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Great to be here

Tired of Portland’s shit

It depends on the needs of the person, and what part exactly. A lot of Eastern Oregon is desert and almost completely empty, and the rest, specifically around the Washington/Oregon/Idaho border is actually quite beautiful. However, the conveniences of city life are not always there and it’s a big transition if you’re coming from a metro area

Bye bye South Africa

And mainstream conservatives are too dogmatic to admit that free market capitalism is almost as bad as authoritarian government. Plus, they are too ineffective to combat the Dems push for a bigger and bigger welfare state. Meanwhile, we get screwed

Also, I just gave a presentation in a college Spanish class (idiotic humanitarianism assignment) on the South African farm murders in class and got almost no applause; meanwhile, the girl after me gave a presentation on LGBTQ+ rights and got applause from almost everyone

Postmarxism in a nutshell: crying for the historically marginalized and not caring about other people in the slightest because of some bad things their ancestors may have done

What is sperg

And what is wiggy

Hey, don’t engage in wrongthink

I think California’s imperialism over other states is an even bigger problem. They’re going to turn Texas blue

Not that mainstream conservatives have actually been effective in defending us anyways

For clarification, orientation is next Saturday?

Just got this on my doorstep. Hope I wasn’t just marked by Mossad 🙃

Merry Christmas everyone

So I found out that I’m .5% Arab. However, I’m 14% Nordic so it balances out

Wait what’s happening right now

Ok, I can’t stay for long though

We should do a march

But if everyone is responsible, well groomed and peaceful than I don’t see how we could have bad optics. I think it could be great publicity @Virgil

And what does everybody mean by 1.0

What is 1.0

Molyneux doesn’t believe that Judaism is inherently linked to world domination @Attrition in the desert

Viva la revolución

Sometimes I wonder about what would happen if the Bilderberg Group was imprisoned

We were worried about you

They’re listening

They still won’t associate with us though

There should be a channel with minutes from the fireside chats

How do we find out who our coordinator is

What if we currently are unable to get involved personally

^^^wait I asked a question

So where is Nico, the coordinator for Washington

What’s his handle

Who would have known

@Alex Kolchak - NY oof PragerU is full of cringy Boomer conservatism

Btw does anybody here watch Squatting Slav

@Ryan -NJ he’s embraced the ultimate red pill

It’s just unfortunate that he almost never does trolling snowflakes videos anymore

How did you get to the White House

How did you get to the White House @Reinhard Wolff

And have you talked to Molyneux at all @Reinhard Wolff

Except for Dallas and Houston

The two Muslim women elected to Congress just swore their oaths on the Quran

Based tucker

Can’t cuck the tuck

What is udmurts @Nemets

Just submitted the rough draft for my internal assessment in college biology. It’s on the differences between races and I’m actually pretty worried about my grade now

I need a prayer from the boys/goys

Although the main point was to see if nature could be overcome by nurture, or indeed whether nurture is solely to blame for differences

It was more motivated by the desire to improve societies than express contempt, and I’m hoping she sees that

Also, it was probably already mentioned but if you guys want a comedic relief I suggest you watch a “debate” between Jared Taylor and Tariq Nasheed

Yes apparently us whities can, if he ever wants to displace us, call up Xi Jinping and threaten him with our combined economic and military might, and he will back down and respect the hierarchy again

When even NK won’t respect us

What is IBS @Ryan -NJ

Probably because it gives them at least a weak justification for staying there

The military industrial complex needs those sweet wars

What’s the problem with WASPs @ophiuchus

How are WASPs more guilty of this than the average Nordic, Catholic, or any other European ethnicity in America

It seems like it’s pretty evenly distributed

That’s a valid point


@Virgil she still has the adoration of millions. Not a bad crutch

My cuck English teacher said today that he likes folding the laundry while his wife does masculine things like sanding

Supposedly he also enjoys “defying gender roles”

I resisted the temptation to ask him if his wife’s boyfriend gives him a lot of laundry to fold

How do you all define the JQ?

