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Interviewee- 518260
Conductor: Jason TX
Notetaker: Sam MN

Denied – Underage

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?
Three months ago.

35/MD/D.C. (Is Permres)

Conductor: Sam MN
Notes: Tyler SD

Result: Accepted

Test: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: About 7 days ago.

Interviewed before: No.
Transport: Yes.
Drugs: No.
Crimes: None.
Govt Employ: Was in the marine corp, not active duty, left 8 years ago. Not involved with mil intelligence.
Ailments: None.

SEQ1: A few years ago came across app called "know your jew", starting noticing pattern and how the world really is. The sources of all the political problems (jews) was realized, it then through telegram (names proud boys, and NS groups), which lead him to Europa: The Last Battle which further pushed him forwards. Admits he was originally apprehensive with brainwashing he was brought up with, it was after Europa: The Last Battle he realized that there was a spun narrative which hid important details about reality; named Hitlers attempts at peace, Hitler allowing the withdrawal at Dunkirk, the Polish aggression that provoked Hitler. Doesn't believe holocaust happened (states various proofs). Western Chauvinist, Shadowman311, Full Tide were especially influential TG channels.

SEQ2: Labels self as a fascist, because of the idea that we are stronger together, that the only way forward is to 1488. Describes 'we' as White Americans. Story about his upbringing, had a Black neighbor who pushed him to admit that he's racist, that our cultures are meant to be distinct.

SEQ3: Found out about the Org through activism reposted by The Western Chauvinist. The impression that pushed him over was the reaction from mainstream right slandering us as feds, in addition to the group being organized and not just talking on the internet (namely the banners and marches demonstrated that to him).

SEQ4: Wants to join because he must help secure the future for his children (4, wow). Willing to do activism.

SEQ5: Heard of civnationalism, states it's a farce because it's too abstract and a nation is comprised of it's people.

SEQ6: Family came from England, came on the mayflower; he is Irish, English and French.

SEQ7: Is Christian, never felt like it was at odds with his political beliefs. Would have no issues working with activists of other religions.

SEQ8: Has outdoorsmanship skills (marines and boy scouts, very familiar with camping and hiking), knows basic first aid, was radio operator.

SEQ9: Able to run mile in under 10 min, is very active in general. Very familiar with wrestling, intermediate in Ju Jitsu. Is 5'9" 160lbs.

TEQ1: Never been a part of any other groups. Dad and wife are like-minded.
TEQ1.2: Wanting to help improve the lives of his children made him want to organize.

TEQ2: Believes biggest threat to US is the media/government; media pushed degen and covers for the gov, launders misinformation to the determent of society; government because they are ineffective (admits that it was by design but things have gone too far).

TEQ3: In self-defense violence is justified, doesn't believe it's a viable strategy right now (would do more harm than good because it would play into the plans of our enemies). Would be able to remain peaceful if provoked or attacked at demos.

TEQ4: Last physical altercation was around 2013/2012, he got in a minor fight with a guy.

TEQ5: Follows (TG) America First people (Lauren Witske was named), Police Frequency, DiscloseTV for information. Some info from Gab. Gets emails from 'Patriot Post', which is more normie but keeps him looped in.

TEQ6: The Approaching Fury, book about what lead to the civil war, was particularly influential. Some Ayn Rand book (couldn't remember name). An essay written by Andrew Torban about how masculinity has been subverted. They were influential because they strongly stated what reality is.

TEQ7: Nuclear family stated as ideal family structure. That differs from today because of how many less exist today (28%) versus the 60s (~60%), in addition to the propaganda being pushed. Raised by dad (divorced). Thinks porn and promiscuity is immoral and should be banned.

TEQ8: Admires George Patton the most, because of his admittance of the mistake that was made in WWII.

TEQ9: Despises Lincoln the most because of his aggression on the South. Makes comparison to couple wanting to break up and the other partner pulling a gun to make them stay.

TEQ10: Says largest issue with nationalism movement is the lukewarmness of them, how they harbor complacently (names mainstream, Groypers). Org fits into thoughts by how it organizes, is in shape, that it's building communities to push our goals further down the road.

TEQ11: Sees self working to help straighten out the mess society is in.

TEQ12: Has been entirely truthful about everything said.

TEQ13: Believes he should be in the org because he has the conviction to do what needs to be done to contribute towards moving the country in the right direction.

Result: Accepted

27 Years Old/NC/Raleigh (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jesse AR
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process?
Answer: Has not.

Interviewed before: No.
Transport: Yes.
Drugs: No.
Crimes: No.
Govt Employ: No.
Ailments: No.

1. Interested in Political theory when younger (superficially), growing up in poverty amongst a multi-racial area has cemented his political beliefs and morality. It was in 9th grade lit class that he read the "docterine of Fascism", came to realize that the image the ideology painted was better than anything he had seen around him or posed elsewhere. Became sick of nihilism surrounding him, that there was a disconcern not just from his cohorts but society writ large, which pushed him further into ideology; read The Myth of the 21st Century by Spengler, Revolt against the modern world, (amongst others that he said very rapidly). Further saw little advancement from either political side, red vs blue, no solution other than third position was evident. Came upon Iron march in 2010s, realized the importance of self-respect and discipline on there. Once again the docterine of fascism fit into reality better than anything else he saw.

2. Labels self as a National-Socialist.

3. Heard about the Org after Unite The Right, right after it was born out of Vanguard America, the first impression that influenced him was the professionalism of the website in addition to our activism. Hear about org years ago, but is joining now because though he criticized others for nihilism, he fell into that pit himself; the D.C. march pulled him from that pit and forced him towards helping the Org. Agrees to being capable of everything activists in Org do.

4. Doesn't believe in civnationalism, says culture/country and race are intertwined and that American values (forward thinking, mesh of old and new world, tradition needs to adapt to survive) is decidedly White. But does say that non-Whites can live with Americans, but will never be American.

5. At least 5 generations, family is Irish and German; described self as White ethnically.

6. Still attends Church, but considers self a deist, has dabbled in paganism but feels it's conflated with wickens and neo-pagans. Has never felt like religious beliefs are at odds with political. No issues working with activists of other beliefs.

7. Has been camping his entire life, knows medicine (former pharm-tech).

8. At home routine is mostly cardio (5 days), every other day focuses on a part of his body (ex. monday arms, legs wednesday, etc). Would be able to run mile in under 10 min. 5'10", 130 lbs.

9. Never participated in activism, has some similarly minded friends and family but none who lean in as far as him. Wanted to get involved because he realizes the need to get involved now, in addition to the response from luke-warm conservatives who cannot imagine anyone but feds being as organized as we are. Sees self fitting in as an activist.

10. Spengler described society as a body, believes degeneracy is the biggest threat because it is an infection upon the body. Believes the cultural-marxists are behind it, later describes them as the jews, in addition to neo-liberals who are driving to create neo-feudalism.

  1. Believes violence is justified in self-defense. Doesn't believe we are in circumstances that would justify it now, but believes we may be heading in that direction. Had a very thorough answer as to why it is currently ineffective, only effective when society has totally broken down (more thorough than that, "best yet" - Jesse AR). Agrees he could compose self in the same way as the Org's activists.

    12. Last physical altercation was when he was 14.

    13. Follows Zero Hedge (likes it the most), RT, and "the lying media heads" such as Fox, etc. Follows Western Chauvinist Thomas Sewell, Aryan Fitness, Folkish Resistence, PF.

    14. Top 3 works that have: Decline of the West - Spengler, The Squire's Trial - Slavros, Ride of the Tiger. Was a janny for Iron March, spoke with James Mason, Slavros, among others during his time there. But was not affiliated with any groups during his time, but knew guys who started up the first Atomwaffen groups; wasn't a huge fan of their "goofiness" and "schizophrenic ramblings".

    15. Ideal family structure is nuclear family. Problems with current US family is that there's no moral structure, it's been destroyed, single mother's have been the new standard; lack of marriage, lack of structure, lack of moral framework are gone from modern families by propaganda and rot. Was raised by a single mother and broken larger family, it was through that he saw what was wrong with having no structure first hand; unsure how he came out the other side unscathed.

