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2019-01-10 05:23:57 UTC

seeing that 2 year old pull up her mother's head on the ground of a supermarket is.... i dont even know what to call it

2019-01-10 05:24:11 UTC

our people are literally dying

2019-01-10 05:25:04 UTC

There is most certainly societal problems here but one cannot use society as a crutch. Society at large is indifferent to such suffering; but that means that rather than be sad cuz no one will help, you punch yourself in the gut & make your life what you wish it to be.

2019-01-10 05:25:35 UTC

who is bringing this fentanyl here? who is encouraging femanism? degeneracy?

2019-01-10 05:25:44 UTC

these things have a common cause that we can destroy

2019-01-10 05:26:12 UTC

We’re being replaced and told we should be happy about it, gender roles and relations are being poisoned in the West, and we’re dying from hedonism

2019-01-10 05:26:21 UTC

Face it: most white people do not have the wherewithal to even contemplate these questions. WE have to do it for them

2019-01-10 05:26:38 UTC

So apparently Germany is about to hit a recession

2019-01-10 05:26:40 UTC

Exactly. They might feel the same way but they’re asleep

2019-01-10 05:26:52 UTC

Seeing a child in such a way is soul crushing. Our people are dying & it is included in this duty we have to do what we can but we must attempt distance ourselves as people will make choices regardless of how much you try or want to help.

2019-01-10 05:27:16 UTC

at the very least, this fuels my desire to change things politicallyt

2019-01-10 05:27:25 UTC

we can at least use this for our purposes

2019-01-10 05:27:52 UTC

because the media doesn't talk about it. Use this to fuel our critiques of the MSM

2019-01-10 05:28:47 UTC

I just watched a good AmRen video wherein people were debating on whether or not we can solve our problems in our current political structure

2019-01-10 05:29:22 UTC

The neg side was arguing for a revolution and the establishment of an aristocracy

2019-01-10 05:29:58 UTC

The aff side was arguing that it’s still possible, but whites need to wake up before it’s too late

2019-01-10 05:30:23 UTC

Well...we are the waking huwhytes

2019-01-10 05:30:51 UTC

But I am all for the re-establishment of nobility to our peoples

2019-01-10 05:31:15 UTC

@OttoVonBismarck I saw that one too. I can't say I disagreed with most of what was said. I've been reading "Handbook for Right Wing Youth" by Evola from Arktos by the by they are good goys with lots of /ourbooks/.

2019-01-10 05:31:50 UTC

Arktos are /ourguys/ incarnate

2019-01-10 05:32:05 UTC

I like Evola, a little too esoteric at times but good

2019-01-10 05:32:33 UTC

*to esoteric*

2019-01-10 05:32:45 UTC

Impossible *cracks open copy of Voynich Manuscript

2019-01-10 05:32:56 UTC

Let's say that the OneWorldGov/Mono-culto is inevitable....with no real way to effect political change to our side of things....what do we do?

2019-01-10 05:33:28 UTC

-we have as many children as biologically possible

2019-01-10 05:34:37 UTC

please watch the linked video. what do we do with these people?

2019-01-10 05:37:04 UTC

“Bronze Age Mindset” is the ultimate book. It doubled my bench press

2019-01-10 05:38:14 UTC

A pie on the sky idea: Drug Rehab work camps. No access to the outside world for 1 yr. You work & live inside. Strict structure & rules but not prison. Rehab "patients" may kave at anytime provided that the 3 strike rule is implimented. You check in & leave 3 times you're banned. You successfully complete sobriety, keeping job etc you get $5000. If, for 5 years you maintain work/sobriety/right living...you don't pay it back. You screw it up you pay back 5x the original $5000 & your citizenship is revoked.

2019-01-10 05:39:24 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus this still relies on the individual to completely take control for themselves. We still need to deal with the people who deal this shit out and our porous border

2019-01-10 05:40:30 UTC

Call me a bleeding heart but I believe most of this problem has to do with how our country works rather than how these individuals have failed in various ways

2019-01-10 05:40:34 UTC

Totally agree, the border MUST be under control first. The the ports & other major arteries for drug flow tightened down on also.

2019-01-10 05:42:18 UTC

Imagine if our people had a shared existence and purpose!! Do you think this fentanyl would be the same level of problem?

2019-01-10 05:43:44 UTC

@John Bud - IL Those who wanted no drug tests for welfare felt that way, I understand your compassion, I want to see our people throw this monster off too but my intense compassion cannot take away from my sense of accountability & responsibility. People in the 1st world have become complacent & softened to thinknthey are victims of the world around them & in many cases are exactly that but using drugs is a choice not a disease.

