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Sup Lads

Yes, sent dues over this afternoon but I would imagine he's busy so no worries. Was contacted by the local person and this was the link sent by interviewer

For Skype?

No rush though, I realize people are busy.

Sounds good, Thank you

Can you imagine if Trump gives them the Turkey treatment?

We're going to watch the left openly call for displacement of whites

Amazing times

Make sure if you’re in a swing district this November you’re voting and getting anyone else out there.

That’s a good article to share

It’s blunt enough just to post it without comment

Let the reader make their decision

This is fantasy stuff actually

You don’t need to say a word

Yea it’s a good Facebook share

Make a profile just for posts in groups, some have 150k followers

You’d be surprised what memes you can get posted in there

All you need is an email address

Bryce I’m from Missouri


Ferguson actually nvm thought you asked if I was from southern Mo. Moved for work

Yea I’d imagine if one showed union soldiers modern pics of Detroit or Baltimore they’d stay home

Hah damn I feel old AF

Who’s the (((prosecutor)))

This Kavanaugh thing is prime recruiting/redpill material

It’s making normie/Conservatives very angry

Kavanaugh (if he gets through) Just won midterms with that opener imo

Honestly, people loved trump for fighting the leftist system but he’s just not relatable given his fame/money.

Kavanaugh appeals conservative normies so much more. The fight he showed was pretty well taken u would imagine

Haha man they misplayed this so bad. Didn’t expect Kavanaugh to have every day of his summer documented

These chimp outs only push moderates to the right. No one sees this type of behavior and goes left

Don’t forget to register/vote friends

Graham was not expected to become Bane overnight lol

Absolutely, something changed

Glad he went to Minnesota, 3/4 sears up for grabs

Was bored at work the other day, he actually could have won Minnesota if Mcfuffin and Gary Johnson weren’t poaching votes

If you give him those and give Hillary Jill steins votes he takes like 6 more

The new Ben Shapiro show is especially awful

We got a free advertisement haha

Anyone got any analysis on german elections today

>Jacob Wohl

He tried doing the whole military/let’s go to war with Syria thing about a year ago

Good morning Fellow Hunters


>tfw your last name had a noble particle to it but your great grandpa changed it to sound American

Kinda want to change it back tbh

I’d be nice if these people donated to their people and not some go fund me wall stunt haha

Merry Christmas lads.

Is there a financial planning/tax advice section in the skills server? I’m working on my wife and I’s budget for 2019 and work as a CPA, would be happy to offer some tax planning help, can probably save some folks some money in taxes

I don’t make a living in financial planning, I work in oil and gas, but I do have a bit of knowledge based on my background and my own planning, would be happy to give out some basic things I do for minimizing taxes and cashflow management

Thanks Chris, I don’t see that server on my list, do I need to reach out to anyone specifically?

Hey everyone

I’m doing some tax planning for myself in 2019 (I’m also a CPA), if anyone wants any advice on tax planning or just generally personal financial planning I’d be happy to discuss here or in DMs.

Haha really hope it’s warren who wins

Beto has the best chance in a general election imo

He came within a few points of unseating a former presidential candidate/incumbent senator in Texas

Granted Ted is losing his appeal to some extent

Haha maybe down here in Texas I just got overwhelmed with the Beto signs, but he carried like 5 house seats even though he lost his own race imo

Hypothetically speaking, if one decided they liked the Democratic Party, could they register as a Democrat and vote in said primary

What if a large group of highly involved people did this and participated in the primary

lol why doesn’t everyone who voted for trump change their registration to D and vote in the primary

The most absurd with a decent chance at winning

I’d like to see Warren as I think she’s the easiest to beat

Each one of us should be having as many kids as possible tbh, it explodes by the third generation

It’s probably going to be a bumpy few decades and it’s going to be over a span of multiple generations. As painful as it is to be patient during this, the upside is the impact you can make in the next 50 years.

