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Hey guys, I'm a new recruit

Sure! Ok, so what is Zelle? My interviewer wants me to make an account for it

Ok cool, thanks

Hey guys, made my first pledge to IE yesterday. Just making my rounds through the Discord, trying to get a feel for the organization

Thanks Chris K!

I'm seconding what Josh1534 - OH said. I won't be able to attend the entire orientation. Is it possible to join in late/listen to it later? Or do I have to wait until the next orientation?

Good to see some fellow Californians!

Central Valley here! Basically the middle of nowhere

Most people think the Central Valley is, but it's more like one giant suburb tbh

Yeah but don't go to Stockton, the crime rates are pretty bad there

Perhaps I'll be seeing Walt then. If things go well for me though, I'll probably see if I can visit the other chapters in CA too

After this orientation, are IE members expected to go through any other interviews/orientations?

@Walt Good Luck, see you on the other side brother!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! As members of IE, this day is of significant importance to us. It's not just about football and turkey, it is about loving our nation and being thankful for the men and women who came before us and built what we have!

Night' Singleton Mosby! And if you would, offer a pray for my family as well! I have someone sick and hospitalized!

I feel, it drives me crazy that blacks are so opposed to white identity. IE is probably opposed to MANY of the same things that black advocates are

@Josh M. -OH Maybe lol. But I've watched debates between on both sides of the issue, and they basically agreed on everything but decided to dislike each other just cuz' lol

I'm being vague because I don't want to namedrop unsavory people

@Josh M. -OH Yeah, I'm pretty idealistic tbh. I don't buy into the "based guy in a Maga hat" idea, but I WISH it was so

@Jacob I don't think it's practical, I suppose it's a case by case basis

Give me an example

@Jacob I don't even know what that is lol, I'm not exactly the highest-IQ guy in IE

Probably too obscure to gain any support tbh

@Sam Anderson Agreed, it's already difficult enough to spread our ideas, let alone narrow them down even more

@Sam Anderson I don't totally believe that's correct. There are many passages in the Bible to back up identitarianism, and I also argue it largely depends on the Christian denomination/church

@Sam Anderson I'm a boomer when it comes to link-posting, but I'll give you some verses. Deuteronomy ch. 7 verse 3 clearly indicates there is an effect to inter-marrying. The story of the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament (in the book of Genesis I believe, look it up) is EXPLICITLY about a multi-cultural, one world government that seeks to challenge God in its arrogance, and God causes the peoples to separate and speak different languages (thus creating different peoples/nations). Also, the literal Anti-Christ (basically Satan, to simplify it) of the New Testament (in the book of Revelations) is prophesied to unite all the nations under his banner and allow evil to rule the world under one kingdom

@Sam Anderson I could do more thorough research, but I don't feel like it atm tbh. You can certainly message me though if you want more specifics/quotes

@Sam Anderson Ha ha I know, just thought I'd respond to your request

Ah, excellent! That's a good one!

I'll keep that one bookmarked

@Sam Anderson Ha ha agreed, now I just need to actually find one...

@Sam Anderson Dang, opposite case for me. There's none of them here in CA, white ones anyway

Tons of opportunities if i dated mexicans

@TMatthews Excellent observation!

Someone's gotta redpill me on marrying within one's own people though. I'm obviously in some agreement with it, but I'm more of a "it's better for the kids/marriage" than anything else. Is there more I aught to know?

Meaning marrying in one's people is better for marriage/kids

@Sam Anderson Definitely not, I kinda got that already. It sounds like we're pretty much in agreement then.

@Sam Anderson I think you're in a unique position. It seems to me that part of your drive from Christianity is the fact that most people around you have not honored tradition as well as you have. There is definitely honor in you

Fortunately, I've actually been able to red-pill one of my civ-nat relatives about inter-racial marriages

@TMatthews Agreed, I am a devout Christian but I certainly agree with your statement

I personally believe it has to do with the fact that secular morality ("diversity," etc.) now influences Christian morality, instead of the other way around

Some Christians I know are zealously defensive about issues that are clearly anti-Christian (homosexuality, etc.)

