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I’ll be back on regularly soon, I just caught some type of illness after the NJP (apparently a lot of guys did).

I’m very glad to hear that, who doesn’t love Jared Taylor?

Might be, definitely feels worse than a cold but not as bad as the rona at all

I hope he’ll succeed in improving

I’m gonna be in Boston tomorrow if some of ur guys want to meet up

I’ll have my roommate with me so we can do posters or something


I’m on my way home, I’ll get you the sticker list before meeting starts

If you have some cool clips that you think will make a good short video then send it to Mason TX or me

Mason has been getting in to short vids and I am mainly sticking with action reports but I did make one short for will2rise's channel

Thanks for letting me know about the interviewee, if he is just ghosting you I will let his account expire unless you think he is suspicious in some way

Stick with Mason and I, Thomas is too busy although he wouldn't tell you that himself

Oh okay

We'll just let his account expire then


Ryan PA - 4/3
Austin NJ - 2/2
Nick NY - 3/2
Adam PA - 3/3
Brian PA - 3/3
Mark PA - 1/2
Eric PA - 5/5
Samuel NJ - 2/3
Jackson PA - 2/?

I got 2/2 I just haven't uploaded the pictures yet

@all Meeting now. Come to mumble.

ah okay

ignore jackson then

wtf is this turnout

3 weeks of weekly meetings and everyone has already thrown in the towel?

Probably around noon

I don't have an exact time

If you send me the time that your guys will be free then I'll show up then

Looks good!


Awesome, yeah I spoke with him on mumble about you guys covering gang signs

I think it'd make a great short video for the telegram to have a compilation of you guys covering a bunch of gang tags

Right, it's something to do with crips and crips-affiliated gangs having some reverence for the number 6

I never really looked into it but I grew up in the Bronx so I have always known that people affiliated with the crips will use the star of david

I think it's something to do with the origins of the crips being on 6th street in LA or something similar

From my interactions with Robert it doesn't seem like he needs to have a legal conservator/guardian. But idk what he's like in private so who can really say?

Be safe

Okay I can do that

I'm driving my roommate there to pick up some shit from his car

Cause he totaled his car in boston a few weeks ago lol

Man I've lived in NY all my life and I've only ever been in Boston once

for some reason I have only ever travelled south rather than north

I have been to California, Arizona, South Dakota, South Carolina etc.

But never farther north than Mass

Is anybody available earlier than 6?

You can send a place I think

Okay sounds good

Want me to bring posters or stencils?


I’m in the park walking to the monument

Am at monument now


Okay I’m at the monument

I don't know, can you tell me about how many miles it will be

Yeah you can delete it

Awesome thanks

Go to #announcements and click the channel name in the top left
Click the "Edit" button
Scroll to the bottom of "Edit Room" and expand "Prune"
Toggle "Override Global Retention Policy"
Change "30" to "90"
Make sure "Exclude pinned messages" is enabled and "Prune files only" is disabled
Click "Save".

Someone else should confirm this before you do it so that I am not liable if the rocket chat explodes, because idk what type of weird addons or script changes have been done to this rc instance.

Yes definitely

I live in the area, happy to show you around and do some activism as well

I am 6'4"

Not on a shield team, I'm a cameraman

Thanks lol

Idk I'll try to go on a pretty long walk with these new shoes and then let you know

I'm leaning towards a yes but it sure would suck to have any sort of problem while surrounded by people during a demo

Yeah I have but it only happens to me when I'm walking up a very steep incline

Okay I'm going to go with a yes then

Is it alright that I wear civilian clothing in case I do have to sneak away?

Would like to just look like a random journalist if possible

Understood, I think I'm going to do alright. I'll go to the gym later today and do 5 miles at what I remember as a "marching pace" and let you know if I have any issues.

His interview account will expire, he will have to re-apply

Gotcha thanks

We haven't been able to decide on a day that everybody is available

Wayne is only available tomorrow, I'm not. I was available today but Adam wasn't. etc.

Are you free this Friday night?

I didn't ask

I think we can get Friday evening done but Wayne seems to not be available

so it'd just be Samuel, Adam and I

Are you free this Friday night?

I'll see what I can do and I'll let you know, I have messaged out to everybody rn to get a confirmation from them

Will bring Nick to do the posters w/ us

Okay will do

I have stencils, might have paint too gotta check

We doing activism Monday?

What time of day?

Okay I can attend then

I won't be able 2 get down there any time before 9 pm though

I haven't gotten started on it yet


You need a torrent program, qBitTorrent is a good one

You should also have a VPN on although I'm not sure if it matters unless you're downloading shoes/movies

Yeah, I doubt you have to worry about it for this torrent. It's usually only a problem when downloading movies because the production companies pay people to collect the IPs of everyone who pirates their movies and then they send you an annoying letter.

Are you free Friday night?

Okay awesome I'll let you know a time/place

Won't be too far from home

Okay keep me posted

Missing attachment: photo_2021-11-17_12-41-30.jpg

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