Whether that’s building a large family, building the network, setting an example for friends, family and offspring, starting a business or saving money for your offspring, you have a lot of years to build and contribute. Don’t focus so much on the day to day noise

Neocohens going all out against Steve king already


You can Donate too, his opponent is going to have a lot of cash

Yea if you’re going to give Daca away then get the full wall and birthright taken away

Giving away WAY to much for 100 miles of fence

All of IE can just move to Guam and take it over haha. Only like 300k people

Lol I mean theoretically


Him giving them a sweet deal, then rejecting gives him a lot more leeway for emergency build

Who knows tho

Yea I like the movie where he builds the wall as an emergency and they don’t get anything but we’ll see

Whites can’t even get into an argument (which the brown person started) without the media attempting to destroy them

Those kids did nothing wrong and are being doxxed by multi million dollar media companies strictly because they are white

It’s pretty telling to be honest. The corporate media and many democratic senators literally were hunting down teenagers because they are essentially attended a pro life rally while white

There will be no compromise with these people

I sent an email to the principle. Just explained that these are good young men who spent their Saturday at a pro life rally and the only thing they appear to be “guilty” of is approached by a grown man with a drum.

Reminds me of Kavanaugh narrative except these are defenseless children.

Haha yea mines like that too, there’s some German surnames that can be either way

It’s literally a trial by POC/LGBT ranking any time a white person gets in a disagreement with a non white. The logic here is “Brown man good, white kid bad”

The events and things said become irrelevant in the eyes of these rabid leftists

Even the neocons participate in these show trials, they just defend Jewish people.

His crime is being white

It’s one of the most obvious and normie friendly debates, almost a gift tbh

These were young men at a pro life rally, and because some guy with a drum picked them out to approach, all of this happened

This is a core republican issue and the easiest to relentlessly defend and even claim moral high ground on

God it makes me mad haha

Shapiro and Cernovich both did too

coincidence I’m sure

Besides Israel, this is supposed to be his signature issue

I always wonder how Bens parents managed to come from the USSR straight to Beverly Hills

But that’s a different topic

Haha yea they’ve been taking some losses lately come to think about it

Kentucky 4 district representative just tweeted his support for these kids

He’s a Rep from Kentucky, good to see

I think a really fundamental thing to explain to people on the fence, a big reason jews use Islam or Hispanics to conquer or gain power is because there simply are not enough Jews to do so with themselves.

Many boomers have a hard time understanding why Jews would promote Islam or be so anti white

Lol NRO already interviewing primary candidates

Would be amazing

These kids likely have the means to sue

Democrats when someone shows them the unedited video of the MAGA hat kid and Indian veteran


Polish Senator just invited them to parliament


Wow that would be fantastic lol

Imagine if millions started pouring into Israel

Senate would probable build them a sea wall

lol didn’t they use a replica of the USA constitution as their founding documents

Guess they missed the magic soil

That’ll get ya haha

Because they went to a pro life rally

This wasn’t a trump rally or anything that can be twisted. Horrible look for media

It’s become common place to for them to start trouble with a white person and film it for media entrapment. Sad

My wife saw it, strange.

I wish trump would tweet about this Covington school situation. Huge gaffe by the media and he can frame it as a pro life issue

I’m sure he’ll make a MLK tweet

It’s interesting, lots of skepticism towards black history month, most normies know it’s a bit of a stretch, but virtually none among normies on the MLK narrative

FWIW, as and older (late 20s) guy, id recommend basing your decision on which branch/role will give you the best career training and is least likely to put you in danger. I wouldn’t worry about getting flak from normies.

>complain that white cops enforce rules too much

>lose because a black referee didn’t enforce rules

Another thing to consider Catholics are starting to break republican too, trending red since 2008.

Interested to see what effect this has

Well that’s as far back as I felt like looking haha

Tyler, you can message me if you’d like to discuss.

Anyone have the tucker opening monologue? I heard it was good but turning in now, he’s going all in on Bill Kristol and national review lol


Haha they didn’t let Bernie madoff in because he stole from the tribe

Probably make awesome connections lol

Come out and can start some new gig with your friends from (((prison)))

Technically they are “white elders” haha

This ought to redpill some boomers




Lots of Executive search firms already have an overwhelming demand from clients to fine a minority for the role. They literally tell the recruiter not to bring forward white men

That doesn’t even cover the internal discussions and politics of promotions and what not

I work in oil/gas in Texas, it’s even spreading here

They are, it’s more any HR, Finance, marketing roles

They are obstacles but not barriers. Just have to work that much harder .

