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sup goys

I heard you need developers. Let me know if I can help.

for real though, plz vet me in here @Reinhard Wolff

Patrick Casey

@unclefesterr though I am waiting for my local interview as I have recently moved

alright I'm good to go let's do this

yo get me in on that dev team

@Deleted User would love to get sped up on this. I figure we could use any resources we can get, and I have experience

I fucking dare you

former bernie bro, checking in

wew lads

@โšกClarkโšก more importantly, when is prince hubris coming back!!!?

cheerful in the face of diversity more like it

@Reinhard Wolff are traps gay?

you fucking serious

michigan is fertile as fuck

a good chunk of "food we eat" on your map is eaten up by urbanite deserts

ah i see, it's meant to impart relative size

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL implying discord employees don't have this power and a good fraction of IE core organization depends on this platform

True, there is a modicum of more control when it comes to this platform when compared to twitter. That said, I don't trust a goddamn thing online until we have actual political power and support to regulate these pieces of shit

destroy these people

of course

State Sanctioned

@Gregory - NC it's all good. I'm on push to talk so no chance of sound

I can mute myself if you need the icon there

un-server mute me if you could please


681 myself

he's tired af

what are the overall lessons from charlottesville?

we can never do this again until we gain real power

my entire family is shitlibs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

it truly is lifelong

i've been here for years

william you're a great speaker

not that Patrick isn't, but you're really good at this

don't talk to the police

@Mikolas literally watch the video I linked. It's from a lawyer

this entire segment of the chat could be referred to the linked video

it's to the point where @Reinhard Wolff and @Deleted User need to acknowledge and link to

good to hear

thanks fam

government has unlimited resources to crush us. Never forget that.

@Attrition in the desert that ended a long time ago

@Goldstein Riots taxation is theft amirite

@Goldstein Riots remember when Trump said he would audit the fed? Good times.

same, and I was a liberal back then

hey being bold isn't a bad thing

we're not going to win by being meek. that said your'e right about these.... shortcomings

literally wtf happened with spencer?

old man

@Reinhard Wolff do you drink zero calorie monsters?

@Reinhard Wolff serious question: What are the overall lessons from Charlottesville?

@GDoctor please tell us more

oy vey

things will always deteriorate


@ThisIsChris if you can manipulate people at will, you have a certain level of self reflection

omg a national HQ? When is that happening @Reinhard Wolff

see I mix diet soda with my vodka

ez pz

@Reinhard Wolff is HQ going to be like a frat house?

because I fucking hope so




@Wood-Ape - OK/MN the mods of /r/the_donald are literally JIDF

there was a coup of the mods a long time ago, when it was seen that the subreddit was moving into pro white politics

the former head mod was also a big guy on /r/theredpill

he was literally ousted by jews

@Reinhard Wolff you're breaking up a bit

get some agency, drop the benjamin and call it a day boys

@Reinhard Wolff you sound so much better now

no breaks

people can leave because this isn't a fucking cult

the merits stand on their own

I've always liked WN

Identitarians is a good brand tho

@unclefesterr how do we feel about the "nationalism for all races" trope?

how much is patron status?

@Sean alright thanks

@Matthias I appreciate it, but I wont be able to do $600/yr until 2019

@Wotan Klan-GA literally who DIDN"T see this coming?

the point is to not get into situations that require a legal defense fund

get your shit together people


And if your friends finance

Bran flakes. get your gut together

@Deleted User if you're wondering how to do twitter, this is a good example

where did cernobitch come out against patrick?

oh gawd

someone break the news to me: Is hit or miss girl a trap or no?

the description says otherwise

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