    16. Admires Washington, but did say Rockwell first, Washington because he was an incredible idealist. It was his strong beliefs and their application towards a harsh reality that held together the Country in it's infancy.

    17. Despises the Clintons' the most as they have been responsible for bankrolling and organizing the cultural marxism rampant in education system, calls HRC a pig who has many times come so close to plunging this country into extreme rot atop what they already did.

    18. Says flaws in Nationalist movements is lack of clarity, says that Nationalism on it's surface lacks structure as it can be left/centrist/right and therefore requires ideological structure and uniformity. PF fits in as it provides that structure, through ideas, uniform, and discipline.

    19. Would like to establish his name in the movement, yell, speak, feels he's been muzzled and wants to express himself. Would like to help out others, build community.

    20. Claims to have been fully truthful.

    21. Believes he should be let in because he is fully devoted, refuses to sit on the sidelines.

Interviewee- 652071
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Sam MN

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Political beliefs and goals.

1. 35 years old

2. Lives in California (permanent resident).

3. Oakland is nearest major city.

4. Never interviewed before.

5. Has a vehicle.

6. Has a history, has been clean from drugs for 15 years. Quit alcohol last year.

7. Was charged with possession, assault, DUI. The assault charge was for a domestic. It wasn’t a conviction.

8. Never been employed by government.

9. His back hurts from a recent work injury.

10. Was a leftist as a youngster, smoked weed and didn’t work. His mom was a liberal. About 15-20 years ago. After that was a basic conservative American patriot. Saw race at an early age and realized what team he was on. The schools he went to were majority nonwhite, had issues with the minorities there. If you don’t fall in line there’s an issue every day. Now believes there’s hope for America. Used to be okay with drugs, tried to advocate legalized marijuana. No longer believes that’s a great avenue.

11. He is a white nationalist. Me and people that look like me deserve to have a nation. We have a right to exist. This includes all white people.

12. Had heard chatter and buzz about us from a few people. Saw the DC thing, thought it was cool. Will Planner told him to join, he was with golden state skinheads. Saw a bunch of white men standing up and decided to join. Everything that he’s seen of us made him want to join. Saw some propaganda of ours in the Bay Area, on a power box. Wants to be part of this and wants to connect with nationalists. Would be willing to do all of our activism.

13. Civic nationalism isn’t white nationalism. Civic nationalism is great if it’s applied truly, but he’s seen no cases of that. Migratory foreigners can become Americans if they are White Europeans. There is an ethnic component to being an American as the founding fathers intended.

14. His family has been in America for 6-7 generations. They were mostly from England, Germany, etc. He is a White American.

15. He is Asatru, he believes in the older European gods. In the past his Christian beliefs conflicted with his politics. No issues working with activists of other religions.

16. Knows a lot of people in his area and has a good mind for propaganda. Has outdoorsmanship skills.

17. He’s in fair shape. 15 lbs overweight. 6’ 199lbs. Does pushups, burpees, pullups, dips. Could run a mile in under ten minutes. Did TaeKwonDo a long time ago.

18. Was in the Golden State Skinheads, did a lot of activism, flyering, rallies, and banner drops. Has been doxed before – name and birthdate (was on facebook). Has some like minded friends.

19. The biggest threat to America is alien influence and the media. The main issue is the media – it has everyone asleep. Its pushing nefarious shit. Everyone eats it up. The Jewish/Israeli influence.

20. Violence is justified in self-defense and defense of others. Doesn’t think violence is currently a viable choice. Would be able to remain peaceful during our actions if ordered. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Two years ago, had a disagreement with a buddy while intoxicated. Just a drunken fight.

22. Gets his information from Telegram, or just listening to the sorts of things people say in person. Watches Conspiracy Hole, West Coast News and Discussion, and Boss Hawg News on Telegram. Listens to TRS and Fash the Nation, the Paranormies.

23. Herald Covington’s books had an influence on him. Kind of like the Turner Diaries but was better written and less extremist. 88 Precepts changes his whole moral compass. Likes Might is Right for teaching a man how to be a man.

24. Ideal family structure is a working man and woman at home. Doesn’t like homosexuality, pornography, transsexuality, and promiscuity are sins and go against nature’s law. It’s degenerate. It should all be defunded.

25. Admires David Lane because he was a true leader. Out of all these people in the movements he really, really cared deeply for his people, more so than everyone else (Pierce is close).

26. Any communists or subversive fucks. Doesn’t like George Soros. Doesn’t like AOC.

27. Unity is a problem in the nationalist movement. Beefing, bickering and fighting has got to stop. It’s not hard to have unity. PF has plenty of unity. Sees what we’re doing with media2rise.

28. He will be in AR running his own plumbing outfit, have some land, and build on it.

29. Yes, he has been fully truthful.

30. He’s a solid nationalist and a good addition to any group.

RESULT: DENIED, dull to the point of questionable mental state.
Conductor: Tyler SD
Notetaker: Jesse AR

Test Question: Have you seen any of our activism in person? No

Q1: 17 years old.
Q2: IL. Permanent resident.
Q3: Lives near Chicago.
Q4: No past interviews.
Q5: Has a vehicle.
Q6: Used weed a few years back. Clean for years. Addicted to cigarettes.
Q7: No crimes.
Q8: No government employ.
Q9: No ailments.
Q10: His stepmom got attacked by a BLM rioter last year, and people on the internet were calling them White Supremacists. Didn't consider himself a racist for some time, but began thinking that he should be keeping to his own. Listening to GLR's speeches and has read his books in the past. Got into National Socialism for a while, but realized that he is not German so he dropped the title.
Q11: Describes himself as a Fascist. The economic and social values match his own. Fascist governments are successful by nature. Knows that he is still new to this ideology. Has never been accepted by anyone other than those of his race. Lives in a black-majority area, been chased out of areas before.
Q12: A few months ago, one of his friends (from Omegle) mentioned our organization as one that was "the real deal". Liked the Manifesto. Saw one of our demos on our website and it made him want to get involved. He saw the effect we had and recognized the impact of the DC march. We represent what he beliefs, such as Patriotism, pride in race and nation. He wanted to join because we have the same values.
Q13: Unfamiliar with Civic Nationalism. Foreigners cannot become American because they weren't born here. This is true for Europeans as well, because they were not American. There is an ethnic component to being American, being born here. Blacks born here are American, but they're not White. They're not like us because they were just brought here, they didn't build it.
Q14: Dad's side is from Ireland. Came over in the 1800's. Mom's side came from Sicily. Describes himself ethnically as White.

Interviewee- 394184
34/AR/Swifton near Jonesboro
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA

Denied: Liability, (hasn’t reformed his beliefs since swastika face mask scandal.)

Test Question: what do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: thinks it will be about his view

