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Happy birthday sir Oswald Mosley

Bro they boarding up Windows around Lansing in preparation for the riots

I usually work until 2 to 10:30 and Wednesdays I have off


No I don't Ryan Ohio is the one who sent the link maybe he knows

Yeah I can look

No problem

The real Aryans only eat Tagalongs

That's what I was thinking I needed one lol


Bro there was a boog boy protest at the Capitol today and they want to have Unity with antifa

There's a literary protests all over the country right now they even shut down the Brooklyn Bridge in New York I'm surprised there's none in Michigan right now

Yeah I can and yes i am

How much should I bring

Ok cool

Bro did you here about that nog plowing through that Christmas parade in Wisconsin killing like 12 people

It's so sickening

Bro I'm so sick of my only nigger manager give a nigger a suit and he thinks he king of Africa or something like that

Bro I can't stand my nigger manager, give a nigger a little power and they think there king of Africa

I'll be on in like an hour and a half once I get off work

Happy Thanksgiving

So Alan on my way back home on Wednesday I found a state of mi pride flag on a flag pole on a house I was wondering if we could expropriated

It's in Lansing in a lowish income area definitely a place with no ring doorbells


Hey bro you ready for frontsgiving tomorrow

How you feeling

Ah I see

What is you're and Johnny's eta

Missing attachment: 20211130_182437.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_182544.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_182713.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211130_182948.jpg

Hey man I'm going to be late to the meeting tomorrow

20 minutes

Ok cool

I went an stickers on my break lol


111 west lake Lansing rd

What time

We maybe at the Walmart as early 1:30

I'm home

Ok bet good idea

Don't worry I will tonight after work

Bro did you hear that Joe Rogan talked about PF on his podcast

Hey man what's going on

I've been really black pilled since the demonstration I feel like I let my Brothers down and more importantly myself down

Okay that's understandable

Will do

Hey Alan I'm not going to go to make the thing on January 9th

I'm already taking a week off of work next week and coming back the 1st so I kind of need to work those days


I would have the 9th off that's it that's Sunday and I work Sundays

I'll give you a more detailed report on my break

So I'm doing a lot better than I was the other day but what really black pilled me was me and Johnny had a real serious and black piling conversation

Basically how I am not good for a leadership position and how like activism wise he sees me on the level of like Francis and how like if I was in a leadership position I wouldn't be taken seriously

I definitely agree

I just have problems working out by myself always have its like the same way Johnny does stickleing

Another problem is that I don't have easy access to a gym I have to walk to my closest one it doesn't have all the equipment of a gym

Speaking of dieting I'm sending Johnny with how much how much I've eaten in a day and I just bought a food scale

And also I'm about to go on a diet with my girl i think it like a keto diet

All right

Hey I'm gonna be 10 minutes late

Hey need to be verified

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