You'd be pleasantly surprised though, I've heard that many young priests in Catholic seminary are very, VERY right-wing, and they are quietly infiltrating

Totally agreed, I've seen that alot. I actually tried infiltrating a Communist Christian Bible Study, didn't work out too tell tbh

I couldn't stand them, so I left before I caused too much chaos lol

It's definitely mob mentality. One thing I DO like about the "divide" in America in recent years is that it is peeling back the truth and revealing people for what they truly are. It's very clearly that most left-wingers are literal communists in disguise

they don't even hide it anymore

I've noticed that too tbh. I know the horseshoe theory (the left are the REAL nazis) is made fun of, but there is a small grain of truth to it. I think MOST people have a viewpoint on politics that is definitely not in line with either political party

And I think people, when honestly asked, tend to reject both corporatism and degeneracy

Nick Fuentes on Youtube just endorsed IE again

He's actually pretty successful, likely one of the best American presidents ever. What makes him not /ourguy/ is because he's not doing ENOUGH about demographics. Otherwise, great president. Saved the U.S. Economy, killed pointless regulations, increased deportations, has led a massive crack down on human trafficking (aka slavery), negotiated peace with North Korea, etc.

Oh yeah, and like Perihelion also said, he has snubbed his nose at the globalist elite

Turned out really well actually!

The banner turned out great!

Good optics

Merry Christmas Nerv!!

Tbh I don't even know if it's worth analyzing the statistics too closely. I mean, at the end of the day, we should welcome anyone that's willing to help us, even if they can't actually be allowed into IE

@celticflame Merry Christmas!!!

@PatrickAZ I actually think it's pretty good idea politically to infiltrate the GOP, try to shift things slowly away from civic nationalism while at the same time growing IE, where we can push identitarianism 100%

@hbutzer0511 Merry Christmas! God bless!

In that case, Merry Christmas EVE!!

Happy New Year folks!!!

@Nerv - VA Just took a test. Yep, I'm INTP. Didn't think I would be though

My personality traits are pretty close to 50/50, though I lean slightly towards logic/assertiveness over emotion/passivity. But only slightly. Pretty much sounds about right for me

Random question for general: anyone know of any good irish folk music?

Ugh, the only thing i hate more than a riddle is a puzzle

@TV Thank you! I've had "The Rocky Road to Dublin" on loop for 2 hours now ha ha

@V.Balboa - PA Thought it was a country song, I almost got excited. George Michael (and basically 80s music) isn't really my thing tbh. Still better than most stuff on the radio these days though

Frankly, I'm not convinced ANYONE is born gay. Every homosexual I've known had family issues and/or suffered from sexual assault. Or are just perverts/pedophiles

Milo Yiannopoulis even said he doesn't think people are born gay

I agree with Patrick

I've known people who watched progressively worse porn and then magically became homosexual.

It stems from a loss of manhood in our society, as well as a continued hypersexualization in our society that drives people to.creepier and creepier desires

I think homosexuality is a major issue tbh. Personally, it seems from a moral perspective, but we can't exactly save our demographics if we permit lifestyles that don't create children

Yes but the problem is that accepting ANY behavior not conducive to families always leads to the acceptance of others. The slippery slope is real

@wolfwood Gay frogs is unironically true

@@Jason - CT I don't think so. Nature has made men and women compatible. Anything outside of this is unnatural

@PatrickAZ Sorry bro ha ha, but I have to lay down the law

@bspon002 Love this guy, BASED

I hate gays tbh, don't know if that gets me banned or not though

I would probably disavow my son if I saw him with another man tbh

Homosexuals reform all the time, they live a chaste life or get a woman

lol he just went from like 0 to 100 in 2 seconds

I'm pretty sure the only IE stance on the JQ is that they are not white, so they cannot be in our organization. That's it.

