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Hello from Ohio

Thank you! I'm excited to put some stickers on things.

"Serves all" always turns into "serves right wingers" and becomes a target like gab or hatreon in my experience

There is what should be and what is. Can't remember the name of the law that "businesses always become more left wing", since the 'unacceptable' opinion gets purged and the left wing opinion gets promoted. Mozilla is an example of a CEO who built everything getting removed for wrong think. Two options for payment processors: they become public services and regulated like phones, or right wing thought becomes more socially acceptable as left wing thought becomes less sociallly acceptable.

Neither is likely. Considering the only people who support regulation are right wingers, which means all libertarians will sperg out and divide the base. I shouldn't have to tell you why the second option is unlikely lol

If your employees go on strike or your shareholders pressure you, you are EFFED mate

That's the void full of hot girls who want to date you @Jacob

Non white girls are temptresses who will literally start guilting you for colonialism when you have fights over where to eat dinner. Trust me but dont ask how I know.

Congressman wants to nuke American citizens... business as usual

He wants to run in 2020 lol

>loving anything

Is there a worse look than a dirty, chipped, white plastic chair in your lawn?

@Auf WI who would even sit in such an abomination though? I dont need to absorb BPAs through my glutes

@Axel I consider anything that inhibits the gloriousness of my glutes to be an act of war

A crime of war

@Axel flaunt not your ignorance child. There is no point to having a butt that people can't see.

We've recently been having trouble using the military for people who *are* us

Did he write an article or something?

@Jacob is there an archive of it? I kind of love stuff like that

"conversations consisted of coding, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, how Rashomon relates to cultural relativism, etc. The sorts of things regular white people talk about at similar gatherings. For a second, I got a vision of what Seattle would be like with zero ethnic diversity: It would be dull"

What funky conversation topics do you think ambiguous race beige latinxes have at the dinner table?

Has there been an infiltrator at every event? Lmfao

I dont even get it. Seattle is like 95% white yet is interesting enough for him to write a book about it.

Dang is it the whole state that is white then?

@NITRODUBS what city if you dont mind saying? Akron is probably 20% white.

Esoteric southwest ohioism

I live in a refugee placement area that is 2% white by the recent census

I live by tulmidge

Steak = health food

I was not being ironic lol

vitamin a, infinite vitamin b, ton of protein. yooooo

try liver some time @Deleted User

That is a start but chicken liver is the chicken of liver @Deleted User

I went to my campus catholic club and it was a presentation on social justice

I am catholic. That sounds 100% old people though.

Well, I'm not catholic but raised catholic

I think that must be *lobbying* of some sort @NITRODUBS. Accepting refugees is such a small issue in the US, it seems strange to harp on it.

Honestly all poultry is just ok

you're going against the narrative

@Jacob All serious church girls I grew up with took several trips to Africa.

Raw meat is the final red pill

again, what are these funky latinxes seasoning their turkeys with

@Jacob I think most even slightly affluent people like to believe that no white people are suffering, thus they need to go to some second-third world country to find suffering people.

I would love tg dinner with the dog at the table

@Sam Southern - TN @TMatthews That is sort of a pervasive theme amonst white people in general, I suppose

a free vacation *and* you go to heaven?!

some meat is honestly better raw tbh

@Deleted User it's easier to digest without cooking

@Deleted User I've never found much evidence for that really. A lot of people go raw specifically because of gut issues. Cooking does break down fibers in vegetables though.

my parents are boomercons

they already built it (or so i thought)

idk I worked with a Mexican immigrant at a restaurant. He would randomly rant about guatemalans the way journalists imagine white nationalists randomly rant about mexicans.

I told a girl on the first date that me and her needed to save the white race together.

she said "does it have to be with just me?"

but that's the extent of my ranting to non-friends

yeah lol

based gun-loving hot blonde girl who complained about the lack of diversity on "the bachelor"

really confusing people, these tinder women

she wasn't actually a tinder woman, and no don't use tinder

will destroy your confidence at best

@Jacob Every meaningful relationship I was in happened accidentally. Randomly talked to someone who seemed to want to keep talking to me. I wouldn't recommend that if you really want a gf though, because you have about one chance per year.

Roosh V is too woke for this world man

Letting people see the whites above your irises in normal conversation is power game

It might be. It's definitely disconcerting.

are you the one from twitter

I can't believe they even still remember UTR

@Ald one of my greatest fears is paganism becoming the new "witchcraft"

@Ald I know. Luckily it's mostly Christian occultism they've appropriated up to now. But don't tell them that.

@ThisIsChris you are on the right track. That is a meme because that is really how youtube alt lite content aggregators title their videos. It is easy to forget most people cannot tell the difference between us and someone like Ben Shapiro. In fact, they think Ben is a far right extremist.

Ben Shapiro does a good job of poisoning the well! Guys like him are so useful to the status quo. They make conservatives believe they're "far right" and "defending American values" when in reality, they're just leftists who don't believe in the logical conclusions of leftism. Walking paradoxes.