He may have been smart enough to realize how dangerous the internet would be to them

He’s just as obtuse on crypto haha. He’s such a shill

I don’t think there is anything he writes that’s not 100% based on protecting the system they dominate haha

Love how left wing media is hemorrhaging monies because they make up 90% of the industry and write the exact same topics and buzzwords


What did they think would happen if they all write the exact same things

Help a brother out haha

They arrested roger stone for literally having communication with Wikileaks

Watch the shutdown bill probably has another billion for Israel lol

Last time the GOP called me for a donation the lady hung up on me because I said I wouldn’t vote republican again without a wall.

I would imagine they are running out of new donations with this nonsense.

Tucker could beat him imo

He has better positions without the baggage

2024 would be more realistic anyway

100k Republican voting people moving to Vermont would turn it red haha

I’d highly recommend doing a family tree and trying to go back as far as possible/meeting family members you never really knew you had, even if it’s just online. It gave me a big sense of where I came from and my role in carrying the torch. I think it’s an enjoyable hobby as well, good thing you can share if your parents and grandparents.

Yea some church records go back 1600ish

I used 23 and me to connect with a cousin who had a a tree already (maternal grandma) for my paternal grandma, I got lucky. Basically 100 or so people moved from one village in Germany to a town in Illinois and one of he descendants had a tree online. You’d be surprised what you can dig up online though

Btw 23 and me updated some features last week

More accurate, can also identify regions in each country your dna is found in, the data it gave me agrees to information I have on my trees

A lot of sacrifices were made down the line so each and every one of us could be here. Helps motivate me

People matter more than systems

This is what libertarians/Conservatives can’t grasp. They see systems as the only variable, not people

The myth/religion of “equality” is the only way this type of political philosophy could even exist

North Korea is economically sanctioned and has to spend 50% of its gdp on defense. I’m a former libertarian and I’m not in favor of that economic system, but if it were not for sanctions they’d probably be doing okay.

They made a turning point Uk....

Identity free markets

I think the general thought is race takes priority over markets or material decadence.

Conservative family members of mine were shocked when I said I’d prefer Norway than California any day of the week. “But they are socialists!”

Turning point UK!



It’s worse than I thought lol

Solid salute there


Haha kushner is a weirdo


Yea I mean I’ll push back on things I don’t like but at the end of the day he’s getting my vote in 2020. The other side absolutely hates you.

Just be glad you haven’t been brainwashed to watch this person on TV and thing that agreeing with anything she says makes you smart

Shitlibs love lectures from minorities. They can literally say anything

Look at all the NPCs in the background

They complain about “danger to our democracy” while only allowing certain political views, stuffing the ballot box with immigrants and gaming the system with things like that

>Spanish/Aztec Mullatos have rights to all land in north and South America

Imagine having a year round growing season in the 21st century and not being able to produce food

These are the minds we must have

I don’t agree that they are that benign, but at the end of the day it’s not beneficial for us to share a government with them and it’s dangerous for us if we ever live under their rule imo

Hello friends. Going to be a First time parent in 6 months. Did you vaccinate your kids, partially vaccinate, delay them or completely avoid them? I’m doing some research on my own currently, but wanted to hear from some of you if you don’t mind.

Yea I’m currently looking at the schedule from the 1980s and comparing it to now. Considering the cases per year of each type of sickness and trying to make a decision on yes/no of each one and then when (probably will do a delayed schedule on any that are “yes”)

I always wonder how his parents managed to move to Beverly Hills from the Soviet Union

Not exactly a cheap move from a communist nation

That’s what I would suspect, can’t find anything on his parents

They then lecture people who actually participate the economy on “free markets” despite never having participated themselves

Not only are they purely the result of nepotism but the majority of their political takes are proven wrong time and time again.

Even benign sites like yahoo, the comments are starting to get there.