1.34 yrs old
2.Lives in AR, permanent resident
3.Lives in swifton near jonesboro
4.Never interviewed before
5.acess to vehicle drug abuse
7. Violated city ordinates for chickens, nothing else
8. No government employment
9. Straduct arthritis, basically regular arthritis. “Something he is capable of dealing with” no major complications
10. Started off as a democrat, went to college in CA. graduated and got a job, became a standard republican, got older and now feels lost with no representation. Met new people and went from libertarian to Nationalist politics. Doesn't want to give up the country to communists.
11. Spiritually he is agnostic but politically he is an American nationalist. Feels disenfranchised from political parties. JQ woke, thinks jews want to drain whites, through wars and financial activities. Pays politicians and orchestrate illegal immigration. Our country is weak. Jews want foreign immigration to replace whites and give themselves protective status. Started out with the american dream but realized everything has been outsourced and no way to raise a family. Nationalism gives him hope.
12. Found out about PF from the news (DC march), saw us on Fox News. really liked our professionalism, he can relate to our outfit (Khaki pants). He can make banners.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism doesn't agree with it, foreigners can try but need to have roots here to be american. Ethnic component to be american because it's the roots of the tree. European ancestry evolved this society, others are not. Genetic difference.
14.his family has been here for 4 generations originated from france and canada, mostly english and western european.
15. Christian beliefs but agnostic, gets along with christians, a lot of good in the bible. Couldn’t stay democrat because they support abortion, christianinty is a good basis for society. Can work with anyone other than jews
16. Prefered skill sets is graphic designs, laser etching, is a custom heat transfer shirts, vinyl detailing.
17. Currently not obese, 6ft ½ and 270lbs, orange belt in karati, fencing
18. Did activism in the past, protesting covid in CA. victoria smith flyers, white unity front fliers, father and wife are like minded.Has been doxxed for wearing a mask people didn’t like. Wore a swastika mask with family to piss off people supporting mask mandates. Had business shut down, but is building it back up.
19. Wanted to organize because he felt isolated
20. Biggest threat is our sovereignty, has been stolen, need it back
21. Feels that 2nd amendment is necessary, self defense is important, could remain peaceful if attacked.
22. Last altercation was when he was robbed
23. Uses telegram, bitchute, gab, facebook accounts for entertainment. Follows gdl, fascifist channel, vincent james, rally report,
24. Haven't read a lot of books but listened to a lot of podcasts. Knows alot about Lindbergh and henry ford. Read “doom”, things are never what they seem, manipulation is not always straight forward.
25. Ideal family structure is a biological man and woman having as many kids as possible. Currently no families and people use government assistance. Feels like an alien, grew up in a traditional family, tried to do the same for his family but feels helpless, its alot harder. Tolerance to homsexuality but dioesnt want kids exposed to it, promiscuity is a problem, trans is a sick joke, pornography is horrible, devalues relationship, worked in a porn shop at 18, now against it after seeing what it did to people.
26. Admires henry ford, sad he wasn't more successful. Likes his writings. Lindbergh was good too.
27. Despises MLK because he was a George Floyd, built up as a hero but another commie shill.
28. Nationalist movement isn't flawed, just a large spectrum. Real problem is big tech censorship. PF is a uniformity oriented group in the nationalist scene.
Father of 2 and wife

Conductor: Patrick TX
Notetaker: Sam MN

Test Question: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process?

1. 31 years old

2. Lives in CA (Permanent Resident).

3. Near Palo Alto

4. Never interviewed before.

5. Has vehicle.

6. Has a past of drug abuse, not currently. In his early twenties he got involved in substance abuse: experimented with normal things, escalated to the harder ones. The army fixed him up. It’s been about 7 years clean. Uses chew tobacco, but could abstain.

7. Never been charged with crimes.

8. Was in the military. Worked for the DOD in the army. 5 years active and two years reserve. Finished the reserve about 3 months ago.

9. No ailments.

10. Was typically moderate as a young adult. No particular sentiments out of general ignorance and inexperience. Throughout his early professional career realized the nature of taxes, entitlements, rights, and privileges. Leaned him further conservative. Joined the military. Now is swinging libertarian because he owns his own small business. Taxes feel different than they used to.

11. Identifies as a conservative, kind of. Understands there’s more to it than the linear dimension (of right to left). Both sides take advantage that the average person can only quantify a simple dichotomy of politics. When in reality it’s a three-dimensional cube spectrum. For the most part people can identify with three political vectors: economic (he identifies as individualist in that sense), authoritarianism (he leans libertarian in that regards), and social (he leans conservative). Progressive social policies are okay as long as they doesn’t impact him. Is concerned with the general state of the nation, in history certain decadences have been negative for everyone. Knows that there’s a high regard for community values to develop a high trust society. He is a straight white male but is not ignorant to the fact that this doesn’t necessarily have to be his ingroup, although that’s mostly what happens. The military showed him how he can have comeraderie with people of diverse backgrounds.

14. Has heard of civic nationalism. He has personal opinions on assimilation and different cultures who have more or less potential for it. His mother is from Canada. Some cultures just can’t assimilate. Isn’t comfortable judging an entire culture. Is more comfortable with Japanese migrants than Cuban migrants. Thinks that an ethnostate may not be achievable, unless everyone gets really tired. It isn’t the hill he’d die on.

22/TX/Ft Worth
notes:William TX
conducted:Jason TX

Test question: how long ago did you send in your app? Sunday night/ 2 days
Q1:is 22 years old
Q2:lives in Texas, permanent resident
Q3:Ft worth
Q4:never interviewd
Q5:does have transportation
Q6:no substance abuse. does drink but can abstain
Q7:no crimes
Q8:was in the army for 50 months 07/16-11/20. Left as it wasnt the most lucrative or rewarding firled
Q9:no ailment
Q10:His brothers sharpened his politics, over time they bacme more redpilled. over time their opinion of the republican/conservatives changed and they were led to question them. Why are things restricted? Why do those who advocate for us fail so badly? He was driven to seek more traditionally leaning values. Does not agree with anyone completely but Fuentes he follows still today, appreciates his content. Metokour is one of his favorites, jack donavan even though he doesnt align with his life views. Found Fuentes through one of his brothers. Believes he speaks from the heart. His beliefs are "approaching zero" he feels hthey are approaching the truth. the average modern American is ideologically useless
Q11:labels self a christian nationalist. this nation was founded on christian principles and traditional principles align with Christianiy. Traditionalism and truth originate from christianity. Words like nationalist have meaning, someone who put their country first, policies like nation building and other overseas events cemented his views
Q12:knew about our activism, flyers/sticker etc but not our name. Over time it became a priority to find an organization that fit his values. His brother spoke about us and we had superb optics, were well organized, there was nothing that made him question the organization. The DC march is what made him put our name to our actions. Was most impressed and influenced to join. Wants to join because his inner circle is only a handful of guys. They need connections and he cant secure anything for his descendents on his own. "strong men are better together" I willing to apply himself towards activism
Q13:has heard of civic nationalism. Migratory foreigners cannot become american. Nothing can replace being born and raised here. Even being raised here cannot compare to having ancestry and heritage here. There is an ethnic component to being an American. European roots and European values. He has more in common with a german nationalist compared to say someone from southeast asia
Q14:family has german descent beyond great great grandparents. been here longer than 5 generations but doesnt know for certain. describes self as 100% european descent
Q15: pentecostal Christian. his brother has converted to catholocism and he might go the same way. His hatred for what is in front of him can make him question something is right. can work with the irreligious, agnostic, and pagans. Not judaism however
Q16:11-bravo MOS, infantry. land nav, comms/radios, basic bushcraft. Is currently a storm restoration contractor. is a master of know/jack of all trades. is able to work with his hands. special operations infantry man. First aid skills very well ingrained, emergency first responder. Has a certificate in computer science, though he admits that was quite a while ago.
Q17:physical fitness is very high. resolves never to let it get away from him. runs and lifts regularly. 5'10 225lb mile time is at 6minutes "on the safe side" wrestled in high school, jiu jitsu. Was a personal trainer in WA before moving to Texas.
Q18:was part of a relatively out spoken church in (spokane he said but retracted)WA mainly against abortion and anti-vaccine mandate. the church at planned parenthood. was an active member but nothing more. His brothers are likemionded and his boss, a former squadmate recently applied and was accepted for an in person. has never been doxxed.
Q19:biggest threat to america is cultural marxism the knife to americas throat. there are more enemies to be sure but it is closest to home. the enemy wielding that knife is the synagogue. "The head of the snake" they hate christianity and hate him and those like him. The blatant destruction of and hatred of value structures like family and strength to bring it down to nothing.
Q20:The time to be violent is when it is advantageous. In Australia that is more reasonable than here. Any act of political violence should be avoided at all costs. Violence is not right now a viable choice but its not completely off the horizon as for the future. Can remain peaceful during actions. Would not allow himself to get enraged or act stupidly. agreed and understood to violence statement.

