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A lot has happened


I’m no gentleman

Nathaniel orcs are shit in warhammer game

Incorrect orcs are like the poc and deserve deportation as they’ve done nothing for society

Does Thomas know that you have homosexual beliefs do to you thinking that orcs are a valid group of rpg / tabletop games

Beat this Paygan for me keeps saying christ was a Jew on a stick

imma chop down this niggas tree

Damn Adrian a 2 hour drive

Hey man can you help me with applying for an ebt card

Hey handsome

Dr appointment soon

Phone gonna die I’ll jump on later


Not a form of income it’s just owed payments

like I can’t use it as proof of income

It’s not direct deposit it’s a check they give

I applied for it all any other advice

It gets cashed at a separate bank


Is the est needed if we’re all michiganggang

Joining in a second using restroom

And I won’t be talkative as my old man is right here

It’s good

No I just cash it I don’t deposit any money into any account

Holy shit are you guys good

Going in for the first of 6 mri today

No word yet idk when I’ll get paperwork

30 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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