2019-01-10 05:44:44 UTC

You're right, it's a difficult line. At the very least we need to throw off this jewish programming of never punishing the people who deal in this stuff.

2019-01-10 05:45:08 UTC

The dealers are WORSE than the addicts, yet all government programs are directed towards the addicts

2019-01-10 05:46:17 UTC

@John Bud - IL Shared existence & purpose is what we are trying to give our wandering people now. It's very difficult to be "woke" but with our consciousness we must assume the mantle of both responsibilities of love for our own & discipline according to severity. It's heavy shit my man but that's why we do this group thing we do.

2019-01-10 05:46:48 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus yeah. it's just so hard to watch happening all around me

2019-01-10 05:47:26 UTC

it hardens my resolve

2019-01-10 05:47:48 UTC

both for the people enabling this, and those abusing it

2019-01-10 05:47:54 UTC

@John Bud - IL Stalin said "Bolshevism will come to America not by the heel of jackbooted soldiers but by the social worker quietly knocking & asking what the government can do for you". -Stalin

2019-01-10 05:48:16 UTC

christ he was right. and of course he *wasn't* jewish lol

2019-01-10 05:48:18 UTC

Tired? Enjoy a Coke....right?

2019-01-10 05:48:52 UTC

@NemetsIts not in Russian so...

2019-01-10 05:49:26 UTC

@John Bud - IL Stalin may as well have been a Jew for how he spread Jewry.

2019-01-10 05:49:35 UTC

this is true

2019-01-10 05:50:01 UTC

honestly we just need to spread the meme of the linked video and Trump building the wall

2019-01-10 05:50:05 UTC

we have to stop this shit

2019-01-10 05:50:15 UTC

"they've killed more people than war has"

2019-01-10 05:50:24 UTC

so why is $5 billion such a big deal?

2019-01-10 05:52:20 UTC

Trumps speech was his "desperate plea" when the left shits the bed on this, and they will, he'll come back with wrath & bring Scotus into it. RBG is done for practically & Gorsuch is the big rooster robes now. State of Emergency, border shut down & army corps of engineers building the wall is coming soon.

2019-01-10 05:52:41 UTC

@Jonathan Y - NC god I hope so

2019-01-10 05:53:40 UTC

okay that was kinda funny but also bad optics

2019-01-10 05:54:09 UTC

The military at the border wasn't just a show, that was preparation for the forthcoming wall building operation.

2019-01-10 05:54:20 UTC

@Jacob 27:00 made me cry like a little girl

2019-01-10 05:54:44 UTC

Sorry, didn't mean to mention hewhoshallnotbenamed. Even if it was mockingly so...

2019-01-10 05:55:26 UTC

Just stating objective facts in humorous ways that's all.

2019-01-10 05:59:21 UTC

@Jacob @Johnny B. Populus I just purged your discussion of Jews and WW2 historical figures

2019-01-10 05:59:40 UTC

Chris K's purges

2019-01-10 06:01:40 UTC

Ok then.

2019-01-10 06:02:35 UTC

I find it rather ironic that we fought China for the right to sell opium in their country, and now they’re sending heroin into the US

2019-01-10 06:03:30 UTC

I never thought of it that way. Almonds activated.

2019-01-10 06:04:09 UTC

Oh, and I read some of Mecha’s goals. One of them is apparently to restore 19th century Mexico i.e. take back California and Arizona by invading it with illegals

2019-01-10 06:04:38 UTC

And of course people have been so programmed that they think this is a good thing

2019-01-10 06:05:24 UTC

This white English teacher at my high school is the advisor for Mecha and he fully believes this is a good thing

2019-01-10 06:06:11 UTC

It’s a Mexican American student organization

2019-01-10 06:08:29 UTC

No. They provide no entertainment value. They just raise their fists and demand things

2019-01-10 06:10:07 UTC

Yeah, speaking from personal experience, Mexican nationalism has a MASSIVE presence on California colleges

2019-01-10 06:15:36 UTC

Change the border states demographically. Change the will of those state indefinately. Like Californians did to Texas only not demographics but voting wise.

2019-01-10 06:17:14 UTC

Hispanic nationalism is second nature to them. I work in kitchens so you canimagine that I have a lot of interaction with meztizos.