Q21:last fight was after a man had hit a woman at an anti-vax rally, blocked him from approaching to speakers with his hands down and in full view of police
Q22:listens to audiobooks instead of music now. alternates between ideological, success based then religious then back to ideological usually. occasionally to a podcast. listens to Fuentes, Metokour, and some other right leaning thinkers. short fat otaku(?), jordan peterson. Uses telegram follows, fuentes, covid redpills, fat people hate, police frequency. Is a follower of Fuentes but doesnt label self a groyper. first time joining a "group". audiobooks are convenient.
Q23:reads jack donavans content, metaphysics of war, ride the tiger, turner diaries.The way of men was one of the first he read in the army, harassment architecture he enjoyed as a "breath of fresh air" TD he found influential because it was tactical and told how the things in the story could happen if things happened in a certain way. way of men instilled his desire to be part of a tribe
Q24:ideal family is a strong father the authority of the family. the mother is the nurturer and cohesive element of the family. sons are to follow and learn from their father and their daughters should look to their father for what to look for in a husband and from their mother how to be a good mediator. That is the polar opposite of today. His ideal has rules and even if its not set in stone it is a guide. Today there is a disgusting amount of homosexuality and other LGBT stuff. theres no fidelity no desire for children. pets are replacing children. there is an importance for similar race and kin. His parents are still married. His sister estranged herself from the family. His parents sent her to college and she became filled with degeneracy and rejected her family and traditionality. they raised their children properly and as best as they were able.
Q25:admires henry ford for his independence and his revolutionizing of industry and having done so in a way that also benefited his work force. He is responsible for a lot of americas strength and productivity.
Q26:despises the flagrant dishonesty of Nancy Pelosi. She is one of the "matriarchs" of modern american politics. is guilty of insider trading, subversion of the then president, supports abortion. Was happy to have Trump in office and would vote for him again. any other conservative he wouldnt vote for. "you say something by saying nothing." he learned more about the synagogue
Q27:nationalism is so simple it should be obvious. your family and community and country should be put first. we must have a culture to cement. Because it is considered extreme people have made mistakes such as the wignats behave in a way that is unbecoming they should be shunned. They're unprofessional. He feels Fuentes is too cautious, thinks its wignat when you act and look disgusting to be around. Fuentes is mistaken in referring to pf as wignats. Would combat wignats with self improvement like reading, lifting, optics(how you speak and dress in public.)shouldnt run around acting a fool. pf isnt a wignat organization, theres a difference between marching and perhaps being intimidating is different from nonsensical acts of violence
Q28:Texas is a breadbasket. work through your 20s to build something. Is a founding member of his company and wants to build it up to where he can sell off and get into rental properties. Move to Montana and buy land for structure for his family and "Circle"
Q29:has been fully truthful
Q30:he should be let in due to ideological similarity as well as his skill set, and his connections. He has "a small tribe" not new to conflict or hard work. Career is independent.

Interviewee- 695170
Conductor: WillTX
Notetaker: JasonTX

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked? he expects to be asked personal questions regarding ideology and some other personal views

Initial Filtering Questions:
1. 22 years old
2. New Hampshire permres
3. Boston Mass is the nearest major city
4. No personal transport
5. No drugs
6. No crimes
7. Is in the Army reserves currently, no plans of going full time. Has been in the reserves for 2 - 3 years and remaining in for a few months to a few years.
8. Had a conversation with someone in the reserves about 30s Germany, Russia, the West etc. The guy brought up a contrary belief to the interviewee about the holocaust. Ended up being shown alternative info. Realized why society is the way it is right now. Doesn't make sense how antifa and blm gets away with what they do but online meme posters get thrown in jail.
9. Is a National Socialist. Feels like the term "Fascist" is being weaponized. People might be more open to the term "National Socialism". Always believed in faith in God, having close-knit communities. Wants a family and a good relationship with his neighbors and do blue collar work with the community. Promote the natural people of the nation progressing.

Secondary Evaluative Questionnaire:
1. Saw the march in DC, was linked to the PF website by a buddy. Saw the march on various newsfeeds. The DC march was the first inlunce for him to join. PF is pretty active and up and coming in his area. If he doesn't do anything he'll end up in a federal slave camp. Is willing to engage in activism.
2. There is an ethnic component to being an American but migratory foreigners can become American if they put in a lot of work to become so. South Americans, Africans, Asians etc can all become American if they adopt the culture and learn the language and improve America.
3. 3rd Gen American. From Ireland, as a guess. Is Irish.
4. Christian theology, is a born again christian. Never felt like his religion was at odds with his political beliefs. No issues working with activists of other faiths.
5. Just basic training skills such as first aid.

Result: Accepted


28 Years Old/Kansas/Kansas City (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jon UT
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: Sent in one about 6 months back, never got a response; sent another a week ago and got the link.

1. Have never interviewed before.

2. Has access to a personal vehicle.

3. Has never had substance abuse issues.

4. No past crimes.

5. Was previously in the marine corp, out in 2018.

6. No ailments.

7. Has always had a passion for "outspoken ideology", though highschool was fairly melancholy, but when he started paying taxes he really moved forward. When he started in the military he read Beyond Good and Evil, Thus Spoke Zarathustra; by Evola: Men Amongst the Tigers, Revolt Against the Modern World; also ready Mein Kampf.

8. Labels self as a Natsoc, influenced by working class family, grandfather who fought for Germany. Believes that the government exists to serve the interests of the people and Natsoc best aligns to that end. As a teenager we was needlessly leftist, but shortly after matured and realized how wrong and against reality it was. Raised in Texas, went to skinhead and punk shows, was never really a leftist as much as he was someone who had leftist views at one point due to who he was surrounded by in HS. Seeing how X had struggled with rejection from society engaged him forward in his political journey especially.

9. It was the demo at the March For Life that enraptured him, how organized and directed it was. Decided to join 6 months ago. Had a doxxing experience where an employee of his recognized him (Michael Knowels event "Men Aren't Women") that was eye-opening for how bad things were and what he needed to do. Wants to join because he needs to do something; has stickered for White lives matter in the past, but felt it lacked organization. Agrees to do everything an activist needs to do.

10. Has heard of civnationalism, sees it as an erroneous starting point. Believe that a true identity is required, that there is an ethnic component to being an American (European) due to heritage.

11. Family has been here since early 1700s, they mostly came from Germany and Wales. Describes self as German (blond hair and blue eyes).

12. Raised Christian, but says he's not sure if he can be a Christian because he's dabbled in hedonism and has always put his race first. Has never felt like religious beliefs have conflicted with political, able to work with activists of other religions.

  1. Has amateur audio/video skills, made some PF edits, runs an Active Club in Kansas. Has experience in a variety of martial arts, including marine corps martial arts, ju jitsu, kung fu, karate (and more). Has been body-building for the last 2 years, sub-8 minute mile. Has people who are similarly minded in his Active Club (would recommend 3 or 4 of them). Runs 1 or 2 times a week, lifts 3 or 4 times a week, job is labor intensive. 5'9" 230 or 240 lbs. Would be able to teach basics of the martial arts he outlined.

    14. Was loosely part of White-lives-matter (stickering), was a part of IE and left when their discord server got doxxed. Brother is like-minded, other friends aren't. The doxxing occurred because an employee reported him to corp HR for violations after he went to a college event (happened around jan 6th so tensions were high there). Feels like he's taken the appropriate steps to prevent that by taking security more seriously, but also is somewhat indifferent because he knows he can bounce back.

    15. Says the biggest threat to America is the people pulling the levers. Unsure whether it's the Masons, Jews, or both but says it's some variation of that.

    16. Believes that violence is justified in response to a threat. Doesn't believe it is the proper route for the change he seeks, would be able to remain peaceful as the Org's activists do.

    17. Last physical confrontation was about two years ago, working in bar security he had to throw a guy out.

    18. Views TG regularly, top channels are: PF, Fascist Fitness, Thomas Sewell.

    19. Ride the Tiger and Men Amongst the Ruins were especially influential on him, as it relates to subversive influence on society and the need for great men to take control.

    20. Describes nuclear family as ideal, with close network of extended family. Today differs as we will in a society of broken homes, raised by technology. He was raised by a strong intact family. Believes porn, trannies (etc), promiscuity is ruining society, should not exist within a household; weeds that need to be plucked.

    21. Likes Davey Crocket, General Lee, and Andrew Jackson; Jackson especially as he suffered through being in a prison camp and watching his brothers rot away and die. Crocket because he exemplifies the adventurous spirit of the White man.

    22. Despises Alexander Hamilton the most, because he was a crypto-jew, subversive, created the secretary of the treasury and punished people who wanted to avoid taxes.