@Distracted I won't necessarily argue with that. I'm not as into the "JQ" as others are. As a Christian, I'm strongly opposed to them, but I honestly try not to hate anyone tbh

I just don't think they should be running our gov, media, etc lol

@Distracted Agreed. Not only that, but when Rome was sacked, all records of Jewish geneology were destroyed. Given that Old Testament Judaism's priesthood was based on genealogy, they have never had a "valid" priesthood since. It's all made up. Which is why the New Testament warns the world about "Those who say they are Jews but are not Jews"

@Jawa Feel free to voice your thoughts, always glad to learn something new

Still, always have to be cautious

Then again, even the "religious" ones often view their Torah as myths and fables, not anything holy

I always find it funny, I used to think orthodox synagogues were these places of deep meditation and stuff (like catholic/orthodox christian churches), but it turns out they're usually like hippies strumming guitars and singing stuff that sounds like "Puff the magic dragon"

I know dude, I live in heavily farm-based area, lots of whites and hispanics, but even we have a synagogue in town. And you can only guess what type of people run our local newspaper too

I also recommend looking up the mayor of Sacramento. Interesting last name of his..

@OttoVonBismarck You opened up a whole can of worms wiht that question ha ha

@Nerv - VA I think the point is to be nuanced about it. We don't need pages of the topic in general so infitrators can screenshot a bunch of material

@Sam Southern - TN True, at the time I was just thinking of a reason for Ian's objection

I typed that message just as Ian explained himself

@apronandlace Hot soup with vinegar helps. As does hot, spicy food

@PatrickAZ No (inserts troll meme from like 2007)

@NateDahl76 Sorry bro, I have NorCal pride

@Nerv - VA I would call myself a cleanshaven nationalist

Cleanshaven Nationalism NOW!

@OMGDwayne Central Valley California. Sacramento's pretty bad, but the Valley has slightly better demographics

@Nerv The only stats I trust these days are FBI crime states

@Sam Southern - TN Hey, don't mock the boomer humor. I may not be a boomer, but I actually like boomer patriotism

@OMGDwayne Yeah, I mean it's bad, but I don't pull my hairs out or anything. I'm sure I'll move out of stat at some point before I have kids, but I'm not one of the blackpillers that's like, "Oh I'm a minority in this state, time to kill myself now, why try doing anything wiht my life." I'm sure we've all encountered people like that

@OMGDwayne Alot of the rural areas still have hope

@Nemets Sounds good. I've honestly brainstormed about renting a house to other IE members, like that one place in Ohio. A safehouse in california would be really cool. Thought about calling it the "Bastille" or something. I'm serious by the way

Generation Identity has a bar/safehouse in Europe that they call the "Citadel" so I've thought about copying them an doing something similar for us, just calling it The Bastille, or maybe name it after an America fort

@ophiuchus Honestly, I've also daydreamed about an IE bookstore called "The Dragon's Eye"

I'm serious about the Bastille thing though

@Nemets I'm not asking you to dox, but are there lots of people near LA? /ourguys/ I mean

@Salo Saloson Silence! The name sounds cool!

@Salo Saloson What's the name of that American fort battle that led to the American Revolution? I mean the name of the fort where that battle took place?

@OMGDwayne In that case, it makes sense to call it the Bastille. If it was a symbol of aristocracy, that fits us perfectly. We're all kangz after all

@VinceChaos Sumter! Thanks, that's a good one too. Gotta inject some patriotism in our org.