2019-01-10 06:18:46 UTC

They ARE a racially motivated people. So much so that they hate amongst themselves. Example: Guatamalans are primates to Mexicans. Puerto Rican are simply non-humans to everyone else etc.

2019-01-10 06:21:33 UTC

Oh yeah

2019-01-10 06:21:48 UTC

Even language dialects are matters of honor amongst them. Example: Guatemalans claim to speak Euro-Spanish with no dialect where Mexicans speak a butchered Spanish & PuertoRicans speak an entirely slang language that is dirty to most other Spanish speakers

2019-01-10 06:22:07 UTC

There’s a Mexican guy who “jokingly” calls the Ghanaian in our class a chimpanzee

2019-01-10 06:22:29 UTC

Ha! "Jokingly"....right.

2019-01-10 06:22:48 UTC

And can someone provide a summary of the fireside chat

2019-01-10 06:23:30 UTC

Don't be an edgelord, donate to IE, sign up for lopf & that's as far as I got before having to go back to work.

2019-01-10 06:23:51 UTC

Edgelord lol

2019-01-10 06:24:33 UTC

Who here part of edgelord gang?

2019-01-10 06:25:18 UTC

Meaning no speaking about illegal things on servers, no NatSoc posting, no calling Irish or Italians non-white & oddly enough avoid online right wing girls who offer swastika lasagnas for facepics.

2019-01-10 06:26:02 UTC

@ChippedStones you need to read this last part my dude.

2019-01-10 06:27:22 UTC

I shit you not, Patrick said don't engage with online rightwing girls offering swastika lasagnas for facepics, apparently that's a very clever trap laid by opportunistic infiltrators.

2019-01-10 06:27:40 UTC

I’m feeling hungry

2019-01-10 06:27:47 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus it probably has already happened.

2019-01-10 06:28:00 UTC

I think a lasagna would do nicely to satisfy my hunger

2019-01-10 06:28:02 UTC

Avoid e girls in general rt

2019-01-10 06:28:07 UTC

I’ll trade a face shot for some hot wings.

2019-01-10 06:28:19 UTC

I’m already on IE twitter 😉

2019-01-10 06:28:30 UTC

@Felden - CO You'd take a faceshot for a ride to the supermarket.

2019-01-10 06:28:44 UTC

@Felden - COIm joking, the joke was there & I had too.

2019-01-10 06:28:54 UTC

I’m just getting off work. I don’t want to cook.

2019-01-10 06:29:15 UTC

@Felden - CO You a cook?

2019-01-10 06:29:30 UTC

No. Blue collar trades.

2019-01-10 06:29:46 UTC

Hey, I got some open face beef sandies...come to VT & eat.

2019-01-10 06:31:55 UTC

Can you email me that sammi?

2019-01-10 06:32:01 UTC

Just attach it.

2019-01-10 06:32:07 UTC

Siri, help.

2019-01-10 06:32:23 UTC

Ha! Wonkavision will get it done.

2019-01-10 06:32:29 UTC

Love the Am Ren podcasts. Jared Taylor is the one who got me into this. Its great how they are posting regular podcasts on YouTube.

2019-01-10 06:33:05 UTC

Also meeting with Jared Taylor was a great time.

2019-01-10 06:33:51 UTC

JT & AmRen are truly gems. I have a signed copy of his "White Identity.

2019-01-10 06:33:58 UTC

me too hah

2019-01-10 06:34:10 UTC


2019-01-10 06:34:49 UTC

The podcasts are great too. I'm watching more VDare stuff but they're a bit dry for me, I watch them but man...its a chore.

2019-01-10 06:35:28 UTC

I can't wait for JT to be in the litclub fireside. That's soo noice.

2019-01-10 06:35:45 UTC

Yeah sometimes the dry podcasts can provide some of the best rhetoric. Fuentes, AmRen, Vdare, all have more normie ready rhetoric.

2019-01-10 06:36:07 UTC

I loved meeting Taylor

2019-01-10 06:36:26 UTC

Going from 0 to 60 (sperging about Jews) is not always or almost never a good strategy.

2019-01-10 06:37:02 UTC

I haven't met him yet, I'm always so remote or busy with Chef stuff that getting to conferences etc is so difficult.

2019-01-10 06:37:28 UTC

That's also true, JewSperging ruined Nehlen.

2019-01-10 06:37:31 UTC

If you're going to LOPF I'm certain he'll be there

2019-01-10 06:37:53 UTC

You know, I was thinking that a good strategy for GOP/trad con infiltration would be signing up for the Daily Wire and asking questions that are favorable to White Nationalism 2.0

2019-01-10 06:38:08 UTC

I wish I could go, desperately but I simply can't.

