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And just to let you know, my family needs the big car the weekend of the bake sale. I might need to get picked up near my house. I do have another car but it’s unreliable and I don’t want to drive far with it

I can go to royal oak probably but I need to jump it everytime I start it


Nvm about that. I’ll have the reliable car that weekend. Had to do a little bit of lying lol

I appreciate it. Sorry for that. They said I canhave the car for the whole time now so we’re good


will do

For the thing tonight, I can bring some will2rise shirts if you guys want to wear them for promotion. Lmk. You’ll have to wear it over some type of long sleeve shirt

Cause it’s cold

Ok I’ll play it safe and leave them here

In warren right? What time you want me there?



cmon eric it builds character. Take the jocko pill

Just go pick up eric. Yall can get the vaccine on the way

Try to call eric or something. If he doesn't want to do anything, we can if you guys want

Ok. It’s all snow here so that’s fine. Rain is gay









It would've been fine if I had a PF sticker along with it in the pic?

First solo sticker run so that is noted

Hey thanks. I'll just start wearing my big jacket. Its the only thing that has ever kept me warm. I always freeze my balls off without it. Put some stickers in it so its all set.

Fine, mayble I'll get it

Cough on everyone at work today

Remember we got that thing with Gabriel this saturday night. We could probably bring Nathan

Hey Thomas. I've been a member for about a month now. I've been meeting up with the guys in Detroit pretty much every week. I attended the Michigan hike and went down to Ohio a couple weeks ago to meet up with about 10 guys there. The only question I have pertains to the spreadsheet operator position. What can I expect to be doing and how many hours per day would it be?

Alright. I'll gladly do that. Seems like a good program

Welcome @Robert IN , Good to see a couple new Indiana guys joined recently


Hey Leo. I messaged Thomas about doing the fitness spreadsheets. he wanted me to dm you and set up a call with you

Yeah. I have my cluster meeting at 9pm wednesday so in that 8-9 window is good

Just DM me then. I should be home and available to jump on mumble

Lmk when youre available and I'll get on mumble

Oh youre on central time. I'll be in the cluster meeting 8-9 in CST. We can talk afterwards

ok sorry. This is an important cluster meeting planning for the demo

meeting running long as usual lol


room 4

I had the call with Leo LA and he sent me the 2 spreadsheets. Can you now add me to the fitness group chat so I can keep up with everyone's progress?

I'll be at the thanksgiving thing. Let us know what food we need maybe in the big chat and we'll coordinate it

Hey Johnny. I was able to get my zippers to work on my sleeping bag and I'll bring both the layers to this upcoming thing. I only brought one sleeping bag layer the last time. I believe my bag is one of those military bags where the lesser amount of clothes you wear, the warmer you'll be. The first night I slept in all my gear and I was freezing but the second night i didn't sleep in my jacket and was more comfortable. I believe I will also buy a better sleeping pad. Do you think I should buy a base layer or thermal layer as well? I don't know if there is a difference between the two. Will this layer prevent my sleeping bag from keeping me warm at night or should I buy them for the day time and take them off at night. Just generally how helpful are they in keeping you warm/are you bringing a layer? Thanks in advance man

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Anybody buying the 4 pack of headlamps? I'll toss you some money for one of them

Before I put up the stickers in that park today, I had to wait for the muslim park ranger in her hijab to finish writing her ticket on this car parked there overnight lol

Yes I have a general idea of it. I need to get weekly checkins from the guys in the chat and theres a monthly meeting. He sent me the links to his to spreadsheets and I spent an hour or two trying to make them look a little better as Leo didn't have the free time to do it


@all I'm helping with the spreadsheets for all you guy's progress now. We have about 2/3 of you guys' starting weights but not very many current weights. So please include those in your updates. Also, I made columns for pushups, pullups, plank and mile run so please update me on your personal bests for those 4 things. Also give personal anecdotes as you go along so we can put them in the notes section. Keep training hard guys

Peep the spreadsheets. Looking pretty good if I say so myself lol

Can I buy one of those headlamps off you. Benjamin said you bought 2 sets of them