    23. Biggest flaws in Nationlist movement is that there's no leadership and little commitment to the ethnic component. Plato laid it out hundreds of years ago and no one wants to admit he was right. Believes the movement fits in as it provides strong leadership and organization.

    24. In the future he sees himself saving up and buying land where he can more effectively train fitness, in the "foggy future" he would like to build a shelter on land to host young men who have fallen prey to vices in an effort to help them rehabilitate.

    25. Has been entirely truthful.

    26. Believes he should be in the organization because he has the drive to do what needs to be done to fully contribute to the organization.

Interviewee- 361213
Conductor: Sam_MN
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?: Last Saturday

1. 25 yo

2. TX. Perm res

3. Temple

4. Never interviewed.

5. Has personal vehicle

6. No substance abuse

7. No crimes

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments

10. Was apolitical in 2014. Was lurking on 4chan and found POL. Started seeing news stories and all the craziness from the last several years. Got to see CRT, anti-white/Christian/male collage policies.

11. Nationalist. had a fondness for American history. The country was founded for and by the people. It isn't anymore. Country is degenerate because of lack of self control. Country is in bad state because of Government, corporations, globalist which are mostly Jews.

12. Saw all the Unite the Right stuff. Has been following us for a couple of years. Doesn't remember where he first found us. Saw banner drops, stickers, and activism. Is fed up with just watching from the sidelines. Saw the DC march and thought it was "neat". Wanted to check it out. Is willing to meet up with people to do activism but doesn't want to et doxed.

13. Civic Nationalism is a concerted effort against white people. It is something we need to deal with. America is too many people/too many races. It is why it is falling apart. Honduran who is a first gen immigrant cannot be an American. His children or his children's children cannot either. Cannot be citizen just because you are born here.

14. 3 generations on dads side. Moms sided goes back to 1800s. French Ethnically is white.

15. Christian. Church of God. No religious/political conflicts. No problem working with other religions.

16. Has tech skills. Has some editing experience. No outdoorsmanship. Was in scouts. No medical training. Willing to learn.

17. Decently fit. Not overweight. Runs and lifts weight. Bench 135. Could run a mile in under 10. No martial arts.

18. Volunteered with Republicans. No like minded friends. Dad is red pilled. Wants to organize because he doesn't want to do nothing. Can do boots on the ground stuff. Could write or edit.

19. Multiple culturalism, diversity and open borders driving white people to extinction is the biggest threat to the org.

20. Violence in self defense. Personally thinks violence as a political end is a pipe dream right now. Can remain peaceful. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Cant think of physical confrontation.

22. Uses Gab but doesn't keep up much. Primarily get news from Gab or Tim Poole. Poole is a moderate.

23. American History books. George Washington biography. 1776 History of the Revolution. WWII: Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Albert Speer bio. Doctrine of Fascism. For my legionaries. Third Reich is an interesting time in history.

24. Husband Wife and Kids. Single mothers and divorced parents harms children. Same sex couples leads to abused children. Raided with mother and father with a relatively stable marriage. Parents where a little older. Trannies are a crime against nature. Porn is very damaging and should not be legal. Sexual revolution was a very unfortunate turn for this country. Opened the door to degeneracy.

25. Admires George Washington. Learned from his mistakes in 7 years war and beat Britain.

26. Despises MLK. Many of our problems are the result of civil rights.

27. Biggest flaw in nationalist movement is that we are all fractured. Movement is disorganized. Decentralized. PF is good with messaging and aesthetics. PF is one of the larger nationalist orgs. Trump had the right idea but he was bad at picking people and trusted establishment republicans. America first republicans (like Gosar) need to get in and change the party.

28. Wants to work a full time job and save money.

29. Has been honest

30. Should be let in because he is willing to try it and is sick of doing nothing.

REJECTED - OBESE, told to reapply in 6-12 months

Interviewee - 806332



Conductor: WillTX
Notetaker: JasonTX

Test Question: have you spoken to anyone before about the process? No

1. 33 y/o

2. West Virginia, permres

3. closest major city is Pittsburg

4. never interviewed in this process b4

5. no drugs. smokes tobacco, is weeding off of it.

6. no crimes

7. works as a contract worker through cps as a truency case worker

8. has generalize anxiety disorder, diagnosed. takes propananol for enxiety. no xanax. disorder does not inhibit function. should be able to engage in marches.

9. started "more to the left" growing up leaning more towards the "far left". the values this country was founded on have been thrown in the trash. the problem is not White people, Christianity or the Constituion it's certain groups and people. Special interests have completely taken over and have made Americans conform to what they believe. It's a betrayal to this country. Ny "far left" is means he was a socialist, was active for three years in college in his early 20s. This country was founded on the idea that you work hard, you get out what you put in. The freedom to express yourself and the collective that came here who stopped listening to what a monarch told him. Believes the Founders instilled a Christian core. Mercy was given to foreigners to come here but because of that wae have to sacrifice our values. Everybody on Earth has their sovereignty and when people come into their country they are expected to conform. Here that same sovereignty is not extended. Every country has it's history of how it's founded. The Founders have to be respected and when he was on the "Left" he was told to shut up for being a straight, White, ZChristian. This is his counry. Mother's side has been here since the Revolutionary War. The fringe groups taking over are BLM, LGBT, etc. Not going to validate the LGBT's mental illness. Has dealt with the DNC and if you stand up for this country they label you as evil. the Democrat party has socialist, anti-American elements. These groups get money from foreign sources. Get money from Russia, Venezuela, etc.

10. considers himself a nationalist, believes in the core values that made up this country. The real Americans, to him, are people that actually know the history, respect the govt of the people, tjhose that actually took part in it's foundation and continuation. America stands for the core pillars that the Founders intended. Nationalism is to defend your country and heritage. What makes a person great is where they stand in that society and what they do fo rsaid society. If an individual doesn't better a society they shouldn't be a part of the national. Family from Cuba and originally from Spain. Grandfather admired Franco. Americans come from Europe. It must be defended. The Founders intended for America to remain European in essence. For the country to be lead by those of European decent and have Christian values.

11. first found out about our Org from a documentary by Media2Rise on YT. It resonated with him a lot. Has been trying to find a group he can be a part of but also be active and learn more of what it means to be an American nationalist. PF is more about activism, but he also finding is own personal political niche. The Media2Rise doku led him to the manifesto which realy resonated with him. The first thing that stood out to him the part about foreign influence. He wants to be active, something needs to be done. Wants a group where he can learn from people that have been "in this" longer than him. Doesn't want to sit on the sidelines.

  1. A black person is an "African-American", an Asian is "Asian-AMerican" so in our speech we already recognize these foreign groups as being an entirely seperate ethnic group. To be American is to be of Anglo-Saxon and Irish decent. Being part of the Founding and the Settling and Conquering of the West. American is it's own ethnicity. For it to be descibed simply as settler/colonial is "bullshit". To be American comes from the colonialists that came and the House of Burgesses, and the COntinental COngress. Everyone else is here in here out of the mercy of our government. Mother's side has been here since the Founding. Father is from Cuba and his Grandfather is Spanish nad in volved in the Spanish civil war. Was born in Washington DC and was raised in Miami, Florida. Is ethnically American, was born here and was taught American values. Doesn't agree with the Cuban govt. Wasn't taught the Cuban culture. In Cuba you weren't allowed to mix with the black cubans if you were a White SPaniard. It was changed after the Revolution. An emphasis on mixing. Wasn't taught to mix. ZGrandmother, on hte father's side, too was Spaniard.

    13. Is Orothodox Christian, Orthodoxy is a universal for of Christianity. Christianity says you must respect the rules of someones land. If your beliefs come into conflict then there is something wrong. Curches saying that gay marriage is legal, is wrong and a bastardization. You should never use a religion and change it so it fits your political ideaology. No issues working with activists of other faiths as long as they don't put it on them.

    14. Is a fairly decent writer, has orginized campaigns, organize demonstrations, security and safety protocols, knowledge on how the other side thinks. Knows first aid, make a fire, make a quick shelter, filter water w/o a filter. KNows how to edit videos, video blogs.

