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Hey guys, this is Danielle. I look forward to meeting you all!

Thanks Patrick!

“That’s what kids do”? Not in civilized society. Daycare, or play center... they are dirty and we shouldn’t be allowing our children to run around with kids we don’t know. To be bit like that, the mother had to not be watching. And yes — it would certainly be difficult to keep my cool if that were my child. Disgusting.

@NateDahl76 thank you! 👌🏻

“Was Jefferson Davis right?” and “Why not Freedom!” (Same author as “The South Was Right”) are good reads as well, for anyone interested.

No prob. And YES to Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. 🎅🏻

Yay for Jersey. Am I allowed to ask what school? @Brunswick Rutgers?

Haha yes, I was at there for Charlie Kirk was there. I heard IE had a presence. Did you get a chance to talk to many people during that event??

I was there when Charlie Kirk was there* idk what happened to that sentence.

Yes, I heard that there were a few of you. I wonder if I met you guys lol.

^ same.

I’ll help!

^ they’ll find a way.

And combining subjects... @Reinhard Wolff mentioned us memorizing songs to sing, that would be a great gift. The first official IE campfire song.

RIP Boy Scouts


^ what he said.

“Just say no.”

*shock and awe*

I know I’m just a female ...but I think ya’ll can do better than that for a campfire song.

Don’t forget Neptune.

I like Steph’s version

Ugh that was horrible!

Forget about fundamental values (no disrespect, sister) we’re losing sight of reality!

It’s sad.

For what occasion?

Dress pants with black shoes , but maybe different jacket?

Or kaki and brown shoes with navy

Lol this convo.

Dog meat

Huh? ^

British Raj

I’ve read about that.

Way-man with Jacob

No no no

Y’all aren’t getting it

@Papa Pizzagate date and mass?

@Papa Pizzagate you are of the most mature here. I appreciate you.

Latin mass?

They didn’t see that Ian.

We’re all wrong. About a lot.

See maturity...


Define, please.

Lol oh

Lol sorry guys

Stupid girl here

Swarthy is “in-white”


@Papa Pizzagate I’m out of touch

Guys ... take this in ... true traditional ladies have no ides what “trad” means

I’ve been cooking and cleaning before if was cool

Great a woman right and she takes care of you ...tradition


I’m going to give a speech on traditionalism at the conference

You’ll learn

It’s not a trend

It’s forever

I don’t want to hear you want a “trad” wife if you’ve ever let a girl open a door or her wallet

Light hearted I swear


Oh, Ian. I hope I didn’t at all confuse that I’m ready to serve my husband. But young men here need to understand what “traditional”

2018-11-20 01:08:17 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-11-20 02:13:21 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thank you, @CarletonJ! Hello, all!

How do you suggest we address people in person?

Gay couple next to me...

Of course, I’m kind

But i have a mixed race gay couple that are “good people”

Anything past be nice?

No advice... thanks, guys.

@st@Steve - NJ pertaining too our discussion, Id love to have flyers to post so I can help.

Lol idk I asked a question that I guess was off limits , I’m sorry


I call it racial freedom

That looks great!!

Get over it

America 😊

Lol put in jail?

Lol that’s nothing gone #

Only 30 to 49

No no respectable*

Lana says no


No no


Lol Yes

New comers

It’s important

2018-11-26 00:07:25 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

John Ferling wrote a book called Jefferson and Hamilton that covers that decently.

2018-11-26 00:15:36 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Also on Islam, European countries being forced to accept large numbers of people who live by an ideology that does sit well with western values.

2018-11-26 00:25:34 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Yes 💪🏻

2018-11-26 00:28:09 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thank you for your time!

My initial reaction was “you’re lucky it’s only tear gas”.

That Bruce Willis piece is fake news, unfortunately. I watched the clip. He just impersonated Trump. He did not say those things. @Bjorn - MD

@Bjorn - MD sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

Allah wants all of the above dead. People are crazy.

Welcome @Kate McCoy! Happy to have another lady in NJ ❤️

Have ya’ll seen this?

