but expect to engage in stops or activities in travel dress code regardless.
- Pack as light as you can in terms of gear and clothing to avoid space issues. Keep everything well organized.
- Do not skimp out on water or hydration. Your party may be unable or unlikely to make stops for resupply beyond a certain point.
- If you haven't gotten really comfortable with the outdoors thus far this season, get to it. Walks and runs are suggested.
- Event fees are subject to change. Confirm with your travel lead to ensure you have the correct information.
- If you need additional links or suggestions for any of the items listed above, please ask so.
- Long hair is to be tied into a knot at the base of the neck when activism dress code is worn.

We will be meeting in Columbus OH on Friday Dec 3rd, exact time to be determined.

Additional travel fees that are NW13 specific will likely apply

@all There is now a nw13 travel planning chat for the national. Refer to it and reply in it

@all There is now a nw13 travel planning chat for the national. Refer to it and reply in it

@all There is now a nw13 travel planning chat for the national. Refer to it and reply in it

Yeah sorry work was crazy. My headcount is currently 16

And I have 13 members in my NW

@all I need everyone to reply and confirm attendance

@Thomas What general direction is the national from columbus Ohio? I need to know if I should refer @Gabriel WV to @ND - Eric PA @ND - Samuel VA or take him myself to the national.

Also the same with Francis PA

He is in Lewis County. I asked about him not too long ago to you and eric. He is kind of in the middle of nowhere. He was vetted by a guy in my NW who is in the farthest reaches of my nw

Hey bud what are you doing tomorrow?

Cool thx

What's the camping situation going to be like?

Indiana and MI

Not 13/13 from nw13

1 mi guy, three or four IN

Im going to add you into the nw13 planning chat, let me know if you find out more

Yes. I will provide details about that as soon as I can

Didn't Vincent say he can't go?

And we are to provide tents for our own travel party as always?

That's fine. They will be for sale there

Something like that yeah. One guy just found out he has to play college sports while another guy got confirmed he can go when he thought he couldnt

Ah darn tonight is my only free time really, least before the national

10nw13, 2-5in (unsure because Carter may get some of them instead of me), possibly 1 KY, 1 MI

I just said

Hahaha. Anything else bud?

Yeah we will need to organize tents and such over a voice meeting soon, once I've finished settling who is traveling how.

Foam ground mats are king

678908 has passed his vetting and been told to message you. He will be in nw13, OH

Missing attachment: IMG_20211118_203336008.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211118_202503639.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211118_202535376.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211118_202838431.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211118_202755030.jpg

With @Lee KY and an interviewee


As you can see from the constant removals and adds of people there is still some unclear aspects as to who is riding with who

Well, our NW van is out of commission with engine issues, so we're going to have to rent a van. This will increase costs for all of us a decent amount. The cheapest van I'm seeing rn is 330/day

@Benjamin MI Don't worry I'll be picking you up.

Who all is able and willing to drive a personal vehicle? This would reduce cost for everyone overall, and enable slightly faster travel times on the individual basis. Gas fees would be spread on a by car basis to those riding together.

Nay. Are you going to the national demo? You're in the channel for it, reply in ther

Alright, we can do that then and save our money.

@Ethan OH Welcome bro!

Welcome buddy. Your first step as a new member is to read the guides and let me know when you've done so along with any questions you may have. https://victory.patriotfront.us/

Hey man whats up

You can attend provided that you can acquire the entire uniform by then, and have the money and time available. You would need dec 3-5 totally free.

This is the uniform list

nw13 uniform list
Grain color wrangler pants
Navy blue t shirt
or blue jacket https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077W4YSQS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_cXisFbVFEA10Z
Empire tactical tan hat with bump insert
Gloves (No hard shell knuckles)
White mask

nw13 gear list
Backpack for day activities
Headlamp (with red light option)
Mess kit
Sparring gear (Boiled mouth guard and boxing gloves 16oz)

Not attending: Lee KY - Must attend a wedding. Micheal and Sam OH - Do not wish to attend. Jeffery and George OH - Must work. All others are attending

They are displeased after the events of the philly demo. If the national goes well I'm sure that they will return to larger events without complaints or difficulties

Let me know bud

Let me know bud

Chatting them up. You're nearest to Lee KY, me, and John OH. Cbus guys close to you include Ben and Michael

Sam or samuel

Sure, I sent him a DM on threema for you

Got it thx

@all Okay lads here is what's up. Since we won't be traveling collectively then each travel party will be responsible for preparing their own sleeping situation. That is to say, each car is responsible for their own tent(s). Sleeping in your car is likely to be a valid option if you happen to be a solo driver

Let's organize travel parties now

Ben MI, Micheal IN and myself are in one car. I have room for one more person, likely one of you in the cbus area

Francis PA and Alexander PA can either go together or solo depending on what works for them

Hey bud, Iif you want to chat with me more directly we use an app called Threema, it's secure and about $4

I need to hear from the rest of you if you've already sorted your car out or not

Happy Thanksgiving bros

I'm good my guy. I've been working a lot so I haven't had time to be super chatty. Nothing much new is going on for me otherwise

You've been added for a while now

Are you looking for just a random job or something more like a career?

@Gabriel WV I think I'll make you my fourth. I'll have you drive partway and then I'll scoop you up and finish the trip with you

@Steven OH let me get back to you

@Benjamin OH Want to ride with Steven and perhaps 1 or 2 others?

@Benjamin OH @Ethan OH @John OH @PF-571562 @NS - Michael OH When are y'all free the week of the 6th (after the demo). I want to poster

Ah okay, can't help you there then. If you ever want a job that is 60k entry level let me know. It's hard work tho. I'm glad you're doing well with easy peasy. It makes me happy that even one person was helped by me simply forwarding it

I would like to but I am out of state for work. I'm currently in texas

What part of Ohio will you be in?

Oh, I don't even live that far north anyway. We don't have anyone in the Toledo area currently

We completed it and members live there. Why, what's up?

Nah Ben, I'm thinking east of cbus more. It would be a bit farther for you than that spot

West I mean. Not easy


We should talk in mumble sometime about it. Everyone who has a hand in the plans could probably gain from hearing about it from me

I know a guy like that in PF. In his case I think he doesn't realize his own value mentally. He is a guy whose been slowly self improving, so he has yet to enter a different mindset about his abilities

Welcome Patrick!

Hey buddy. Welcome to PF. Your first step as a new member is to read our guides and let me know when you've done so along with any questions you may have. https://victory.patriotfront.us/

Arthur FL reached out to me and said you and some others in your NW are interested in learning about how nw13 did member housing

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