You da man

You're probably right. Theres a term called recomposition where guys try to maintain their weight while adding more muscle and losing fat. Even though you are aiming to lose weight, I think the gains from starting to lift are contributing to your stagnant weight. You gain a ton of muscle in the first year of working out usually and then the progress is very steady, but minimal afterwards unless you take gear. If you can see noticable progress in the mirror than I would not be too discouraged by the scale. You're not eating a lot of calories so make sure to eat nutritious foods and protein. You're likely making progress, but the scale doesn't show it and you have too much extra weight on your frame where it makes it harder to see the progress in the mirror. Just keep hitting the numbers

Yeah I think if you just open the links it'll work

shots fired

Will do

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.57.35 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.57.35 AM.png

@all This weekend is the perfect time for you guys to do your 3rd checkin of the month. The screenshot above is indicates the numbers I'm tracking and would like to obtain from all you guys. I also have another spreadsheet indicating weekly checkins and weekly progress. All your milestones, struggles and such are also recorded so be open about your fitness journey

There are going to be 2016 Trump winning levels of libtard tears

I've done everything I know to do to ensure I don't freeze my ass off in december. Theres a few little things I should maybe get like more handwarmers but that can wait. Disregard that dm @Johnny MI . I got the warmest carhartt baselayers and the best sleeping pad I could

Hey Johnny. Do you mind stating your weight as well as your personal bests for max pushups, pullups, plank time, and run time. I'll add you to the spreadsheet so we can keep track of your progress

We working out tomorrow?

Ok man feel better

Ok I bought the warmest carhartt base layers for at least the day time and a good sleeping pad. Should be prepared this time

Eric said hes staying home today. Let me know what you want to do. We could sticker before or after Gabriel's thing, I'm open

Ok. I think he lives in cclawson One city north of royal oak. We can meet at grant park again. That’s pretty close to him hopefully

Ok. I can be there in 25 min from when you tell me

Ok I’ll get ready to go and leave

Traffic jam on freeway

Might be late. I’m stopped

Yeah I’m good. Cleared up


@Leo LA How did you do the weekly checkins? Did you just DM everyone individually? Chat is kind of dead and I've asked people for progress in there but havent had much luck

@here Sound off with your weekly checkins. How much do you weigh, how much weight did you lose this week, progress with fitness standard exercises

Great job Bryan.Thanks for checking in. In terms of weightloss you've come an incredibly long way from where you started. Keep it up

Nice Nathan. You'll be needing to buy a size up in you famous wife beaters in no time

Hows the food situation for the thanksgiving thing @Benjamin MI I can probably bring some ham and a side. lmk what you need

Just try to let me know in the next couple days because I need to go get extra of that stuff


Thanks for checking in Alan. Good to see you continuing to train hard. First pullup is the hardest one but after that, they'll come in bunches

Thanks for the detailed checkin Samuel. You attempted all the tests which is great. Like the energy and self motivation

Thanks for checking in Andrew. Those are probably the 2 hardest parts of the fitness test

Thanks for checking in Floyd. According to my chart, you've gained a few pounds since last time. Make sure to get super autistic with diet and what you put into your body and you'll be back on track. The personal trainer is great but weightloss is all diet. Keep it up

Good to see you writing down your progress. That helped me alot. Once you can devote more time to working out, I'd encourage you to really start increasing the reps on the pushups. Since you can already do 50 in one go. Try doing 10 sets of 20 or doing a full "down" workout. You're already doing somewhat of a down workout by doing 35 pushups, then 30, then 25 ... A proper down workout doesn't skip so if you did a 25 down workout, you'd do 25 pushups, then 24, then 23, all the way down to 0. A 25 down workout would be about 300 pushups. Its an easy way to increase volume and hypertrophy without burning yourself out

8:30 mile is very impressive. Congrats man

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Ok gotcha

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I bought a box of 40 pair of handwarmers. I'll pass them out in december to you guys if you don't already have some

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