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hi there! it was Sean Nash ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I am still trying to figure out how this thing works btw so be patient with me. My laptop is a piece of crap is getting old and it's very slow

so the "birdwatching enthusiasts" threw me off lol

I mean.... I love birds...

so anybody else from Utah ? I need to find some like-minded people. Sean said there is a pretty good group here in Utah. I am stoked to hear that. It can get pretty lonely when you constantly have to bite your tongue. Although I voice my opinion plenty

awesome. thank you for the heads up John O ! I appreciate the heads up. It's been a long day so I am pooped. but I am stoked to have found a family of people who share my views. I look forward to getting to know some of you better. Off to bed. Goodnight !

how do I set a profile picture guys?

and .. hi Konrad. I'm Grayson and I am a new member too. I am in Utah. and I am eager to meet my local brothers and finally be some like-minded guys who share my views

Sean Nash interviewed me

We have Researchers at my University from China, or India, who only hire people from China or India to work in their labs. There are entire labs with more than a dozen lab workers, post docs, lab techs and they are all Chinese or Indian. Can you imagine what would happen if a white Professor did that and only hired white students to work in his/her lab?? he/she would go straight to HR. it's hard to see stuff like that.

kind of a coincidence that this thing about the white farmers in South Africa came out because just a few days ago I ran into a white family from South Africa who moved to Utah and when I asked them why they moved, the wife said: "they are killing us over there!!!"

beautiful family too; good looking blond haired, blue eyed kids.... I am glad they got out of there. But man... this stuff keeps me up at night.

yes lol I actually fell asleep at 11 PM then I woke up and can't go back to sleep reading this stuff...

where in Cali? I mean, north, south, center?

oh right on. leaving ? where to ? Utah ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ SO many people from California moving to Utah!! and when I ask them why they left California, the answer is always the same: "Our Governor is crazy and the whole State has become a "sanctuary State" and we are being invaded"

you have a very good point; i hope the people around him will tell him not to be afraid to use the word WHITE

oh geez, so you are really serious about it LOL will you have to find a new job then ?

oh gotcha.. sorry to hear that brother. that's always touch! i bought some lottery tickets while i was up in Idaho last week, if i win, i swear I am moving too. We couldn't even have a Christmas tree in the office last year because โ€ฆ. well we did not want to force one religion over another.

is it just you relocating or there is a whole family you need to move?

i couldn't sleep.... so i got back on here. Dang it it's 3:28 AM I am gonna hate life at work today. Anyways i love you all guys. I am so happy to have found a bunch of like minded people like you all. I wish we could all meet for a big national wide get together. i look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. it is people like us who will save our people, our Identity, our great heritage and our way of life from going extinct. it is US who will make sure that beautiful white families will continue to exist.

i have a lot of family in Europe (Western Europe) and i talk to some of them about what's going on in Europe. they are horrified. My grandmother who is 83 and lives in Northern Italy - way north - grew up at the foot of the Alps. Her childhood was spent guarding over the livestock and bringing the animals back to the barn at night. She protected sheep from wolves and other predators. My grandmother has 8 siblings - all still living - and they all have red hair and freckles. their dad fought in both World Wars. Great-grandpa was a fascist and fought on the side of Mussolini. but anyways I am diverging... my Grandmother calls me in tears often telling me how dangerous it has become to go outside at night for old ladies like her because of these entire Muslim neighbourhoods. She says crime has increased tremendously. These Arab refugees demand and demand and demand. They demand and then they bitch! they bitch if they are asked to remove their head scarf for their driver license shot. they complain that Christian symbols and statues are a way to force the Christian faith down their throat. They get unemployment checks, low income housing, free socialized health care, etc... they are indeed slowly, little by little, traying to take over and trying to change thousands of years of history and culture and traditions.

what would happen if we went to their countries and complained about the call to the prayer from the mosque!? we'd be hang in the squares. I believe every culture is worth preserving including theirs. But keep it in your country. Don't move to a European Country that is predominantly 99% Christian and then bitch about the Christmas Trees! My grandmother says she does not recognize her country anymore. Last time i went back to visit ( about 5 years ago ) i was sitting on a bus and i looked around and realized i was the only white person on that bus. There were people speaking Arab, Chinese, Philippino, Indian. My heart grew heavy... i felt this overwhelming sadness come over me and i told my grandmother that day that i would never go back.