    15. 6ft 2in 281 lbs no fitness routine. used to wrestle in high school.

    16. Was in "Left Alliance" in college with different alliances with SocDems and Anarchists. Mother is close to how he views things. Was never doxxed for his activity. Seeing everything going on especially Jan6 stuff, seeing how our values are being attacked. Living WesVA, and seeing his mother's family dealing with poverty. Isn't willing to sit and "take this shit" anymore. Wnats get active and do something. Whites need to learn to be proud again.

    17. biggest threat to America is that China owns most of our debt, thus they hold power over us. if China wins then all the other.

    18. violence is justified once diplomacy has failed and when the System can no longer defend what was right. Revolutionary violence is justified when the government no longer has legitimacy it is a duty to take it out. Right now the "jury is still out on that". Doesn't see that the govt will change to what it is supposed to be. Doesn't see how things could change through voting or taking part in the System. The country isn't ready for violence. He is ready for revolutionary violence, but the country isn't. There aren't enough people willing to take up arms against the govt. The purpose of activism is to show people whats wrong, and then the people decide what is wrong. Need to see if the moral and willingess to do so is there. Is willing to refrain from engaging in violence during a demo. Violence is not currently viable. Understands and agrees to the nonviolence Q.

    19. last confrontation was more than 10 years ago, in Miami, people tried to steal something from his friend and they got into a scuffle. tried his best to deescilate.

    20. goes to the WSJ, NYT, NYP, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, DeutscheWelle, BBC. No media source has 100% accuracy. Gets the "White Worker" in his email. uses Facebook. has a Twitter but doesn't use it.

    21. books: Plato's Republic, Thomas Paine, Marx, Mussolini. Plato's Republic was impactful for the Socratic method and how to run a government. If you can continuously ask something you either reach an answer or you need a new question. The idea of the Philosopher King, the governed should also know who is governing them and how they are doing. the person in power and the people putting them in power must be educated.

    22. the husband/father defends and sacrifices for the family. mother is in the house.

Result: Accepted


22 Years Old/CO/Denver (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jon UT
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Answer: Political and socio-economic views, religious, character and moral base.

1. Yes.

2. Used illegal drugs in HS, but has been clean for over 2 years.

3. No criminal history.

4. Worked for the city of thornton when he was 16/17 (government).

5. Has tendentious that is going away.

6. Was concerned with pleasing family/society until Trump came around, then (as a normie) was quite the "MAGA-tard" until 18/19, when he got "radicalized" into believing what his forefathers believed. Between marxism being crammed down his throat and noticing patterns like conservatives never enacting action and jews conducting both sides of the political isles which drove him towards that direction. Ironically, on instagram of all places he got red-pilled by pages posting empirical facts which drove him away from his past beliefs and habits.

7. Describes self as a Fascist, White Ethno-nationalist, American Traditionalist. Believes that it's the correct mode of being as the commy left and free market worshiping right are controlled op by jews. Society helped instill that in him as jewish propaganda was so forcefully pushed on him and forced him to notice patterns. Believes Whites are the largest problem before them because though they can enrapture the masses, they are the ones which see through their propaganda.

8. Wants to rejoin the org because he is capable of fully dedicating himself to the organization. He was so enlabored by familial circumstances which causes him to be inactive in the first place. The influence that had him join in the first place was a big banner dropped in Texas, which covered a BLM billboard and got the Org a ton of recruitment from that event (including himself). Is willing to dedicate himself to activism in the Organization.

9. Believes there is an ethnic component to being an American, a conglomeration of the best of European stock.

10. Family came on the mayflower, can prove it.

11. Is a Orthodox Christian, a church helped him out when he needed it the most and they're not pozzed which is why he's there despite previously coming from a Southern Baptist background. Never felt like religious beliefs are at odds with his political belief, even goes as far to say that the Church is at conflict with the Bible; quotes Revelation 2:9 (synogogue of satan). No issues working with members of other religions.

12. Is in school for programming (will be useful in the future as more time goes on), used to be pretty fluid with video/audio software (though says he would still be useful), can weld, has access to powder/painting equipment (says maybe useful for shields).

  1. In April plans to set a record in powerlifting for his height/weight, for most of the year says "looks like a men's physique competitor". 6'1", 230lbs.

    14. Has never been doxxed.

    15. Says biggest threat to America right now is jewry because of their overall subversion; browning of America, race-mixing, porn, drug pushing, etc. (many, MANY, more examples in a short amount of time, the usual suspects).

    16. Believes that violence is not the best political solution, he's not seeking it, however, does say that it may present itself in the future if things get bad enough. Would be able to conduct self as our activists do.

    17. Last physical confrontation was during the summer, he was seeing a girl and her degenerate friends convinced them into going to a bar in an "urban" area. After leaving the bar, a black man put hands on his girl, grabbed her braid, no legal trouble from the event. Admits it's out of character for him as he doesn't harbor anger in that way.

    18. Is pretty slow to mainstream news (passively ingests them), on TG follows: The Judgement Zone, Fascist Fitness, Nationalist Division, Liveleak, Lauren Witske (then says "even though she's a gate-keeping fuck"), Fighting for Christiandom

    19. Influential works have been History of Central Banking, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The International Jew; Ford was especially influential because he was an honest man of integrity. Says Brigham Young and Joseph Smith were influential despite him not liking mormonism because they were especially antisemetic and unified until the 70s when the mossad pushed to prevent them from continuing to push back on civil rights by replacing leadership with "kike worshipers".

    20. Says ideal family structure is the Nuclear family, but states that the "zogged" modern marriage gives women undue power which is antithetical to the Bible and therefore has reservations about getting married in the current LEGAL system. Further explains how it's different from today through the normalizing of ideas which destroy what's natural. Says he "hates faggots" and degeneracy writ large, to the extent that he would get in trouble with faggots who approached him. Has indulged in promiscuity in the past, but has come to rise above that since college.

    21. Admires Henry Ford the most.

    22. Despises FDR, Hart and Cellar, the jew who were behind birth control and the 19th amendment. FDR especially.

    23. Describes nationalist movement as having problems with being too over-reactionary because they're essentially being edgy despite being right because they are not practicing American Patriotism and rather emulating the past despite different circumstances. We are Americans, not Germans, you have a new identity, a new White identity as an American. Says other issues are the gate-keeping through civnationalism which appeals loosely to the problems from the jews, but side-steps them and never addresses them in order to keep people complacent. The Organization fits in through achieving the best of what he described, but understands that we are under intense scrutiny and are doing the best in every way under the constraints applied.

    24. Sees self as owning his own business in the future, being in charge of his financial future, so that he can "build his castle" so to speak to have a strong base to build from for the future of his family. Says that he wants to help prepare in hand with the Organization to wall against whatever has yet to come.

    25. Has been entirely truthful.

    26. Believes he should join because he believes he can contribute technologically, in addition to be a great advocate for the movement.

Interviewee- 102158
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: We will discuss my political and religious beliefs.

1.27 yrs old
2.PA permanent resident
3.Pittsburgh interview before
5. Access to vehicle drug abuse crimes government employment
9. No ailments
10. Grew up in a liberal city, experienced diversity, and was discriminated against. Conservatives didn't represent him, they sit on their hands. Told he was responcible for slavery and colonialism.
11. He is a christian nationalinst. He is both a christian and a nationalist. Country was founded by whites. Jews control America. Has read the Talmud.
12. Found out about PF from 4chan, we were young and fit. That is why he was interested in us. Decided to apply once he viewed our content, showed no red flags. Would help him organize and identify with. Would apply himself to activism.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, does not like it. Social trust drops, crime rates go up. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment
14. His family has been here since slaves from scotland and ireland. Some relatives to the French and Indian war. Mainly scotland. He is anglo white.
15. He is russian orthodox, never felt that religious and political beliefs were at odds, and could work with others.
16. He could offer human psychology, physical fitness, exercise science, firearms training, hunting, took some medical courses.
17. He is a competitive weight lifter, 7 minute mile, bench is 345lbs, over ten years of kicking boxing, wrestling.
18. Never been in any other groups, no like minded friends or family. Wants to be with like minded people.
19. Demographic change is the biggest problem.
20. Justified in self defense, could remain peaceful if attacked.
21. Last confrontation was when he was involved in a road rage incident, had someone broke into his house.
22. Gets his information from telegram and instagram., project veritas, dn fringe
23. Read harassment architecture, bible, HA gave a good perspective and energy of the book was entertaining.
24. Ideal family structure is a lot of kids, wife, in a rural area, strong community. Today people worship money, woman get jobs, quick gratification. Sexual reolution was a mistake. Anti- homosexuality, pornography, trans, etc. breaks his heart that people do this. Was homeless at 18yrs old, came back to the lord, raised by conservative parents
25. Admires thomas jefferson because of his racist parrot.
26. Despises the founder of the ADL
27. The nationalist movement isn't successful, america first is the only strong movement so far. PF has a standard of fitness, have good ideals.
28. Wants to have a family with kids, reach closer to god, and stay involved in fitness.
29. Has been fully truthful, wants to join for his kids
30. We should allow him in because he is a nationalist, and has a strong fitness ethic.