Similar to the men who fought for the allies in World War Two, I’m pretty sure if you showed the union soldiers what would become of the cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, they’d not only take off their blue uniform they’d probably suit up for the south

Lol the neocons would have hated McClellan

Can you imagine

Haha I know I was just making an obscure civil war joke since he was adverse to combat

Anyone watching the El Paso rally

I guess Donald and Beto are having duel rallies

Yea I would have tuned in a year ago

They were fighting for independence

Not control of North America

At least imo, but yea I see your point

Was reading about “the great migration” on Wikipedia today. “Six million African Americans left the south”...that number haha

Haha oh god, Alamo defenders starting to be targeted as the next statue boogeymen I believe

I always enjoy the fact that it’s never mentioned that Israel occupied Syrian land in the Golan heights

Europe “had” to accept Syrian refugees while Israel literally has a huge chunk of land that’s Syrian it could have moved them too

Saw an article on yahoo about the opioid crisis “how people who really need opioids are being harmed by the crackdown”

The one article they do, counter signals

Haha that’s the liberals view on that topic I feel like

Yea I’d just be careful, remember these people literally hate you and think getting “revenge” on your children is a moral crusade. They aren’t passing any laws to help us

Any increase in tax revenues is going to go towards third world types already here or it’s going to pay for more to come

That said our tax code is stupid, the white working/middle class pays almost the exact same marginal rate as the wealthy, while the Hispanic/black blocs get rates about 40% lower + diversity scholarships + increasingly preferential hiring treatment

If you consider social security, once a couple in the middle class gets past 43k, your marginal tax rate is 37%, which is the about the same as someone making 1M a year because social security is only paid up to 100k or so

They should tax cap gains just like the regular rates but allow a deduction for cap gains that essentially brings the working classes tax on them to 0%

For example, first 100k (or whatever) in cap gains would be tax free but from there the regular rates would apply imo

“American by birth, gamer by gods grace”

Neo Marxism is the same as class Marxism from the 20s, just that they’ve essentially switched bourgeois to white People and proletariat to POC. “Everything they have is from exploitation and it’s just that we rise up and take it back” same stuff really.

Actually not a bad way to bring racial identity politics into the discussion with normies because you can still discuss it within the realm of communism

Bourgeoisie were by definition evil, in the same way whites are. Wealthy members of the POC are viewed as oppressed while “non college educated whites” are the villain. Wealthy minorities vote along the same lines as poor ones.

A good reason why it’s a waste of time to do the DR3 meme. It’s the equivalent of a member of the the bourgeoisie telling the communist mob “I’m more working class than you!”

Even if you manage to change a mind or two, you’re still reaffirming the notion that “bourgeoisie/white=bad”, you’ve just managed to convince the mob you’re one of them

Ask him what is the basis they use to determine diversity scholarships


I generally didn’t deal with that much leftist nonsense in college. I had my required sociology course but it was online and we had a forum I shitposted on so it wasn’t that bad.


We’re getting some Italian food early then going to bed

Was at the store last night getting some dog food and I got my wife a balloon. Some lady asked me if I was buying the ballon for my dog lol

You guys think BLORMF signs the bill today

My expectations have lowered immensely, but still hope he comes through.

Woman generally aren’t as stoic in these matters as we are, it made my wife’s night that I got her a balloon, find the right girl and it really is the thought that counts imo

716 billion in (((military spending)))

We should probably create a crowd funding network within IE

A person or group puts forward something they are raising money for, could be and event, start up money or business loan. Other members can the communicate with them on terms/etc

I’m talking a network of people who then communicate and facilitate payments amongst each other, not an app for centralizing the process. This would be much more personal. This is what many Jewish organizations in each city do with one another

They know where to ask for money and the people willing to lend/invest know where to find projects. Not necessarily an app or anything like that

For sure, I meant individuals wanting capital for business or projects. But I guess there is an entrepreneur channel where those conversations could be had too

Could even just be a forum with a benign name

My wife likes hallmark, we sometimes watch older sitcoms or movies at night

Consider taking ZMA, Indole-3-carbinol, fish oil and garlic. Squats/Deadlifts will help too.

You should absolutely use your employers match and max out your tax deduction if possible. Leaving thousands of dollars a year on the table if not.

Schultz is a Macron imo

They trotted out Macron as a moderate outsider specifically to beat LePen

Haha just passed a farmers market thought the same thing

Any victory in history by whites is theft in their eyes and any victory by their people is just/legitimate.

World history 2019

Did this conflict result in Europeans defeating non Europeans?

Yes: Theft
No: Victory

Haha not to mention these are Aztecs claiming rights to North America, which is well beyond their borders at any point

There are hundreds of confirmed hoax “white hate crimes” every year. They skyrocketed when trump won

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