2019-01-10 06:38:21 UTC

They would be read aloud to tens of thousands of listeners

2019-01-10 06:38:31 UTC

Questions on demography and such

2019-01-10 06:38:44 UTC

That's a grand idea.

2019-01-10 06:39:28 UTC

I don’t know if they filter questions but they promise to read all of them as long as they’re not vulgar

2019-01-10 06:39:38 UTC

"Why are majority non-white areas continually voting for Democrats even though Democrat control has ruined their cities"?

2019-01-10 06:39:43 UTC


2019-01-10 06:40:06 UTC

"Why does 18% of the population co.mit 80% of all violent crime"?

2019-01-10 06:40:33 UTC

Man, we'd be dropping redpills like artillery in WW1.

2019-01-10 06:40:52 UTC

Or questions like “given that minority immigrants both legal and illegal vote overwhelmingly for expanded government and are not patriotic, how can you say that demography doesn’t matter?”

2019-01-10 06:41:25 UTC

WW1 references trigger me

2019-01-10 06:41:56 UTC

Something to bring up in the next fireside chat maybe

2019-01-10 06:41:56 UTC

Ohhh, that's a good one. Why do majority of POC always vote for socialistic programs while whites normally vote for systems that you work for what you want"?

2019-01-10 06:42:10 UTC

Exactly my thoughts

2019-01-10 06:43:19 UTC

"Why has nothing of significant contribution come from sub-sarharan Africa & it's still 3rd world underdeveloped to this day but even in ancient times whites gave things to humanity that bettered it forever"?

2019-01-10 06:43:48 UTC

I wouldn’t be that overt but we could bring up the IQ matter

2019-01-10 06:44:42 UTC

Yeah, maybe a bit harshly worded...aomwthing long those lines at any rate.

2019-01-10 06:45:53 UTC

The ultimate move would be having Allsup talk on Knowles’ show and try to give a favorable light to IE or at least white advocacy

2019-01-10 06:46:09 UTC

And then maybe Steven Crowder after that

2019-01-10 06:46:28 UTC

Big markets full of sleeping young people, mostly white

2019-01-10 06:46:33 UTC

I'm waiting for Vincent James to give us a shout out. God love that guy.

2019-01-10 06:47:01 UTC

I’m not familiar with him but I’ll check him out

2019-01-10 06:47:17 UTC

Vincent James is one of the best. He's called The REd Elephants on Youtube

2019-01-10 06:47:29 UTC

Super friendly to average americans

2019-01-10 06:47:29 UTC

Anyways I need to get to bed

2019-01-10 06:47:31 UTC

Look up Red Elephants on YouTube he is /ourguy/ without doubt.

2019-01-10 06:47:44 UTC

Sleep well.

2019-01-10 06:47:47 UTC


2019-01-10 07:19:51 UTC
2019-01-10 07:21:12 UTC

Whoa! The French hitting where it hurts....nicely done.

2019-01-10 07:22:26 UTC

<:whitepill:439924104406106113> Looks like Magnitz regained consciousness, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0a4XYCiN50

2019-01-10 07:24:42 UTC

With Merkel stepping down & things like Chemnitz happening the AfD is going to do big things soon.

2019-01-10 07:30:20 UTC

Disregard that question.

2019-01-10 07:32:37 UTC


2019-01-10 07:44:46 UTC

That has GOT to be lefty produce.

2019-01-10 07:45:52 UTC

Doesnt....even....rhyme. Use "Pres on a Pez" & make it Putin's head as the Pez.

2019-01-10 08:54:19 UTC

"Trump on a.... xylophone? What?" The left really cannot meme.

2019-01-10 13:57:17 UTC

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone has a good day! Productive at work, gym or study, pleasant with family and friends.

2019-01-10 15:41:26 UTC

Anyone else notice how 10 years ago, most American couldn’t name any foreign leaders save for maybe Kim jong Il, and the whole world knew about America’s politics. Now it seems political attention has shifted to other nations as well, I know I can name many many more

2019-01-10 16:03:11 UTC

Today is a good day.... Racism has been ended

2019-01-10 16:06:34 UTC

Take the free pass, this man ended racism.

