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Rabbits are aryan by default

GA tech bound to chimpout again๐Ÿ˜…

Lol @ the lesbian shadowing you guys


They already do lol @Deleted User

October of 2019

Long way to go

Look at his pfp, total lightweight, complete loser

It's only the beginning, merkel and her saggy tits need to retire

She can find the debt payment up her ass

They don't need the other parties, they'll only grow from this point forward

Best news of the day beside the German establishment shitting themselves

Looks like German leftists are starting to question the open doors policy for refugees

According to German news outlets, die linke (the left) are making a rightward shift on immigration due to the fact that the party bled support to AfD especially in the former communist east Germany due to fears of losing jobs to immigrants

Possibly, but it demonstrated that they've changed the narrative in Germany

>when you think the 1930's will never return but Spain starts turning fascist and Germany starts becoming nationalistic

Saw a fellow classmate yesterday with an "AH1488" license place number

Austria's gonna start sealing the migrant route now

The comments on that video are pretty whitepilling for the most part

GI just asserted itself in Great Britain. This happened just now

I think everyone should mimick themselves as the leader of the alt-right in my opinion. Leadership wins the day

Such a beautiful picture besides that (((flag)))

Diversity is biting the dust it seems

Hungarian prime minister viktor orban being a true white leader as always

Republicans won't support it because they can't line their pockets with cheap labor

Imagine putting up a simple sign that says "it's ok to be white" the police get called. The media catches wind. And there's a witch hunt on you. Does that even remotely sound right?

He has a lot of normie followers, I predict this just enlightened many viewers

Shitposter in chief

Hungary basically declaring war of attrition against soros and multiculturalism


I saw this earlier, they've been making gains in Sicily too

They're gaining in Sicily as well

Not sure if this is really a whitepill but anything to piss merkel off is good enough for me

***hungary is our friend***

He's been doing that a lot lately

Macron is starting to earn my trust, it seems like he's been dogwhistling a lot lately

Awh wtf

The dude is a wild card for sure

Wtf I used to love ministry

GI has a Denmark chapter now?

Have you ever seen a more smug look in your life?

The tumors press secretary was unavailable for comment

either Hungary or Poland

He's such a wild card, first he bans gender based insults, then he literally told blacks to stop popping out babies

Of course they won't

Are the merchants even trying anymore at this point? The comment section is a blinding light of hope though

Staffless gas stations incoming

The Overton window shift is happening faster than I can keep up

This guy is one of the front runners in the Italian election

@Joe-MN early march

He's the leader of lega nord, an anti-Islam eurosceptic party

Bro carnifex is a good band

They're similar to whitechapel etc.

Yeah around there, they incorporate black metal elements frequently

Yeah casapound and golden dawn hold joint rallies frequently

Styx has overdosed on the redpill. Medic on standby

They're so precious!

I looked at their demographics and their population is booming, everyone rejoice!

They've been setting off bombs at banks and they have a lethal record against GD. Scary stuff going on

The bulk of the Greek police force are sympathetic to Golden Dawn however

What's Vermont?

"Ten times more protesters than expected"

Two great leaders

How would you feel if your countries government is swarming with Jews?

It's still interesting to examine. It's hell over there

European shitposter ^^^

The Swedish Democrats have also promised to transform the board of migration into the โ€œboard of remigrationโ€

AfD has pulled ahead of ((((((((((SPD)))))))))) and is now 2nd largest party

Comments are a white pill

2018-04-05 01:54:00 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-05-30 14:20:28 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Highly nervous about Syria lads. Bolton has fired up the warmongering engines

Anyone else anxious for the Swedish election? The polls are showing mixed outcomes

So how about that new Greek bailout deal?

Of course, the current Greek government wonโ€™t quit giving in to the EU

Theyโ€™re leaving the Eurozone bailout program and everyone is starting to get prematurely butthurt because they know it wonโ€™t end well

@ThisIsChris leave the EU and the eurozone like they originally promised and jail the bankers who used euro funds for their own gains. And expel all migrants who are draining state funds

Crazy how that works

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