So she wanted to paint over it not even knowing what it represented, just that it had white people?


@Goose He was a bed ridden NEET. Clown world would have been too hard for the typical person at the time to see or care about, but he saw it.

hello people

u guys couldn't hear me testing my mic could you? lmao

bathory, beherit, teitanblood, etc is the only music

@fgtveassassin watch your tongue child

that is a grross thing to say lmfao

metal is nothing like classical, that is something 14 yr olds say

yung lean's early stuff was good

@Johnny B. Populus it's better if you don't know

basted and breadfilled


have to send checks in the mail gang reporting in

I paid $750 for a ghetto apartment that got broken into and had my car stolen

@Johnny B. Populus it's all right /// my head was melted so they just blew up the engine immediately haha

will evropa houses have runes on them like frat houses have greek letters

@Sherlock yeah dude credit card companies love ppl that are fiscally responsible

something like antifa protesting you could get you kicked out of your rental imo

I'm not sure about it, but there's usually a termination clause in a contract for people who cause major disruptions. Antifa is a major disruption. I bet they could terminate over that.


i remember the first QAnon thread had a photoshop graphic design OP pic
almost like
someone paid for it

we need to stop focusing on naming the jew and start naming the canadian tbh

@Virgil that would be wild haha


doo doo doo doooo doo doooo dooo

_E X T E R M I N A T E D_

@TMatthews my trumptard dad told me "diversity is our strength" last night

lose: lemming lifestyle
gain: a future

that's because you did good in the interview lol

borderless is going to be good imo

caesar will save america with his salad

@Reinhard Wolff Do you think there will be an emergence of a warrior caste in two generations whose grandparents followed obscure right wing internet health advice?

@GingerRose99 meme worthy


good night internet friends

"Fortnite is extremely addictive and playing violent games is associated with real-life aggressive behaviour and mental health issues."

I actually agree with that lol

the botulism is priceless

Did too much too fast and doesn't like that she's losing power, for sure. All they care about is power.

@Nemets that is the most receptive demographic to identitarianism

Just not our kind

NPC meme isn't relevant anymore, but here is a good take on why it was bad.

Identitarian CCG when

Gal is bluepilled, lass is white identity

@Jacob what is the symbol in the middle?

@Jacob I see it now. I think it is a little busy at the moment.

Keeping a low profile is definitely something ie did that kept them relevant longer than Richard or Matt though

face tattoo nationalism

Do the proud boys even have a logo?

The serving size for ice cream is half a cup. I always wondered if that was an employee's joke that everyone took seriously and now all ice cream is like that. I think the same thing happened but with the entire concept of the proud boys.

@CarletonJ dumb questions about art and stuff somehow make me a leftist


I put that companies' potential impact on the environment should be regulated. That this is a "leftist" view is a modern perversion of the last 40 years imo.

@Rabbidsith In our current system, if the public disagrees with you it doesn't matter at all

I think capitalism is a good system if it's what the founding fathers envisioned, as in the average citizen is a sole proprietor. If it is the kind invented by those European Style Socialists, you wind up with prayers to Walmart.



You can be part of my gang

Fashionista squad

Could not be a more representative election lol

The kind of people who say 'optics cuck' think IE has bad optics

If you scroll up you will see we are all almost identical

MAGA mom who implicitly believes in white identity but doesn't see color

I work for a small business that still hires based on merit. Can't imagine why but it is 100% white.

I actually tried to get a black guy I went to school with to work with us but he had merit AND affirmative action. Kid's probably making 6 figures at 21.

I don't know how possible all this stuff really was, even though everyone says that. You saw how much trump did through executive orders at first and the resistance that was met with.

Voter ID laws are definitely "unconstitutional"

Thanks lol. Obviously as the other guy pointed out it can't last forever.

>Worse is worse.

I think Mexico paying for the wall is metaphoric

>tfw experienced software developer
>tfw not web developer

@ThisIsChris We will see. I would love to help.

Is it too much to ask what state it's in?

Okay. Just wondering since "appalachia" is a 4 - 14 hour drive.

@Gimlet I will message you after the chat. Depending on the nature of the software I may be of some use.

@Krypto- OH I hope we don't get tear gassed


@Nutter Butter tbh if we got rid of welfare, that might be *more* effective than ending immigration

@Jacob and from serving in government

Identity Evropa: evil black supremacist group

New state religion when

peacoat optics caesar will save us

@Reinhard Wolff do you know about crowdvoice.org and do you think something like that would be good for IE? what kind of content would it have?

@hbutzer0511 you say that until you've had a legitimate stalker.

@Reinhard Wolff crowdvoice is a website that crowdsourced website that tracks protests around the world and news about supposed human rights violations. i don't think an IE version would be the same, but it is popular amongst antifa types.

@Deleted User what is the point of space travel, when our brains are already galaxies

internettara on twitter

That's why I keep my IQ in my lower back

Scared that one day we will succeed, and my grandkids will ask me if I was insane too. I'll say no I was in IE but they'll think I am lying because all millennials say that.