I vote to change IE's flag from a dragon's eye to an awkward close up of Jared Taylor's face

Cool, Nerv. I approve. But i'm actually a legit paleoconservative, so idk how I really feel about that. Probably best not to let me know your actual politcal views tbh lol

@Nerv - VA I get you, I was sort of implying that you might be "further right," which I'm quite opposed to personally tbh. That probably makes me an odd one in IE

@Papa Pizzagate I've only been in IE for like 2 months though, so I still don't exactly have a grasp of things

@Nerv - VA That's a bit reassuring that you say that tbh. I support IE of course, but my initial impressions have been that there are a lot of "gas station" guys if you get the reference. I'm really not on that train

@Nerv - VA I'll have to look him up then. Tbh I've only heard a few snippets from him, my claim of "paleoconservative" comes from the fact i'm big fans of Red Elephants, Nick FUentes, and Tucker Carlson

@OMGDwayne I basically agree with everything there, though I might have worded it a bit differently lol

Tbh, I joined IE because I really like Patrick Casey. If it was "old leadership" I never would have joined tbh. I'm just being straight up with you guys

I don't just like the "optics," I actually find "alternative" identitarianism to actually be immoral

@VinceChaos To be frank, actual NatSoc movements, skinheads, Klan, etc are very repulsive to me. They're not just "optically" bad, I actually find them morally repugnant. If you've ever watched teh Andy Griffith Show, you'll understand my vision for America. If not, google image it. People like Richard Spencer and his "crowd" are also repugnant to me too tbh

@VinceChaos Good to hear. I say that because even though I've met great people, I'm really new to things, so I'm still figuring out where the actual organization stands. I don't think a lot of the "old guard" IE members realize that it actually takes alot to take that first step and get involved in a group like IE.

@OMGDwayne I totally disagree tbh. I'm just a normal American who doesn't want white people to go extinct. I have nothing to do with other groups. I love America, I love the flag, I love the 2nd A, I'm not some guy pushing an ideological revolution for a European style government or something. Just an average joe

@Nerv - VA Totally random topic, but were you the guy I talked to the other day about the Meyers Briggs personality test?

@Nerv - VA It was pretty cool, i took the test myself and ended up with INTP, and the test actually tells you historical and fictional characters with the same trait. One of them was Neo from the Matrix. You know, the guy who took the original red pill lol

@ExternalPepsi Idk, it was pretty accurate describing me, and my other family members all got pretty accurate matches for them as well

@Nerv - VA It's funny because I'm great at catching people lie to me irl!

@StevePines -WA I heard about it. Yeah, pretty messed up, though it sounds like he never attended the meetings he was supposed to go to either. That's what one article said anyway, don't know if true

@ExternalPepsi I agree with that

Yeah, if I'm correct, literally the only job of Allsup's office was to SPECIFICALLY attend hearings to make decisions, and he never did lol

@StevePines -WA I"m sure they did. He wasn't one of the Zog PTA members that rule every community

@Nerv - VA I admit, I'm a sucker for personality tests, I just find them fun

@ExternalPepsi Well, if you weren't skeptical of things, you probably wouldn't be in IE ha ha

That makes me wonder, how many people in IE were "redpilled" just by having based parents, and how many of us joined from watching too many Youtube videos? That would be an interesting study

@greg_p - TX Very interesting! The test I took said I'm more geared towards science/math, and that otherwise it's hard for my type to find careers. Unfortunately for me, I HATE science and math, which just means I struggle to find any career lol

Even though I was tested INTP, and alot of what it said was true about me, I'm actually not scientific-minded at all. I'm actually very idealistic, but I'm also just skeptical of things

@greg_p - TX We are probably like-minded souls. Then again, I spent much of my life thinking I would become a priest, so morality is definitely a major concern for me

@DaddyPaddy - FL Very interesting question that you have proposed. Unfortunately, ME NO SCIENCE ha ha

I feel like it's not so much the personality that changes as it is you reacting to your environment. Someone who angrily bursts out because they're hungry is likely not an emotionally disciplined person in general, for instance

@Gerald Cunningham I'm just speaking from personal experience, but I used to be EXTREMELY self-disciplined. As a religious person, I did this by reading the Bible everyday, praying constantly, working out routinely, and this actually made me a very different person. Even how I thought and acted was totally different. As I've gotten more lazy, I'm more likely to emotionally burst for instance

This is actually a very fascinating topic, I'm just a little low-iq for it ha ha

@Gerald Cunningham I would say it's more of a phase. Because I know I can go back to that, but it will take great willpower to do it. Back in my "better days," every single day was a battle of will. I think it's possible, but it takes an immense devotion to something. Once again, as a religious person, I would argue that my devotion to God was the only thing that inspired me and gave me will, but you might have a different outlook on that. Cold showers really do help too by the way ha ha

@DaddyPaddy - FL Sounds good. But is the fasting literally NO FOOD? I'm a skinny guy, man! And I like food! I was just about to go to Denny's tomorrow ha ha!