Yeah let’s have an official stance on the JQ (internally so we don’t scare people)

Well what I really just want is for some people to give their definition of the Jewish Question

I was only curious on what people thought about it

“Asia cannot match this”

I think it depends on the institution and the degree received @Anthony Sealy - MO

I’m majoring in Petroleum Engineering and some of the professors are actually conservative

Supposedly it’s just vertical slats

234 miles of steel barrier is not a 30 foot concrete wall with razor wire and cameras across the entire border

Which is what we were promised

Yeah but he’s fighting for steel slats that won’t even cover the entire border @Nico The Great - CA

Well with mainstream conservatives like Michael Knowles and Prager saying “America has no color”, I don’t know how likely that is

I wonder if they were actually designed by natives

Hey, that’s the price of living in a Pax Americana

We’re being replaced and told we should be happy about it, gender roles and relations are being poisoned in the West, and we’re dying from hedonism

Exactly. They might feel the same way but they’re asleep

I just watched a good AmRen video wherein people were debating on whether or not we can solve our problems in our current political structure

The neg side was arguing for a revolution and the establishment of an aristocracy

The aff side was arguing that it’s still possible, but whites need to wake up before it’s too late

I find it rather ironic that we fought China for the right to sell opium in their country, and now they’re sending heroin into the US

Oh, and I read some of Mecha’s goals. One of them is apparently to restore 19th century Mexico i.e. take back California and Arizona by invading it with illegals

And of course people have been so programmed that they think this is a good thing

This white English teacher at my high school is the advisor for Mecha and he fully believes this is a good thing

It’s a Mexican American student organization

No. They provide no entertainment value. They just raise their fists and demand things

Oh yeah

There’s a Mexican guy who “jokingly” calls the Ghanaian in our class a chimpanzee

And can someone provide a summary of the fireside chat

Edgelord lol

You know, I was thinking that a good strategy for GOP/trad con infiltration would be signing up for the Daily Wire and asking questions that are favorable to White Nationalism 2.0

They would be read aloud to tens of thousands of listeners

Questions on demography and such

I don’t know if they filter questions but they promise to read all of them as long as they’re not vulgar


Or questions like “given that minority immigrants both legal and illegal vote overwhelmingly for expanded government and are not patriotic, how can you say that demography doesn’t matter?”

WW1 references trigger me

Something to bring up in the next fireside chat maybe

Exactly my thoughts

I wouldn’t be that overt but we could bring up the IQ matter

The ultimate move would be having Allsup talk on Knowles’ show and try to give a favorable light to IE or at least white advocacy

And then maybe Steven Crowder after that

Big markets full of sleeping young people, mostly white

I’m not familiar with him but I’ll check him out

Anyways I need to get to bed


That would be a great time to emphasize the fact that minorities are on food stamps at a much higher rate

Knowles just liked my comment wherein I stated that he should have on James Allsup to talk about the whole PCO affair

Sounds like a good time to approach @james allsup

Yeah he has something like 25,000 listeners

Mainstream conservatives

In fact it’s probably bigger than that

Yeah, we need to take it one step at a time if we want to infiltrate and awaken the GOP

My native Oregon is big on the pronoun accommodation, but I find that Colorado, where I’m studying, is less so

I basically just mean crazy SJW in general

Hate flyers lol

I wonder what our country would be like if it was still just white males with the vote 🤔

Considering the fact that we pay the majority of tax revenue and take the least welfare we have the greatest claim to voting rights

I saw Solo for the first time

Wasn’t expecting it to be such liberal garbage

23 and Me lists Ashkenazi Jews as being European

Damn @Kingfish Germany is cucked in that game

Just like real life

It’s because college is in many cases pleasure island

Only problem is that excitement and pleasure doesn’t equal happiness and life satisfaction

What’s the degree

What are you planning on studying in grad school

I’m not sure what would logically follow from that but you could try getting an mba

Yeah stem majors are usually very stressed

I bet those communications classes were killer

Yeah in a lot of cases you’re better off going for a plumbing or electrical apprenticeship

Yeah I have a friend doing computer science and it seems pretty difficult. Respect

I agree that people are usually happier but I think there are many people who don’t have entrepreneurial natures

Men included

The Masonic Question

What’s up with the fireside chat

I thought it started around 8 pm EST

Soyland represent

Minutes from Fireside Chat:
Plans to acquire national headquarters Patrick is speaking at a conference Donors are helping with covering legal costs Growing majority of white people want wall Coordinators will face more pressure to get active and chapters will be expected to do more than flyering LOPF will have activism Remember important dates for LOPF which are in the LOPF text channel Consider becoming a patron Lawsuit will probably last for at least another few months, opposition is alleging a conspiracy Even if we went bankrupt in a worst case scenario we would just transition to another organization GOP establishment is bad but they’re the best vehicle for electing a pro white person Instead of playing video games and watching Netflix go out and network

What is the lawsuit about?