I have a heavy heart when i talk about these things. I don't hate everyone (in case this stuff leaks LOL ) but come on! I have been blessed to live in Utah which is a very White State. but even here, it is changing. When i attended BYU, there was one black kid on the football team LOL now if you are a white kid from Utah or Idaho, forget going to BYU; Brigham Young University has bought into this diversity shit and their admitting predominantly minorities to show that the Mormon owned University is not discriminating. They have scholarships for minorities, they take them into the dorms before they take white students... it's insane.

people who criticize our movement and our message should realize that this is not a message of hate and intolerance. This is not hate speech. This is a message of love! love for our people, our identity, our heritage, our history. Blacks can march holding their clinch fists, setting cars on fire and looting liquor stores (they did not give shit about the black who got shot by the cop), the gays can march, the feminist lesbianic pink pussy cat hats can march, the Mexicans can march holding signs that read: WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HERE" (who freaking gave you that right!) but God forbid we white people march!! it'll be breaking news on CNN: "white supremacists marching โ€ฆ"

I am so disappointed in out people. it breaks my heart. but... the fascinating part, then when i talk to them privately one on one; they often agree with me on most things. Every time i share my views with them, all I hear is: "yeah i agree with that, yeah that is a good point, yeah i never thought about it that way..."

very true!! i like that. I think all we can do is keep planting the seed..... People need to realize that it is OK to be proud of who they are. enough with this guilt of things of the past. i have this recurrent dream ... weird dream... that things have gotten so bad in the world and we have pretty much been take over, and the news coverage on TV says: " Folks we should have listened to those White Identitarians, they warned us that this would happen".

and i wake up sweating and agitated...

our message ought to be that we love this Country and we want to keep it the greatest Country in the world. one way to keep it that way is by making sure it remains a predominantly White COuntry, and English speaking country, a Christian country. there is a reason why everybody wants to move here. but then they get here and they want to change it.

Why is it that we can have the "Black Sacramento police Department", "the Black Chicago Police Department" "The Black Salt Lake City Police Department" but what would happen if someone started the White Sacramento Police Department? ? oh boy i can already see the headlines.

this black guy came up to me at the gym the other day and said; "Hey you! Someone was saying that you are a white supremacist or somethin' !" i interrupted: " No i am not ! no desire to rule over anyone brah! I am a White Identitarian! how can i help ya?" he goes: " i want you to know that i think the Black lives matter movement is bullshit!! LOL I was like' "oh good that makes two of us then !LOL it was funny

i don't mean to indoctrinate you guys with Mormon Propaganda ๐Ÿ˜‚ but i thought i would share these two quotes from two LDS Apostles with you guys. Pretty interesting and almost prophetic. When the Mormon Church - caving in to social pressure - change its doctrine in regard to the people of the African Race, 1/3 of the membership left the mainstream LDS Church and most of them became what we now know as "Fundamentalist Mormons" because they believe the doctrine should not be changed. A lot of these Fundamentalist Mormons live in 'communities" throughout Utah, Idaho and Arizona, and besides still practicing plural marriage, they don't allow non-white in their communities.

right !??

I may need to get caught up here, but why don't we like Nathan Damigo and Richard Spencer anymore? can anyone fill me in please?

Richard Spencer is ?