2019-01-10 16:06:43 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ Yeah, I've noticed that. Probably comes from a mix of globalization, social media and the msm giving more coverage people like Salvini and Bolsonaro

2019-01-10 16:12:38 UTC

I agree, and 10 years ago it was notable compared to 10 years before that.

2019-01-10 16:13:39 UTC



2019-01-10 16:13:39 UTC

They've "dumbed down" the news quite a lot, though, since say 40 years ago. More channels / venues to get it from now, with the effect of the internet

2019-01-10 16:14:26 UTC

Try watching editorial commentary or reading it from the 70's. Listen to William Buckley talk or read George Will from back then vs. editorials now. Whew. <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2019-01-10 16:15:42 UTC

@Sonic If I took absolutist power I'd ban birth control and abortion for white women of good character.

2019-01-10 16:16:35 UTC

@Why Tea this kind of dumbing down is what happens when you expand the franchise. Politicians must pander to the lowest common denominator.

2019-01-10 16:16:43 UTC

True that, Sam.

2019-01-10 16:16:54 UTC

I too listen to TruDiltom

2019-01-10 16:17:44 UTC

I don't anymore. "I've moved past that." (say it with a snobby disdain to feel good about it.) <:chad:359013583469805568>

2019-01-10 16:18:07 UTC

Haha imagine being so big brained and esoteric to be past NRX. I can only dream.

2019-01-10 16:18:50 UTC

It's a gift. I guess...

2019-01-10 16:19:08 UTC

Whats the next step lol

2019-01-10 16:19:23 UTC

Haven't named it yet.

2019-01-10 16:19:27 UTC

Where do I channel avtism now

2019-01-10 16:19:38 UTC

Some spin on "Dissident Right" sounds attractive.

2019-01-10 16:20:35 UTC

“Distain for Neo-Cons/Libs”?

2019-01-10 16:31:19 UTC


2019-01-10 16:31:55 UTC

I will foment the explosive growth of Neodisdanianism. Like and subscribe. Academics pls respond.

2019-01-10 16:40:19 UTC


2019-01-10 16:40:47 UTC

That could work... hmm...

2019-01-10 16:45:39 UTC

Trump 2020!


2019-01-10 16:50:25 UTC

If that shit happens I’m becoming a hermit

2019-01-10 16:51:42 UTC

@Sonic Even white people in Utah aren't replacing themselves. God help us.

2019-01-10 16:55:33 UTC
2019-01-10 16:56:31 UTC

This was in 2016, I wonder how many states experienced white decline in 2017.

2019-01-10 16:59:00 UTC

Or 2018. *gulp

2019-01-10 17:05:04 UTC

The report says that only Utah and South Dakota had fertility rates above 2. South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, and North Dakota were the only states with a fertility rate above 1.9 for whites. The nationwide fertility rate for white women was 1.666 in 2017.

2019-01-10 17:13:10 UTC

As long as there are a hundred white men and a hundred white women, it ain't over.

2019-01-10 17:14:16 UTC

I actually heard there was a white baby bump in 2018 but I have no source.

2019-01-10 17:21:47 UTC

Anyone read through this "green new deal"? no chance of it passing until after a Democratic victory in 2020, but it really seems like a Watermelon (green on outside, communist red on inside). It claims to give jobs to everyone?? That seems like it has some unstated side effects that would be bad for whites. I wouldn't be surprised if South Africa style "land reform [theft]" and unconditional reparations are included.

2019-01-10 17:26:31 UTC

Neocohens going all out against Steve king already

2019-01-10 17:27:06 UTC

@Rick Flair They will spend these two years to pozz his district to oust him in 2020

2019-01-10 17:30:11 UTC


2019-01-10 17:37:46 UTC

Maybe on the off chance Trump eeks out a win in 2020 but King loses, he can appoint him to cabinet

2019-01-10 17:39:26 UTC

Posted on office doors at my campus


2019-01-10 17:45:43 UTC
2019-01-10 17:46:49 UTC

"Mr. King, a 69-year-old former bulldozer operator with a combative manner, who has been elected nine times, helped write the book on white identity politics that are ascendant in Mr. Trump’s Republican Party."
Openly admitting that whites can't have identity politics

2019-01-10 17:53:35 UTC

Can I tweet that? @Lawrence of Eurabia

2019-01-10 17:53:35 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia Do Chinese or African Studies.belong to all of humanity? Do Jewish Studies?

And the usual "Purple exists, so therefore Blue and Red don't" nonsense.

2019-01-10 18:04:52 UTC

At least we have new posters.