@DaddyPaddy - FL Wait, seriously? Bro, if you saw how skinny I am, you wouldn't tell me to fast ha ha. I like the discipline part for sure, but I need to get a few more pounds of fat first before I do that. I'd unironically get sick from that ha ha

@DaddyPaddy - FL Yeah, sorry bro, I'm gonna have to decline you THIS TIME. I like IE and all, but I'm not quite ready to die for the cause lol

@DaddyPaddy - FL You're talking to me about fasting, and I'm here daydreaming about biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, etc

@DaddyPaddy - FL Be well my white brother ha ha

Lol, it seems like <#481597551272001546> always evolves in keto diet discussions once it hits late night

At least everyone in IE knows to hit up Jacob for dieting advice ha ha

I'm always craving fatty southern food. Maybe it's my huwhite heritage, but more likely it's because I don't get much of it here in California. There's almost no southern dining at all

My search for a Cracker Barrel continues

If there's hashbrowns, if there's biscuits n' gravy, it's good in my book

Tbh half my incentive for Cracker Barrel are the CDs they sell. Country music is very implicit

Tbh if you go into any Cracker Barrell, Hobby Lobby, or Boot Barn, the demographics are on our side

@greg_p - TX The cup ramen or the packets?

I've been marathoning cowboy cooking videos on youtube in between my political stuff, very implicit stuff

@Deleted User Actually yes, though you can also cook most of the stove in a standard oven. I usually watch Cowboy Kent Rollins on Youtube. Very implicit

Alot of it is southern food, beans, fried stuff, but it seriously is delicious. He actually beat Bobby Flay on FOod Network in competition once

I'm seriously considering pulling an all-nighter. I pretty much never chat in general, so I'm rather enterained tbh

I actually don't have work, just got laid off two days ago. If any y'all have work in CA, just saying ha ha

No worries, I'll find something. I still live wiht family, so not the end of the world

@Auf WI Ha ha thanks bud. If I move to WI, i'll consider it ha ha. Also depends on how many white single Cathoilc women are up there

Anime right/IE alliance

@Deleted User <frantically searches internet for ramen data to help get women>

@Gerald Cunningham Wholesome and American. I'll have to try that myself, it sounds my style

We need more women in the chat, so I can get some recipes here

Good idea. I heard there's a religion one too, is that actually true?

I've heard rumors such things, but I know not if they are true

Any of you guys like Jesse Lee Petersen?

I actually like him alot, just because I think he's a real nice guy. He basically claims to be "uniting the race" (civnat) but then constantly contradicts himself by pretty much encouraging white advocacy

I just watched him say that most black people are of the devil lol

Alot of people diss him for not being an intellectual, but if you follow his slang, he's a wise man, a good guy, and really friendly to our cause

He was even on Red Ice with Lana

@Gerald Cunningham I get that. I suppose one of the dangers behind it is that it might lead people back to a civnat position. What stinks is that black Americans, more than any other group, have many reasons to ally with white identitarians

@Jacob He's not quite there, but he has no problem with what IE is doing. He'd probably praise us if he knew about our existence. I agree with you. I'm just saying that if nonwhites ever helped us, people like Jesse Peterson are the ones they would follow

Very good

Schumer and Pelosi look so awkward LOL!