I am trying to follow all these conversations and my head is spinning

well i may be a new member but i did not think that this forum was meant for this

Maybe i am not getting the humour but in the last two nights i have seen several comments about Italians or Romans not being white. I find it slightly offensive guys. again, maybe I am missing the joke. but some of us have Italian in our DNA.

well we have new members (like me) who are hoping to get on here to be educated and for constructive exchanges of ideas and to educate ourselves. A little bit of male banter is fun and all, but these are sensitive issues for some of us because we care.

i think it is pretty safe to say that all of us who have joined IE have been "vetted" and deemed "worthy" to be part of this organization. I am PROUD to be European through and through (including Northern Italian) .

anyways I am glad to hear it's all in good laugh ! sorry

hi ya'll. SO sometimes the only positive thing at the end of a long stressful hectic day is to know you can get on here and vent to your fellow IE brothers...(and sisters). so i wanted to share this;

today i had to call a 1-800 technical support center and of course some indian from Deli answered the phone and i could barely understand it.. so i got frustrated and i asked to speak to his supervisor and i demanded to talk to an American ... and they actually did ! Go T-Mobile !!! they transferred me to their Idaho team and the guy was American

several months ago I went to the Medical Clinic to see my Physician and the nurse who called me in the back to get me weighted and into the room was an Arab lady with her head scarf and all that... (she had terrible breath btw) and her English was a disaster. I was not happy... so in my feedback at the end of the visit i mentioned that i would like to have a white English speaking nurse next time... and now every time i go, they seem to assign me an white nurse. I also have never seen the muslim nurse since that one time.. because i complained about her body odor and breath. Am I mean ?

She was also very touchy โ€ฆ it seemed like.. but in my feedback I said that it is ridiculous that i could not even understand the questions she was asking me during the initial pre-visit in the room

I kept saying: "I am sorry what? I beg your pardon? Can you repeat that ?".. it was so frustrating!!! I was just there for a routine blood screening.. but what if i was actually really sick... ?? i would not want to have to concentrate to try to understand what the nurse is saying... I hope they fired her ass.. Oopsss sorry i should watch what i say

but i think that we all make a point of complaining in our feedbacks to comcast, T-Mobile, Horizon, Electric companies, gas companies... etc... it might make these companies think twice before hiring these people

most of the Researchers at the University of Utah are from China, India. I have to deal with them all the time as part of my job; These Researchers seem to ONLY hire Chinese or Indians!! I have a Chinese Principle Investigator (Researcher) who has more than a dozen Chinese post docs working in his lab. i know for a fact that some white students had applied to work in his lab and he did not hire them. His entire lab is all Chinese. Can you imagine what would happen if a White Professor only hired white people to work in his lab ??? oh boy !

well unfortunately it is starting to happen at BYU as well GZ Denton ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Oh dude...โ€ฆโ€ฆ BYU who up until a few decades ago did not even allow Blacks and Browns on campus is now trying to become so diverse that if you are a white kid from Utah or Idaho you might as well forget it.... you won't get accepted. I know a lot of kids from Utah who had to go out of State because BYU (Brigham Young University) is admitting minorities. The School of medicine at the UofU is very "diverse" . what puzzles me is that all of these Researchers from China and Indian have phD's and some are even MD's and PhD's and yet their English is horrible and they don't seem very intelligent when i deal with them. i am sure they are smart folks if they have PhD's but โ€ฆ. i also think that these minorities get through Medical School and Graduate School with a lot of more help exactly because of the language barrier and so they get a lot of free passes and Departments are being pressured into passing these individuals. Anyways they might be Doctors but when i talk to them they seem to be so dumb and unintelligent.

GZ Denton - i agree with you! President Nelson has really been trying to re-brand the Church - they are desperate for folks to forget the policies of the past regarding the Blacks. they are so ashamed of it that now the President of the Mormon Church has to have a press conference with Leaders of the Black community to announce a new chapter for the Church. Pathetic!

well my problem with that is that a lot of these new converts from Africa Asia and South America are joining the Church for the wrong reasons! they are joining the LDS Church because they know the Church will possibly help them pay their bills, their rent, etc...and a lot of them use the Church to move to the US. but as you well know, retention of these converts is very low. so i worry that they are joining the Church for the wrong reasons.

yeah absolutely I agree with you GZ Denton! those who join the Church because they truly have a testimony of the Gospel are the best ones. but i fear that they might be a minority. The LDS Church has been a ticket to the US for a lot of these converts from third world countries.

these quotes WERE inspired back then.... it was doctrine. it was revelation. then the Civil Rights happened...โ€ฆ and what d'ya know....

