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Me and Nathan would be down

Vernon said that one would be good, we will most likely need to supply some chairs

He does not. He currently lives with me, his temp agency is trying to find him a new job because he got laid off

Yes it is. And 5pm it is, ill get Eric. I'll also just need to know where to go

I'll be bringing all the promat to distribute it all

Oh ya, ilk have them

I have some

On our way

Am I picking you up and going to the park to meet sam?

Am I picking up Eric?

We are running late, had to go back for the spray paint

Forgot we had it

Ok 10 min

Alright, ill do if later today when we get back from that fitness thing

This wouldn't of happened if you just got that vaccine. You're the reason for people dying, SAD!

Ya I think we might sit it out because of the rain

Hey can you message the ND of Georgia and find out what sort of white spray cans he uses for the white?

The ones where when you spray it, it comes out in a cone type of shape

We should get those cans and ONLY use them for video purposes, or big cover ups

If we want to get videos that are similar to what is posted on SOC and the PF page, we should really do practice runs and have designated guys doing it

Yep. We don't need to always use them, only for those "special" ones lol

Haha I love our PF dinners, they are always hilarious

Hey where was the gang cover up? Was that Detroit?

I'll just say it is lol

Send it to both Thomas and Mason?

Do you want it?

Alan MI told me to send this to you

Just sent it to him

Yep, their sign is a star of david lmao

Sounds good to me, we will keep an eye out for gang stuff

I didn't know it was a thing tbh until I saw it for myself

Ah that makes sense

Guess we will have to really go into the hood now lol

Will do

Hey the Thanksgiving thing. Any chance the house can be charged to your card?

I dont believe so

Normally when I've done air BNBs the owner isn't even there. They just say where the key is or something


Oh ok. We got some cans last night, we will be trying them probably tomorrow to see if they are the ones we need

Don't believe so. If anything its a first come first serve thing

We will have to figure out extra chairs and tables as well. And then who is bringing what

Ya thats fine

Ya thats fine

What is a spreadsheet operator? Depending on what that is, I may be interested in that or the photo editing team. Makes sense to have someone who does photography also have the skills to do editing as well

Oh also, is there a certain visible yellow jacket I should get since I will be recording/taking pictures during our next bake sale, or will any be ok?

Can you add me to that chat?

Thomas told me to message you about which high vis vest I should get for filming the demo. Does it need to be a certain one or will any do?

Thomas told me to message you about being on the photo team. I wouldn't mind trying it out. Im on the photography team and I do have gimp, just not very experienced with it

I watched an hour long video on YouTube about it. I took a photoahop class in highschool, its been a bit but I think after some time I'll get the hang of it

Depends on the time, Wednesday I have our cluster meeting on mumble at 9pm EST

I believe that is 8pm my time. So I can for an hour unless you want to wait till after the meeting which won't be till about 8 MST

If I have that right lol

I'll message you and play it by ear haha

No problem. Like you'll be going down and seeing it?

Will you be streaming? 😬

Oh a recon mission gotcha. Thats a good idea actually

Ok, what does it say on it? Maybe I can find it in the mean time

Are we going to have a mumble meeting for travel plans?

I do have a 4 person tent I can bring

Ya no problem

I'm in a meeting with Alan and Eric about plans for Thanksgiving and I don't know how long this is going to tak e

Roger roger

Ok but you can't say it was from me

Have fun

Ya thats what I plan on doing, or I'll just assign food to those who I think can handle it

Ordered one that was posted in the photography chat, im all set

We ordered 2 sets of them, if you would like to pitch in some money then message Eric

I'll need a ride. I'll be staying just north of Dayton. If someone nearby could meet up with me to be able to pick me up and drop me off on Sunday night I would very much appreciate it. My work is giving me a business car but I can only drive it to Dayton and back to work

Alright ill bring the camera and flags

Will you be coming to the Thanksgiving event?

We just have to figure out who is renting the airbnb

Alright. Also I'm retarded. Im getting my turkey today from work

Probably a 12ish pound turkey is normally what it is


Bring it and maybe ill have a cup at Thanksgiving lol

I got a 14.86 pound turkey. Think that'll be enough for 15 people?

Yes we need to figure out sleeping arrangements. I do have a 4 person tent

I found out cluster van. My work got a 2002 ram 3500 in trade, has 180K on it and they want 5 grand

This thing is pimped out

Alright. I might bring it anyway if the Ohio guys need to use it

But its so cool

Missing attachment: Snapchat-907752449.jpg

Has outlets inside, a bed, fridge, closet and bathroom, and solar panels on the roof

Thank you, when the time gets closer I will DM you as far as meet up location and whatnot. I will help with gas and tolls which I'm sure we will run into

Hey Josh, I'm originally from NH. Can I ask what area you are from?

Ah nice, I'm originally from Nashua

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