I read it. It’s a fair enough account. My concern tho, is that he was welcomed so quickly and was able to attend an event.

A woman’s right to vote. As a woman, I very genuinely believe that the women who fought for my right to vote in 1915-1920s would be appalled with where it has taken us. There are some powerful writings by women who opposed the amendment. While some believe they were on the wrong side of history - I believe they were fighting for women like me.

Marxist ideology has crept deep into our society, for sure.


I was just going to say, 8 values.

Happy one year, @Reinhard Wolff! You are one of the reasons that I’m here. You have done amazing things with this organization. I am thankful for your leadership and look forward to meeting you. Cheers.

@William Russell I appreciate that question. It’s a white lily. In Victorian times they were known to symbolize purity, modesty, sweetness - femininity to some. Used in weddings to represent humility and devotion. Treasured by the Greeks and Romans. White lily flower has been useful in southern kitchens forever. I could go on, but I digress. It’s a beautiful flower. Resilient and bright white. Felt it represents what a lady in IE should emulate. 😊

I agree! I’ll start a convo in the ladies chat.

Lmao identitbabes ...

No, I like the idea of us having a name.

😂 ... I’d like to do some research and see if I can find a name which some European history to it. Something that means something. I do like all of these suggestions though.

I like it.

I’m not an IE GF tho

I like the lily, obviously.

First thing I see coming on to Discord... thank you @metasophocles. 😱

I can help with artwork and furniture! Interior design on a budget is an area of expertise of mine.

Hello all — question: I changed my user name, as to not use my real name. My name has changed in my messages and the ladies server, but not in the general server. Anyone know why this is?

Thank you guys! 👌🏻

@William Russell I would like you know that your inquiry about my flower partly inspired my name change. 🌸

She’s partially correct, I personally don’t want to go to black communities to eat anything.

Santa clause is coming to town, have yourself a merry little Christmas, let it snow, it’s the most wonderful time of the year... just to name a few.

Of course Rudolf the red nose reindeer...

Thanks guys🙂


...and my apologies @Goose


@Virgil if you google “save James Texas” there are many.

@Goose I posted it first... so... 😝

@DrewMT one could argue that many of those songs, such as “let it snow” “Santa’s coming to town”, walk us away from the “Christ” part of Christmas.

I think the motive behind writing these songs tho, is more the demand and money to be made.

@missliterallywho I don’t disagree with that. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

^ that should be printed on something.

@Grayson asked about doing some sort of activism for “Save James”... I second that question.

Hey @GingerRose99 👋🏻

@Goose on save James comment:
*sarcastic surprise face*

So much to take in. This is what normalizing insanity looks like.

^ and that’s where Lily checks out 😂

What did you ask?!

You could have eased into that... 😅


Normalizing insanity, encouraging the unnatural, leaving a people lost and lacking in identity the name of progress.

It truly is.

That’s why I’m here.

The most fulfilling career there is. ❤️

IE has been brought up in conversation with some GOP thinking friends over the past month. They don’t know I have any involvement. They seem to have mixed opinions, but I talked them away from IE being a “hate group”. It is definitely gaining momentum, that is for sure.

I find Loomer obnoxious. 🤐

I saw that, @hbutzer0511! I find it exciting to see Nationalist movements across Europe gaining such recognition.

They will push back and they will be victorious.

Infowars Live on FB has Loomer still ranting, if anyone is still interested. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh I lost my connection, odd. @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

Joe is not on our team. 1:15 if you don’t want to watch the whole things.

@VinceChaos that is one of the very many reasons his statement here is ridiculous, yes.

He’s a loud mouth, big brain. Agreed.

^ banks will loan to anyone they can make money from.

I promise you. I work with many investors. “Don’t ask, don’t don’t tell.” Is their motto.

Just have to find the right guy.

@NITRODUBS that’s awesome, it’s nice to have like minded people around you. 👌🏻

It’s hard to put words to how these things make me feel. @VinceChaos

@John Boniface hit it right on the head though, the worst part is how used to all of it we are.