What is the lawsuit about @Reinhard Wolff

What specifically

Do you think you could get an appearance on Fox or Breitbart @Reinhard Wolff

This is what we’re up against in the fight against low white birth rates

Unbelievable how brainwashed white college girls are

And they wonder why they loathe themselves so much

We should have a text channel devoted to minutes from fireside chats @sigruna14

I wonder what will come of this Michael Cohen “scandal”

Damn white people and their *shuffles deck, picks card* article reading

My Jewish English teacher was just talking about mansplaining and the need to change gender roles

At this point I’m not sure if he’s pushing an agenda or just a complete cuck

President Trump is offering three years more of amnesty for DACA people in exchange for the wall


I don’t know if they’re different or not

Well I do hope that the Dems fold. My uncle won’t be getting paid soon

How are you colonizers celebrating MLK day

Nothing as depressing as arguing for half an hour with a trad con 16 year old who’s been subverted into thinking that “Patriotism has no color” only to have him tell you-after you think you’ve dealt the redpilling blow-that anybody right of The Daily Wire is propaganda and that he couldn’t listen to anybody as unchristian as me (because I’m identitarian)

We have to find some way to break through to the Gen Zers who are scared of us

I used to be, but then I started watching Moly and Allsup

Who’s Erik Abriss

Oh yeah

The Keeper of the Sacred Pipe strikes again

What did I miss

Honestly, I’m willing to trade DACA protection for a wall. At this point it’ll make him seem more reasonable, which could go towards winning over suburbia. If the Dems don’t take the deal I think it’ll backfire on them

True, but we need to think about whether we want a wall or not. Making a deal regarding DACA may be our best shot at getting one.

Yeah, I think Trump is trying to seem more reasonable though. I agree that it’s a terrible strategy because most anti Trumpers will simply never convert

Did you goys see the Muslim congresswoman’s tweet

Oh I meant guys but I like that better

The one from Ilhan Omar which was condemning the CC boys

The fact that so many people are just gobbling up this narrative goes to show how enslaved our country is becoming

God looking at PragerU comment sections is so cringe inducing

“The left are the real racists!”


There are also some pretty insane gun laws being proposed in Oregon now

This is what’s really going to do us in

I don’t understand why so many American Christians are enamored with Israel

I don’t want to get to the point of singularity where AI essentially does everything, but with China unafraid to do this and pursuing the creation of 200 IQ children I think we have to

Lol it’s 50 degrees here

For the elites, abortion is a good way of controlling the population, especially the white population. For feminists, abortion is simply a weapon to wield against the oppressive moralistic patriarchy of the past.

They got him

How many people were doxxed last year @Reinhard Wolff


Does it ever happen through electronic compromises @Reinhard Wolff

So there’s never been a cyber attack that led to doxxing? @Reinhard Wolff

Thanks 👍🏻


It’s kind of a lol how much programming normal people have gone through. One of my friends is considering joining but at the outset he was asking if we had helmets with lightning bolts because of the Wikipedia description


Would you guys date a Japanese woman if all the white women around you were completely subverted

I don’t know about that @The Eternal Anglo

A lot of the time they’re too far gone

The government needs to declare social media sites public forums so that they can’t ban people

@StevePines -WA I wonder what the dialogue regarding that was. Did he get threatened personally? Did they threaten to do something regarding our financial system? I wish we could know.

What do you guys think happens when the US crosses Israel? The political leaders get a call from Netanyahu, who threatens them in some way? Just speculating here

If the Rothschild clan owns our central banks-well, I’m no economist but I’m sure that they could do damage to us

No, they would hit them with facts logic and evidence Ben Shapiro style

I’m curious because of Trump’s sudden backpedaling on taking troops out of Syria @Lawrence of Eurabia

South Africa once was 20% white, but now it’s only 7.5% white. The problem here is that whites are asleep

There are black history month flyers being put up on lockers by the Black Student Union at my school. My friends and I are considering going in early tomorrow and taking them down.

We just find it so irritating that it gets shoved down our throats

They may as well call it hate whitey month

2019-02-06 00:50:06 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Annnnd antisemitism

Or holodomor

I don’t either I just don’t want them interfering in our affairs

Seriously???? @Jacob

I’ve never heard of that

He doesn’t even have to mention demography to solve the issue

He can just set up a points system and manipulate it so that there won’t be Latin Americans coming up

I can’t stand to watch

Although I must say it gave me great pleasure to see Kavanaugh

I made my username when I was a trad con and now I can’t believe how much I’ve changed

No he’s a deity @Wood-Ape - OK/MN


No homo

I haven’t been black pilled yet...

I know what you mean @StevePines -WA I made my name in what seems like a different life


The question is how do you find somebody attractive (physically and intellectually) who hasn’t been subverted

Basically all the white girls I know are NPCs

I’ll take your word for it, I just haven’t seen evidence of it personally. Then again I am just an incoming college student

It irks me how many go to study worthless things like sociology

And the ones in engineering are usually the masculine feminist types

No, I’m saying they shouldn’t go to college if they’re studying useless things

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