Anyone watching this can tell they are weak

The optics are in our favor guys

@OttoVonBismarck We'll see what happens

@Undercover Academic - IL True, there are natural barriers where illegals don't cross in SOME areas

@Virgil I like the idea of the wall and its symbolism, but I basically agree

@Johnny B. Populus Plus, Schumer and Pelosi just looked retarded on TV. Low energy and unrelatable

Definitely alabama

Maybe kansas

@Reinhard Wolff It seems that some of IE's posters do not have IE's website on them. Was that chosen deliberately, for aesthetics, or do you think most of our posters should have websites, so that passers by can quickly pull up our website on a phone?

@Nota Bene - NY Not that the website isn't well done, but I admit I think it could use a bit of touch up, to appear a bit more "American" I suppose. More "normie" friendly I mean

Yeah, speaking from personal experience, Mexican nationalism has a MASSIVE presence on California colleges

Vincent James is one of the best. He's called The REd Elephants on Youtube

Super friendly to average americans

@Goose Is that good or bad in your opinon?

@Goose Totally agreed!

@Jacob I'm pretty much with you on that. I think what vexes alot of people is just the fact that she's extremely fake in her personality. That doesn't effect her political usefulness though

@Goose I'd basically agree with you on that, but only because universities are absolute garbage anyway, and just serve to push propaganda. I'm not a socialist, nor am I really economically left wing at all, but yeah...public universities are trash

If our tax dollars are funding satanic propaganda outlets, I see no problem with removing our debt to those said institutions

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yeah, my AMERICAN HISTORY class talked about black slavery the ENTIRE semester. We never covered any material that was actually in the textbook lol

@Jacob Also good point

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Sounds about right for every history class I ever took my entire life lol

I'm pretty sure there was an actual Black Panther who would chat wiht my professor before every class lol. He wasn't even a student, he just showed up and talked wiht the teacher all the time

I mean, I dropped out of college specifically because of the anti-white/anti-Christian propaganda I was force-fed everyday

@DeusVolk I think there's truth to that, but I've also read studies that less Americans are going to college and instead choosing trade schools. If people start giving up on college altogether, it could weaken its power on social dogma

@Lawrence - TX Of course, the only good history teacher I ever had was an extremely patriotic white American. Big surprise there lol

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Wow, you're story is pretty crazy ha ha. I didn't get "red-pilled" that quickly, but it's good to have you in IE

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'll have to check back on the earlier episodes then, I'm one of the few people that actually listens to those ha ha, mostly because I don't get to listen in on most firesides

So, not to dox anybody or anything, but does IE have "Chapters" in all 50 states, or do we have some "dark zones?"

That's a shame. I think IE will be in a good place once we can make that happen

I've thought about moving out of state eventually, so maybe I could help "fill the void" in the future

Maybe, I don't think there's too many Catholic white women in Utah lol

It'd be difficult to get hitched you know, but then again I'm not too familiar wiht Utah other than there being mormons

Interesting, I'll have to look into that then. Any agriculture jobs in Utah? That's kinda the career i'd like to look into

That's funny you say that, I actually just applied to a farm to milk sheep. Didn't even know milking sheep was a thing until now lol

I thought it was pretty much cows and goats

@Sam Anderson I'll pull him up right now

@Hakujin - CA The amount of dishonesty from "intellectuals" is astounding. Of course, said professor won't support increased white birthrates

At this point, I don't trust anyone who wears a lab coat or claims to be educated

Is Tucker live on youtube? Or do I need cable?

@StevePines -WA I saw that tweet of his, it was hilarious. You'd think after lying so much, they'd get good at it eventually!

Yeah, the statement itself is probably more important than even the money. The fact that the American people have already raised about $20 million to build the wall shows its CLEARLY a major issue to the country

Honestly, I could care less about government workers. And I was one until very recently lol

They'll get their paychecks eventually anyway

@fire.within - FL I admit, the beard does look ALOT better on Ted. It makes him appear much more masculine, less wimpy

@VinceChaos That's pretty ironic coming from Vince James lol. Without his beard he looks pretty awkward tbh

Long beards are a big no, but I approve of well-trimmed, chad goatees

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