Cheers to that. Well said, sir. @John Boniface

I just ordered that! Was it you that posed it here the other day?

@EzraPound2.0 I have tears in my eyes laughing. These people are so hard to take serious. Seeing our poster in an evidence bag. “We’re not going to show you the front.” Good job, to whomever is responsible for this.

@Jacob that’s awesome! I bet that was a great time.


Chilly here in NJ, but I am quite literally sipping tea while decorating my Christmas tree next to my fireplace. Wholesome*

I have a snowflake, actually.

I’m going with the winter wonderland theme. But I have my manger set up too, of course.

IE bringing back Muscular Christianity?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll.


Good morning, IE fam. ☕️☀️

That can’t be real. ^ 🤦🏻‍♀️

The list could be real, doesn’t mean the caption is correct.

Lol I was going to say, I don’t hate #36. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Cooper called for the removal of Silent Sam and other “rebel symbols” quite a bit before the statue was knocked over by degenerate vandals in like August.

That’s a great question, sir.

The attack on historical statues was a big red pill for me, genuinely breaks my heart.

The GOP needs a lot of things...

People refuse to see things for what they are, or arguably are conditioned not to. It boggles my mind as well, how people can stay so comfortably in ignorance when we have things of such severity taking place, such as this collective cultural push to literally erase our history.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN if the weather is anything like NJ, it’s a great day for it. I find taking time to clear your head helps with studying. 😊🌲

It is true that we slaughtered many “natives” from 1400-1600s. I always make it a point to shine a light on the fact that all established nations start in war and bloodshed. We made an effort to allow them to assimilate and be welcomed in our new world. When Europeans found it, this land had no boarders, no laws. They were running around naked snatching up each others women, and killing each other for land and food. If we (evil colonizing European imperialists) didn’t claim this land, someone else would have; and if that were the case, there’s a darn good chance that there would be no “native Americans” left at all; and this land would not be the land of “liberty, freedom, and justice for all” - the leader of the free world.

Forgive my spelling, I’m multi-tasking.

^ ...and “Salvini’s Italy Now Leads Europe in Number of Jihadi Deportations” 👌🏻

We were speaking about the destruction of historical statues earlier. This article calls the people who fought against this nonsense “vandals”. Who wants to bet that Time chose a different term for the group who tore down our statues?

Plane costs too much money. Human slingshot and strong border security.

Looks simple enough.

Woohoo, ladies. 👗

Speaking of recruiting. I’ve been meaning to throw this out there - I’ll be at the Turning Point event in two weeks leaving bread crumbs if anyone has any talking point suggestions, or specific questions you’d be interested to hear an answer to, DM.

^ human nature

Forgive my ignorance, what is PF?

Oh, gotcha.


Lmao @Asatru Artist - MD I thought the same

Fellas, I appreciate the holiday cheer with all the Santa hats. I wish I could put one on my lily.

That is the question, @Deleted User.

Maybe off one of the petals? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lol you won’t see it!

Haha a whole two hours?! My golly.

Rough. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Anyone after laws were established are immigrants.

Immigrants did strengthen this country. To a certain point.

^ yes. I said to a certain point. I meant long before we accepted others.

My great grandparents were “immigrants”. There is an issue of nomenclature around the term “immigrants”.

Yes, an issue of nomenclature, as I said. Like much being shoved down our throat today. Feminism. Equality. Immigrants. Racism. Fascist. Nazi. We don’t have an agreed upon definition for these (and many other) terms. This is a big part of the problem.

No one knows what anything means, we are so far removed from reality.

These conversations are silly and unproductive if we don’t have a set definition for the terms we are debating on. In this case, “immigrants”.

^ that’s me.


Good night, all!

Happy December 6th!
A little European tradition for ya... 🎅🏻

I had a busy evening, doing family stuff. I heard and saw so much that emulated why I’ve made an effort to be involved in IE. Thought I’d throw a thank you out there. Thanks, guys.

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