2019-01-10 18:27:53 UTC


2019-01-10 18:27:56 UTC


2019-01-10 18:28:11 UTC


2019-01-10 18:34:24 UTC


2019-01-10 18:34:29 UTC
2019-01-10 18:35:10 UTC

How can I contact King to let him know the American people support him

2019-01-10 18:38:45 UTC

You can Donate too, his opponent is going to have a lot of cash

2019-01-10 18:45:37 UTC

Live Slayer concerts make for the best lifting

2019-01-10 18:46:00 UTC

Also this Aryan QT next to me can OHP 35lb dumbells.

2019-01-10 18:46:06 UTC


2019-01-10 18:52:44 UTC

getting wrecked in the comments

2019-01-10 18:58:21 UTC

That is wonderful, @Lawrence of Eurabia. 😅

2019-01-10 19:08:59 UTC
2019-01-10 19:12:19 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff yes you can tweet that

2019-01-10 19:21:24 UTC

@Logan Beautiful article. thank you for sharing that! i have saved it on my desktop.

2019-01-10 19:23:55 UTC

@Grayson Unz has many gems. The man himself, Roy Unz, has historically been a contrarian Jewish race realist but he went completely off the reservation this summer with really well-documented but readable articles.

2019-01-10 19:25:08 UTC

The other writers he publishes are often unimpressive with the surprising exception of the Nation of Islam Research Group which is actually super serious.

2019-01-10 19:25:43 UTC

The American Pravda series is all bookmark worthy. http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-holocaust-denial/

2019-01-10 19:26:43 UTC

when people look at pictures of my family their reaction is often: "wow your family does not look italian at all ! and when i ask why, they say:" everybody has blond or red hair and very fair skin!!" LOL i get so mad!! LOL we are northern italian !

2019-01-10 19:28:34 UTC

I was surprised that there wasn't as many blondes as I expected in Scandinavia

2019-01-10 19:28:48 UTC

I thought I'd go to Sweden and everyone would be blonde

2019-01-10 19:28:53 UTC

It would just be the norm

2019-01-10 19:28:59 UTC

Apparently not

2019-01-10 19:30:05 UTC

when i served my mission for the LDS Church i had several missionary "companions" ( as we call them) from Sweden and Denmark .. and when we woudl talk to people, people always thought i was the Scandinavian one and not them LOL most of them had dark hair

2019-01-10 19:30:15 UTC


2019-01-10 19:30:24 UTC

@Jacob one thing about Swedes that always catches me off guard is how many have blonde hair but brown eyes

2019-01-10 19:30:35 UTC


2019-01-10 19:30:56 UTC

I remember seeing a blonde hair brown eye girl in high school and I thought it was super attractive

2019-01-10 19:31:01 UTC

That's how you can pick them out among Danes and Norwegians sometimes

2019-01-10 19:31:08 UTC

and normally I prefer light eyes

2019-01-10 19:31:16 UTC

I thought it was really interesting too

2019-01-10 19:31:16 UTC

And the accent I suppose

2019-01-10 19:31:50 UTC

I just don't see how you *couldn't* have DNA from various European countries

2019-01-10 19:32:01 UTC

I mean I could predict my results right now

2019-01-10 19:32:32 UTC

@Grayson take that back! Romans and Danes were beacons of chastity.

2019-01-10 19:32:37 UTC

there was much movements amongs all of those Empires and populations...

2019-01-10 19:32:41 UTC


2019-01-10 19:33:14 UTC

I mean if I got something way out there I'd be surprised

2019-01-10 19:33:20 UTC

@Logan you are right !!! haha

2019-01-10 19:33:25 UTC

but I definitely have German or something

2019-01-10 19:33:41 UTC

you've got 9% west middle eastern

2019-01-10 19:33:49 UTC

I almost don't want to know what my results would be, because I already have such a strong idea of what it is

2019-01-10 19:34:17 UTC

@Deleted User a rich heritage. Literally the richest part of the world for 95% of history

2019-01-10 19:34:28 UTC

i am prettu sure you have nothing "to worry about" jacob.

2019-01-10 19:35:26 UTC

i did mine out of curiosity but... i had no doubt. i would have been devastated had i seen a big surprise.

2019-01-10 19:35:26 UTC

@Logan make Anatolia Great again

2019-01-10 19:36:02 UTC

Pope John Paul II was from Poland.. and boy there was no doubt he was WHITE 😉

2019-01-10 19:36:33 UTC

gosh i love white heritage. i get goose bumps

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