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Whitecloud MI

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White Cloud MI

Even as they drink poison and woof down garbage they will know that America Lives and Marches On.

I needed to be quick, could only get 2

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I fucking knew it was an actual tactic

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I always knew it was an actual tactic

I am interested in becoming a photo editor

my pc is an old pos but it should run gimp and photoshop

@Robert IN Salve amicus!


I'm gonna hop on mumble in room 1

sure thing 😎👌

h y p e

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty all charges!


I dont think I can, but I can bring some dinner rolls

Actually nvm found a better recipe

but ill try and bring some rolls too

most def

it's going

she's been busy lately

yeah, she goes to a graphical school

I can't complain

but the situation at Wisconsin has me all fucked up

the responses by jews especially is what makes me furious

absolutely demonic

these things are less than people

why can't people see that

it just happens so many times though

esp Western Chauvinist

I haven't seen his stuff for a while

I've been looking into Western more lately

I follow Eirc too, just haven't viewed his stuff for a while

304 S Charles St, White Cloud, MI 49349

tomorrow or friday

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see you

hell yessss

unfortunately I couldn't find the ingredients for the punch but I did buy some


bottled punch




I got drip

I'll be waiting here

still yet to be picked up

might be 7 minutes left until he arrives

been picked up

snows being a bitch, ETA 2:12

ETA 2:20

1 minute away


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oh no it's perfectly fine dude, no need to apologize it was a great night. I was in it more for meeting the guests than the food itself so it didn't have too much of an impact on the overall day. I played cards and had great conversation, it was great. I've had to miss meals by the week back when I was a kid so its not that big of a deal if I miss 1 meal. You're all good bro

fr you're all good, it was a fantastic night


don't forget the jacket for the bake sale

very white pilling

correct and alright




fucking antifags using wasps now my dog


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all safe and sound over here

ayo, hmu with the name of the bag




let's do it tomorrow after the meeting

@here it's tiiiiime!

what should I bring when I'm going to arrive? in terms of storing clothing and other necessities

sweet, and no need for the air mattress I can bring my own if you'd like


does your friend have any pets?


salve amicus! @James OR

@Matt MI Ayyy! Welcome man!

gonna donate blood fellas



I can't join the server wtf

did they change servers?

where can I find the new info


ight I made it

Here for the verification 😎

I need the big round patch and the chevron flag patch, some stickers wouldn't hurt either

oops sorry just woke up lol

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