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Hey man, thanks for making the time to come out. I didn't realize it was such a far drive for you. Next time, make sure to mention it. I don't expect you to drive 2hrs just to sticker. We can pick spots that are towards your direction too

I've just been lazy and have neglected posting it

Welcome @Ethan OH

My telegram is @slaythebeast

Feel free to contact me there. I may not be a member of the org for much longer because of the national situation

Either that Friday or Saturday should work for me

New stenciling technique

You still around?

He's in my network, but he's relatively new and I do not personally know him well. Alex PA or Ryan may be able to help.

I vetted Interviewee-747376 in real life and endorse his membership. He has been notified to message you.

I did not realize the vetting standards had been updated. May I have a link to or copy of the document?

The record of the interviewee notes? Yes, he did provide them.

Understood. I'll review the document and re-interview if needed.

After reviewing the updated vetting document, I find that my vetting was done similarly enough to justify moving forward with Interviewee-747376. Specifically when it came to checking social media, while I did not follow exactly what was laid out in the update, I did investigate similarly by verifying the interviewee's ownership of a bitchute channel. In his interview notes, he mentioned running said channel. Prior to the vetting, I looked it up and found that it regularly received 5k+ views. During the meeting, he again mentioned running it, and so I had him show me that he was able to log into it on his phone so that I could verify ownership. The videos are edited aesthetic montages with William Luther Pierce voice overs.

He edits the videos himself. He mentioned hoping to apply his skills for PF. The video montages themselves don't seem very complex in regards to video editing skills, but I'm not trained in the subject. Either way, I'm sure it is a skill he wants to continue working on regardless and may be or become of use for it. His channel can be found here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/06qgaqIzzrrx/

15 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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