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Do you ever do like really small towns? I ask this because on our route tomorrow there are quite a few.

They seem to all have at least a small downtown with potentially good pics

Okay great man. Thank you

So if there's no downtown what do you photograph?

Okay cool man. We might have to postpone because a storm system coming through but well see

Well I just meant the snow. But I know what you mean

I'm hyped

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Does anyone know of a better bump cap insert then the one listed?

No I will not be able to attend

How's everybody doing?

Same here gonna be good. This will be my first demo since joining pf, I'm sad to say.

I'm planning on laying out all my gear the week before then repacking it all up

That's great man. Do you have a bump cap yet?

Wont be able to join the meeting as I have a guest in my house. My apologies

Happy Thanksgiving

Very much ready. Just got an inflatable thermal mat for my hammock

Which channel?

What channel tonight?

Alan said he might be on early so that's why I ask

What address can I pick you up at?

What address can I pick you up at on Friday?

Yes now I use mumla. But yes I'm on right now and it only comes up as mumla user

8 am is the plan

Should I message him?

Would you mind changing my name on Mumla? It just says mumla user

Thank you for your help

Gtg see you this weekend

Thank you expect me there at 7 am tomorrow. I will update as we get closer

6am for sure.

We arrived in saline. Safe and sound. We are doing last minute shopping

Just g

Just had an extremely based meal

Nice dude. Y'all at camp?

Buckle Broken never forget guys

I'm home sorry for the delay

Got home at 4am then snow plowed till 630 to get my car in the garage

Hello, I need help connecting to mumla

I'm sorry I missed your previous message but I'll be on with the hopes you have time before the meeting

I'm actually now in but my name just comes up as mumla_user. So that's all I need help with

I'm on mumble trying to see if Vincent can change my name

Thank you very much

My permission is denied to join The general lobby

Name doesn't matter but can you please add my permission??

I'm in the lobby currently

Thank you

@Alan MI anybody new from my make of the woods??

Welcome brother @Bradley IL

Welcome @Matt MI so excited to meet you

@Frank SC welcome brother

Well I had no problem getting into the new mumble server, surprisingly. I'll just have to wait till nine to get verified. Has everyone already gotten verified?

Okay cool then I'll just wait sounds good


I need to be verified

Well the powers out and I got called off work. Soooo I guess I'm gonna make it a sticker run day

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