We need another Brigham Young !!! hahahah just kidding.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

yep Cain who killed Abel. God cursed Cain and his posterity with the dark skin

well but we still believe in the principle of plural marriage.. that is why we still have D&C 132 which is the revelation on polygamy.

we just "suspended" it for the time being (unless you are a Fundamentalist Mormon) but we still believe in the Principle

ooppss sorry

anywyas it's all fascinating stuff..

back when Yale was accepting whites ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

fascinating interview. I love it. it gave me some pointers to use with my friends. "to think that Arabs and Asians will assimilate the say way as Swedes and Germans and Italians, is completely ignoring American history."

hi brothers, i was travelling over the weekend and missed all that was going on on here. its hard to go back and read all the old posts and get caught up. i hope every one had a good Labor day weekend.

I know most of you are even more informed than me on this, but i happened to talk to some relatives who live in Northern Italy today and they were telling me that Prime Minister Salvini has quickly become a hero over there for taking the brave and courageous stand he has taken. they were telling me that he has a huge support because the people feel that he has listened to them and to their concern about their identity, culture and history being under attack. I bet other European Countries are watching closely to what's happening in Italy and i bet there will be more "Salvinis" rise up in other European Nations.

yes sorry .. you are right. i stand corrected.

forgive my ignorance but what does NWF stand for ?

i think there is some common ground with the NFW and the potential to unify our efforts.

look at what i saw on the University of Utah campus today:

ok now when i go into settings and voice, it looks different than it did before; i actually have options for OUTPUT and the mic icon is no longer crossed

what do you mean: hop in voice ?

ok i just did and i get that same message again

ok i just selected some options for input and output and i ccan hear some people talk lol

i dont mean to burge in a private conversation LOL

I am hearing a guy and a girl talk

so I m hearing people talk.. but can anyone hear me ? I was talking but i don't think anybody could hear me...?


white= beautiful people

i get this message that says: "this channel requires push to talk to voice chat. You will only be able to listen until you switch modes to push to talk from voice activity detection"

I am on laptop

ok can you repeat please? i have to do what? because when i click on OK on that error message nothing happens. where do i go to record the "key"?

Asatru... LOL you and I may have to call each other up and chat over the phone lol because no one else can hear us

you just heard me ?

lol thanks

I m telling you; Fundamentalist Mormons got it all figured out; they don't allow non white in their communities and they maintain their gene pool pure; look at all those cute towheads

I am Mormon; I don't call myself LDS because i am disappointed with all the doctrinal changes in the mainstream LSC Church. I consider myself Mormon fundamentalist, but yes I have served a full time mission for the LDS Church and all

LDS * hahaha not LSC

oh right on....

wow that's crazy! see... the problem i have is that most mainstream Mormons dont even know their own religion. Interracial marriages were against the Church up untill a few decades ago

very true

this was taught as divine inspired revelation ....

lol hahhahaha

i just put my clothes back on too

when the boss showed up

i had to teach a one time class at the University the other day as a guest speaker and I am looking around the room at this class of about 50 students and i caught myself desperately looking for white students in this sea of asians, indians and hyspanics. I kept looking at the white students the whole time i was speaking. it made me realize how much i want to associate with MY PEOPLE. A lot of these Asian and Indian students have MBAs or PhD's so I am sure they are smart people in their own fields but they still come across so ..... "unintelligent" when they asked me questions. Maybe its their mannerisms, maybe the fact that some of them are not even able to speak English. I don't know.. i wish i could have hugged the white students in the class who were definitely the minority. i felt a sense of brotherhood and kinship with them.

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