RESULT:Denied-Ideologically incompatible

notes:William TX
conducted:Tyler SD

Test question: Have you ever seen any of the organizations activism in person? No
Q1:is 26 years old
Q2:in Georgia, perm res
Q3:Savannah GA
Q4:never interviewed
Q5:has personal vehicle
Q6:no substance abuse, can abstain from nicotine and alcohol.
Q7:4 years ago was arrested for public drunkenness. "being a dumb kid" was outside a bar and got into a confrontation. he was legally carrying and told the others he was armed and to back away. He walked away to his car with a friend who decided to wave his phone around like it was a gun which caused police to be called.
Q8:no govt employment
Q9:no ailments
Q10:Has held his views most of his life. Has always leaned right and when he left high school he was swayed by mainstream society to believe the main stream narrative. He was very naive but you quickly learn that is not the way it is. He wanted to know the truth in any situation and the more hes looked into history, current events etc. mainstream media and those who own it are pushing lies/agenda. Doesnt like the way they lie. People who run the media are the establishment/1%. They are all communists. their goal is authoritarianism. They own a lot of academics. It is possible to push what they are pushing through capitalism but they would not have complete control
Q11:labels self as a traditionalist. believes in Religion believes in god. the mainstream tries to convince you that god doesnt exist. has always believed in God but he struggled with that when he was younger. Has had experiences with a higher power when he was younger. One day he was exiting a store when he was very depressed when someone washing the window when he got in his car and prayed asking for a sign. The man washing windows came over and asked if he had given Jesus a thought and said he was giving him a thought just now. the window washer gave him directions to his church and that church strengthened his religion.
Q12:found out about PF on the news or social media. Our march in Philadelphia or DC. Everyone said negative things about us and that we're all feds. He didnt believe it. "Theres no way people could do what theyre doing." That thinking bothered him and he looked on youtube and found a few videos of us. Was interested by our brotherhood and camaraderie. read our manifesto a week ago or so. He liked it, agreed with everything. we talked about our european heritage despite it being considered a negative thing. Its just being proud of who you are. was influenced to join by our camaraderie
Q13:has heard of civic nationalism. Legal migrants would have a better chance of becoming american. They have to spend a lot of money and resources to gain citizenship. They have a better chance of assimilating because they take it more seriously. In some way they are Americans. If your family came from a country and have strong ties but you were born here you would have dual loyalties and that would be a problem. Someone from Africa who came here legally could be American but they wouldnt as american as him because they werent born here. their children would be more american. There is not an ethnic component to being an american
Q14:family has been here since the 1740s. Originally from England, were huguenots. Describes self as white.
Q15:Is protestant, has been through different denominations, is a methodist but prefers the label of protestant. No conflict between religious and political beliefs. The bible says how to build a nation. what should and should not be done . His political and religious beliefs go hand in hand. could work with other activists of other religions.

Interviewee- 231248
Conductor: Jason_TX
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Question: Have you ever seen any pf the organizations activism in person?: Not in person. Seen pictures.

1. 21 years old

2. North Carolina. Perm res

3. Fayetteville

4. Never interviewed

5. Has vehicle

6. No substance abuse

7. No crimes

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments. Has to lose weight. Needs to lose about 40ibs to get where he wants to be. Could still march.

10. Grew up in patriotic house. Researched history at young age. Little by little saw how media and other groups chipped away at what he holds dear. Groups like Antifa and BLM. Groups that are burning down cities and tearing away what we hold dear. They promote degeneracy and everything that goes against what America was founded on. They have a backing and didn't spring up organically. They are funded by individuals within the government and certain people with vested interests. Tend to be Jewish/bankers/politicians. They want power and money. Has been looking for a group that he believes in. Doesn't agree with transgender or LGBT. Hates how it is shoved in the faces of children. A friend introduced him about 6 months ago to PF. America is his home and he will die here. "My people are Americans". Believes that soldiers should have been taken out of Afghanistan. We went there for a moral reason because we where attacked. The way we left was piss poor. Doesn't not believe in intervention. Nations should be able to handle themselves. We should not be the world police

11. Label: nationalist constitutionalists. Everyone has unalienable rights. My people and country come first. Constitution is supreme law of the land but it needs to be more explicit. We need to go back to America First. Researching political ideology around 2015/16 is how he came to this conclusion. Was near Fayetteville NC when there was a riot downtown during the George Floyd affair.

12. Friend of his brother in law showed him some stickers and said was working with PF about 6 months ago. Agreed with the message. Finally figured out how to join and did so. The messages on the pamphlets and the manifesto really made him want to join. Feels that this is the only group that can make change. Can't sit back while the country around him is torn apart. Wants to be part of a group of like minded Americans. Can do all of the activism.

13. Someone would really believe in America and call themselves an American before than can become one. You can't just walk over the border. You need to prove yourself. If they really truly loved America and worked towards it's goals, they can become American. They cannot be "African-American" or "German American". Being a citizen and being an American are not the same. People come here and become citizens but hate this country. Ideal American is someone who works. Someone who puts family and community first, someone who loves the people and wants to work for it's benefit. Has an understanding of our heritage, rights and traditions. There is not an ethnic component to being an American. Agrees with the statement that America is a nation of ideas.

14. Mothers side is German. Came here during the revolution. Dads side side where Norwegian potato farmers and lived in the north. Ethnically Scandinavian, German and Irish.

15. Christian. Non-denom. Brought up Baptist. Never had religious/political conflict. Believes that in the bible, God gives us the right to free will. Can work with other religions.

16. Has basic first aid skills. Has photography skills. Loves camping. Agrees with firearms statement.

17. Physical fitness is not terrible but not at athlete level. Can lift heavy stuff and walk long distances. 6ft2" 290ibs. No martial arts xp.

Interviewee- 313288
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: mostly personal details, beliefs

1. 24 yrs old
2. AR permanent resident
3. Near bentonville
4. Never interviewed before
5. Has access to vehicle
6. No drug abuse
7. no crimes
8. Never been employed by government
9. Has asthma problems, not severe
10. Started off not caring about politics, liberal. Then noticed double standards, became conservative, never was a republican. Eventually came to racial issues. Personally experienced discrimination when applying for college. Racially motivated crimes against whites isn't prosecuted, waukesha attack. Doesn't like pro-war republicans, does not benefit american interests. Joined identity europa
11. Labels himself as white nationalist, whites are the only people allowed to be discriminated against, saw this when applying to colleges.
12. Found out about PF by watching some of our marches, has seen posters in his town. Impressed by the DC march and is why he applied. Organization was optical. Would like to participate in activism, its important, other groups don’t.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, its misplaced but well intended. Focusing on nation as a nation state is missing the point, people don’t matter but ideas do to them.
14. Family came from england, little bit of spanish from mother side. He identifies as white.
15. Does not have religious beliefs, considered himself christian for awhile. Could work with others.
16. He is athletic, has made flyers before, has database knowledge. Created a database on violent antifa members. No medical training but is interested, no outdoorsmen skills.
17. He is currently above average physically. Mostly into lifting. Bench is 265lbs.
18. Was part of identity europa. Helped with database against antifa. Has like minded friends that he put out flyers with. Never been doxed
19. Biggest threat to america is high immigration rate because of racial change and problems from it.
20. Violence is justified in self defense, could reframe from initiating or partaking in violence.
21. Never been in a physical altercation.
22. Follows NJP, mike enock, stricker, the golden one (on telegram). Uses telegram the most.
23. Has not read very many books, read essays but no specifics.
24. Ideal family structure is mother, father, kids. Now the biggest issue is there is no father and divorce is rampant, some have no children. Against homosexuality, pornography, LBGTQ, no cases where it’s ok. Acouple personal friends were gay but no contact now.
25. Admires theodore roosevelt, he wasn't politically right or left. Was a nationalist.
26. Despises George W. Bush because of the wars he got us in.
27. Nationalists have a hard time appealing to the masses, activism can only get to people through the media which is controlled. Marching and going directly to the masses is the best.
28. He wants to have enough money to buy a house, start a family with his GF.
29. Has been truthful.
30. We should let him into PF because he will put his time and energy into it, wants PF specifically because we are the most successful.

