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I think you messaged the wrong guy. I haven’t done anything with spray cans just yet

Not sure, probably from some one out of state. We only just got 1 stenciling kit recently

Let me see if I can help find your answer for you

Gotcha, good luck and I’ll hopefully see you at the December meet :PF-Flag:

Would any day work for you?

Thursday sounds good. What time?

That would work for me

Do a little trolling

Hey, I saw the part about needing more photo editors. I would be interested in applying for a position on the team. I took 4 classes of audio and visual in highschool so I have a baseline level of experience that would be handy

I haven't used Photoshop in a hot minute, but I have used a lot which isn't really the same thing but I would be more than happy to learn

Welcome @Robert IN, If you got any question feel free to ask. We'll be more than happy to help you



Would you have any trusted pirated links for photoshop? And surething that sounds simple, easy, and straight forward

Hey, I was told by Thomas to message you to ask about getting a trustworthy pirated photoshop link for the photo editing team


It would be more around 10, I get off work at 9 and travel to Atlanta would take me about an hour

9pm Is the best for me since I get off work at that time

Sweet, we’ll talk more tonight on mumble about a meeting location

Thank you

Jason sent me the link for the photoshop, when I get home tonight after work I’ll download it. What’s the next step after that?

Is Jesse NC going to join us for our meet?


Hey, Thomas told me to message you to learn how to edit photos

Hey man, you think you’ll want to come down for our drilling this Saturday?

Awesome, let me know if you want me to carpool so you won’t have to drive so far

We’re also meeting on mumble tonight at 9pm if you’d like to join

Based. I’ll see you Saturday then

Alright, sounds good

Is Marcus joining us for the mumble chat tonight?

I'm a little retarded. How do i download it? I'm clicking on "Get this torrent"

Alright, I'll get both

Just any old vpn?




When would you be available to go over it?

Gotcha, unfortunately I work till 9pm est. Maybe Sunday then?


Hey, for Thursday we’ll meet outside the GT Catholic Center

172 4th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

There’s parking places around Georgia Tech that you can use

Yeah, tbh total queer is better than total war, but you gotta listen to total war to enjoy total queer more

Impaled Nazarenes? Who are they?

I’ll check them out when I get a second

Yo, also what do the arrows mean? Are they like medals?


sounds pretty cool

How do you get the blue and the white? I assume you get the red by doing a lot of stuff for the org

Hey Thomas, just wanted to ask a question about my promat order. Is it mailed out? Or will I receive it on the 4th?

The number on it was #748572

Hopefully one day I’ll earn one

I’ll give it a listen

Chillin in mumble if you want to join


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Ah damn, hope you get better man

Wonder if you got what I had

Last weekend and earlier this week I had a bad cough, a fever, and overall felt like crap

Yeah, you’ll be sick till Friday then

Do you have any gloves you would recommend?

Looking for some but all I’m seeing that look good are hard knuckled and the rest look wack

Not sure what I’ll be doing but holding a flare sounds badass

It was last last weekend

and I put up some stickers this morning for this week

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Yeah it was actually further back than I thought @ND - Lawrence FL

You got the Normans mixed up. I did Commerce

Holy shit lmao

The shield command is Lock Step Lock

The Georgia boys are renting

Jackson GA is going to be the renter

Did we ever decide what kind of car we’re renting?

Sounds good, just let us know what our portion of the price is

Rittenhouse is free, get ready for the riots boys

Get ready for the riots

Get some niquil brother

Great to hear, glad you’re able to make it

Should we inform Marcus?

I’ll be real, I get Antifa vibes from the situation. Doesn’t ever get on or tries to meet up for sticker runs, first time get the location where we’re meeting and then doesn’t come back online

Little thankful for the time change and location change too, I didn’t realize till last night that I needed to get an oil change and plus I save on gas

I’m here

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