@Reinhard Wolff repeating my suggestion from last week that IE houses have runes on them like frat houses have greek letters

tattooing runes on my sclera patrick casey can NOT stop me

@Reinhard Wolff do you still have the big celtic flag that you used to have during red ice tv segments?

terrible news

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I already got a squat rack and fat set of olympic plates /// will donate

what *is* a cornhole

2017: what even is white
2018: what even is cornhole

@Reinhard Wolff what is god's lift? is it pullups?

identitarian yoga

someone hexed patrick but their low spiritual iq gave him hiccups


no drinking before fireside chat

how is it possible to plug your ears and nose at the same time

i just used my thumbs and index fingers and discovered it is possible to plug your ears and nose at the same time. if you want more content like this, consider donating to my patreon.


catch you guys later ๐ŸŒฒ ๐ŸŒ› ๐ŸŒฒ

Does anyone know where he got Bezos? Why did he change his name? To sound less white?

It is not his wife's name if you're wondering

Yeah I caught that, sorry

Saw some "anti-art" at school today


yeah, i was laffin

not trash: recyclable

I am not opposed to impressionism or even abstract art, but this shit is retarded.

@metasophocles in 99.9% of cases I agree. I think the filmmaker Mdotstrange did a lot of good stuff, even though he is not particularly technically skilled though.

bioleninism man

ugly people project ugliness onto everything

but I would never call a whole group of people ugly; everyone is beautiful. you are beautiful. love yourself.

What is socialist realism?

I think of the usual blocky stuff when I think of soviet propaganda. I didn't know they had a realist style.

how pleasant

since we are posting paintings


@Virgil have you ever squeezed cheese out of something with holes in it?

I would fight that building with my bare hands.

@Jacob I agree that it is masterfully composed but to be honest I associate it so much with the communist losers I knew from high school that it's hard for me to enjoy.

Classical or the futurism being posted architecture isn't even expensive when you compare it to garbage modernist architecture that plagues our cities.

I don't get how people reconcile that the soviet union was a totalitarian hellscape where everyone starved with the fact that they decimated half their continent and went to space.

@Kingfish I am starting to think it doesn't translate as well into real life as I thought.

good night evropa

@metasophocles you replied to the wrong guy but I support you wholeheartedly friend


Notable future locations in space will be the asteroid belt and the norwegian+roman belt

@metasophocles Patrick Casey

โ€œBeyond that, letโ€™s concentrate on teaching critical thinking. A little bit of that would go a long way. Letโ€™s make sure that we reverse things in four years โ€“ demographics will be on our side.โ€ -Google Engineer Scott Byer

All I know about Ninja is that he refuses to stream with other women because he loves his wife too much

Is he not trad after all?

Cinci is an emotional desert

@Sam Southern - TN what if elites try to replace us because they love white people so much that it is all a sham to raise our birth rates back up past 2.1

i was going to suggest a 4d chess emote, but what would such a thing even look like

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN grab the interdimensional chess piece out of my hand grass hopper

I didn't even realize that was a custom emote

Never seen an e-gf work out

@Jacob enjoy this 2010 impact font


you're making me blush bro

That's not even an hour from me ๐Ÿ˜

@missliterallywho Imagine having a classical home like that and putting up a chain link fence

hit by an asteroid?

You'd really rather not live in Dayton @Jacob

There was a tudor revival here in the 30s or something, so a whole portion of the city looks like that

Isn't MT already an ethnostate though?

kinda uggo but lots of land

evropa home restoration project

I am a useless millennial and I know nothing of tending land or fixing up houses ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

@Valaska I think they realize the likelihood of Balkanization if there are whole sections of the country that are white like that

My grandpa owns ~500 acres in Missourri, but when he dies my boomer aunts and uncles and parents will divvy it up and sell it.

@Auf WI that is unreal, and you could mortgage it for like $1500 with bad credit

Living the varg lifestyle yeah?

@Reinhard Wolff Is flyering okay before you are a full member (so long as guidelines are obeyed)?

I thought you could just buy them from the merch

what are some "niches" people have found outside of activism?

I need to head out, but let it be known I was here


I can't separate Judith Butler from that one Onion video where the trump supporter reads queer theory

she's just a living meme to me

I'm sorry for your loss, bro

I can't imagine being the source of controversy to be against something that all research shows is harmful

it's as though we live in a world of clowns

do you agree that we live in a world of clowns?

Hating porn seems inherently feminist to me, but I still am old fashioned and picture Anita Sarkeesian when I picture a feminist

Judith Butler looks like a weak man.

@Sam Anderson that just means you can medicate them even more

I missed the beginning, how do we pay via Stripe?

send routing number via smoke signals

Is patrick casey a mick

don't punch right
we must never disagree with another person vaguely associated with ourselves

"Aji--, uh Jai-- uh, uh- Salvini!"

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