Interviewee- 504149
Date: 12/16/21
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Tyler MD
Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?
A: Three weeks ago

IFQ1: 32
IFQ2: Florida, permanent resident
IFQ3: Miami nearest major city
IFQ4: Has not interviewed before
IFQ5: Has personal vehicle
IFQ6: Has not experienced drug abuse
IFQ7: Has not been charged with non traffic crimes
IFQ8: Was a marine reservist, 2010-16
IFQ9: No physical or mental ailments

SEQ1: We’re being slowly but surely taken over by foreigners, not happy about it. Needs to look into nationalist movements because he doesn’t like the way things are going. No one is speaking up for real Americans, only worried about the latest blacks. Didn’t pay much attention to politics until Trump came around. Trump seemed like the real deal, but he doesn’t know what happened to him. He liked that Trump spoke his mind. He liked the wall. Thought Trump was going to be more for White people but it didn’t really go that way.
Q14: “Not throwing a Hitler salute right now but getting there”. Cares about his nation and his people and doesn’t care about anyone else. His people are White people. Living in diversity led him to these conclusions.
SEQ2: Had heard a little about us, saw us marching in DC and thought it might be legit. Saw stickerings on 4chan. Saw fed accusations and disagreed, wanted to see what we’re about. He wants to take action. He can commit to some activism.
SEQ3: On civic nationalism, doesn’t think anything can work without segregation. America was built by and for Whites and needs homogeneity.
SEQ4: Descended from Robert Morris. Believes his family came from Scotland and Ireland. Describes himself ethnically as a White Anglo-Saxon
SEQ5: Christian. Religion and politics intertwined. Has no problem working with other religions if not antagonistic.
SEQ6: Skills include making apps, has built an inventorying system for cameras, works on cars and bikes. No outdoorsmanship or first aid to speak of.
SEQ7: “Shredded brah”. Has a fitness routine and does muay thai. 5’9” 175

TEQ1: Has not been involved with other groups. No likeminded friends or family
TEQ1.2: See himself as an activist doing legwork and logistics to keep things moving
TEQ2: Mass migration of godless savages is the greatest threat to America right now. Zionist Jews who hate White Christians are flooding us with savages to crush us.
TEQ3: Violence is justified in self defense. Wouldn’t initiate violence. Could keep his cool under pressure. Understands and agrees with the violence statement.
TEQ4: Had a fight seven years ago. Another’s alcohol fueled stupidity
TEQ5: Doesn’t use mainstream social media at all
TEQ6: Doesn’t have a specific book or essay to refer to, just lurks and sifts through ideas
TEQ7: Ideal family structure is a male and female nuclear family. What’s going on right now is absolutely degenerate. Pornography is a Jewish trick to destroy people’s psyches and should be shut down.
TEQ8: Admires JFK, seemed to be on our side, but doesn’t know if that’s true
TEQ9: Hates Obama and his transgender so called wife, for stoking hatred of Whites.
TEQ10: Thinks the manifesto is pretty much exactly what he thinks on the state of the movement and where it should go. Doesn’t hear about us in the news like the proud boys, and that’s a good sign that they’re not amplifying us.
TEQ11: Would like to buy a house and start a family. Wants to settle down and get away from mainstream life
TEQ12: Has spoken his mind and been fully honest
TEQ13: He has ancestors that built this country and he won’t sit back and watch it be destroyed.

RESULT: Accepted
Interviewee- 218895
Conductor: Sam_MN
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Q: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process?: No

1. 29

2. TN. Perm res.

3. Nashville

4. Never interviewed.

5. Has personal vehicle

6. Recovering alcoholic and narcotic addict. K2 Spice. Been clean for 7 years.

7. Once had a domestic incident with father that was resolved. Charge not on record.

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments. Has situational depression.

10. Very argumentative growing up. Developed passion for finding what is true. Applied that to everything. Tried to find political speakers that he liked. Heard Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro because they said some things that where true. Then found a clip of Mike Enoch talking about White Privilege and agreed with it. Became a TRS listener. Is a law abiding citizen and doesn't want to ne controversial but TRS are expressing truth that others are not. Race is a reality and has to be talked about. Does not listen to Shapiro anymore. He is a motivated Zionist and doesn't consider him a valid speaker.

11. Label: Federalist. Local bodies should have much more authority than they currently do. A drastically reduced role of the federal government. Should only accept immigrants from countries that are most genetically and dispositionally related to those that built this country. Has a nascent disposition to power. Political positions could change if he knew he could trust someone with power. A nationalist socialist government would be optimal but is hesitant to give that power to anyone. Zionism is opposed to everyone that does not support the state of Israel and power for the Jewish people. Has interacted with 10s of thousands of people for his job and learned that blacks do not tip. People of the founding stock are really good and the best at a lot of things.

12. Heard about some of our events. Assumed it was like the Proud Boys or oath keepers until he heard about DC and the reaction it got. Saw that the dissenters where completely unprepared for what we stood for. TRS also talked highly of us. Caused him to read the manifesto which he very much liked. Can apply himself to consistent activity.

13. Civic nationalism could work if practiced completely perfectly but it cannot be. Ethnic nationalism is the most logical.

14. Family has been in America since the Mayflower. UK. Mothers family came from Ukraine at the end of the 1800s. Ethnically white.

15. Is an avowed Christian. Is the most important thing to him. Never felt that religious and political beliefs collide. Can work with other religions as long as they don't give him shit about his religion.

16. Is an artist. Is 100% honest about everything. Is ahead of the curve on most issues.

17. Goes to the gym regularly. Is in good shape. Could run a mile in under 10. Sings Opera. Has some MuyThaic (I have no clue how to spell that) training.

18. Not part of any groups.

19. Biggest threat to America is degeneracy. It reduces peoples attention spans, changes what they see as important and ruins their relationships. Makes people unable to process simple truths

20. Violence is justified in self defense. It is not a viable choice of activism. Cold remain peaceful at actions. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Last physical confrontation was as a child

22. Views TRS. Likes to do research on his own. Likes National Justice and Strikers journalism.

23. Nietzsche was influential. He was fearless with his metaphysics and the way he evaluates ontologies. "Beyond Good and Evil". "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". The bible. Marcus Aralias. Used to like some Easter philosophy. Believes things because they are true and not because they benefit him.

24. Ideal family structure is father mother and a wider community. There is no family structure today. Current power structure encourages people to not revere children. Parents where well off and cared for him . Father was alcoholic. Typical Gen Xrs. Would support a ban on porn.

25. Admires George Washington because he walked away from power.

26. Despises Abraham Lincoln. He was completely disingenuous. Was self serving and opportunistic.

27. Nationalist movement has too much of an investment in the dialectic and "the game". People want to be seen as the smartest in the room. Personal character is more important than how smart you are. Knows that we select for certain good qualities.

28. Would like to complete bachelors degree then go into law school

29. Has been fully truthful though may have misspoke because of nerves.

30. Should be let in because he is "solid" and knows what we are looking for from members.

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