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Reminds me of Jason TX

2 and kick

Where yall at

Where am I needed

@Interviewee-705589 check you DMs shortly.

Will Planner. He is a member now maybe.

He was at national

Seems like it haha

Seems genuine

Warms my heart @SamMN

15 years for drugs

Is this Carter? lol


@SamMN How does he get news? Podcasts

@SamMN What does he think of Trum and Repubs

He has mentioned Blurmf a couple of times

Interviewee- 361213
Conductor: Sam_MN
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?: Last Saturday

1. 25 yo

2. TX. Perm res

3. Temple

4. Never interviewed.

5. Has personal vehicle

6. No substance abuse

7. No crimes

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments

10. Was apolitical in 2014. Was lurking on 4chan and found POL. Started seeing news stories and all the craziness from the last several years. Got to see CRT, anti-white/Christian/male collage policies.

11. Nationalist. had a fondness for American history. The country was founded for and by the people. It isn't anymore. Country is degenerate because of lack of self control. Country is in bad state because of Government, corporations, globalist which are mostly Jews.

12. Saw all the Unite the Right stuff. Has been following us for a couple of years. Doesn't remember where he first found us. Saw banner drops, stickers, and activism. Is fed up with just watching from the sidelines. Saw the DC march and thought it was "neat". Wanted to check it out. Is willing to meet up with people to do activism but doesn't want to et doxed.

13. Civic Nationalism is a concerted effort against white people. It is something we need to deal with. America is too many people/too many races. It is why it is falling apart. Honduran who is a first gen immigrant cannot be an American. His children or his children's children cannot either. Cannot be citizen just because you are born here.

14. 3 generations on dads side. Moms sided goes back to 1800s. French Ethnically is white.

15. Christian. Church of God. No religious/political conflicts. No problem working with other religions.

16. Has tech skills. Has some editing experience. No outdoorsmanship. Was in scouts. No medical training. Willing to learn.

17. Decently fit. Not overweight. Runs and lifts weight. Bench 135. Could run a mile in under 10. No martial arts.

18. Volunteered with Republicans. No like minded friends. Dad is red pilled. Wants to organize because he doesn't want to do nothing. Can do boots on the ground stuff. Could write or edit.

19. Multiple culturalism, diversity and open borders driving white people to extinction is the biggest threat to the org.

20. Violence in self defense. Personally thinks violence as a political end is a pipe dream right now. Can remain peaceful. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Cant think of physical confrontation.

22. Uses Gab but doesn't keep up much. Primarily get news from Gab or Tim Poole. Poole is a moderate.

23. American History books. George Washington biography. 1776 History of the Revolution. WWII: Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Albert Speer bio. Doctrine of Fascism. For my legionaries. Third Reich is an interesting time in history.

24. Husband Wife and Kids. Single mothers and divorced parents harms children. Same sex couples leads to abused children. Raided with mother and father with a relatively stable marriage. Parents where a little older. Trannies are a crime against nature. Porn is very damaging and should not be legal. Sexual revolution was a very unfortunate turn for this country. Opened the door to degeneracy.

25. Admires George Washington. Learned from his mistakes in 7 years war and beat Britain.

26. Despises MLK. Many of our problems are the result of civil rights.

27. Biggest flaw in nationalist movement is that we are all fractured. Movement is disorganized. Decentralized. PF is good with messaging and aesthetics. PF is one of the larger nationalist orgs. Trump had the right idea but he was bad at picking people and trusted establishment republicans. America first republicans (like Gosar) need to get in and change the party.

28. Wants to work a full time job and save money.

29. Has been honest

30. Should be let in because he is willing to try it and is sick of doing nothing.

Is Temple in your network? @WilliamTX


You need to mog this guy

@WilliamTX Record goes to Thomas correct?

@Interviewee-231248 Check your DMs soon.

Are you ready to interview?

Just put the whole link in.

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You're in the Jitzi room?

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Just copy and paste it.


@JasonTX Was not expecting that

I don't have much mercy when they take almost 15min to figure out how to join a room.

We can narrow this down in the civ nat q

@JasonTX It seems like this guy just binged on Reagan speeches.

He's not terrible. Really want to hear civnat answer.

@TylerSD He keep repeating these patriotic slogans and one liners that remind me of Reaganite GOP crap.

MacArthur would have beat those towl head Iraqis!

It made me lol

What does he think about the phrase. "We are a nation of ideas"



2 and end


@JasonTX Ask H and W


Interviewee- 231248
Conductor: Jason_TX
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Question: Have you ever seen any pf the organizations activism in person?: Not in person. Seen pictures.

1. 21 years old

2. North Carolina. Perm res

3. Fayetteville

4. Never interviewed

5. Has vehicle

6. No substance abuse

7. No crimes

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments. Has to lose weight. Needs to lose about 40ibs to get where he wants to be. Could still march.

10. Grew up in patriotic house. Researched history at young age. Little by little saw how media and other groups chipped away at what he holds dear. Groups like Antifa and BLM. Groups that are burning down cities and tearing away what we hold dear. They promote degeneracy and everything that goes against what America was founded on. They have a backing and didn't spring up organically. They are funded by individuals within the government and certain people with vested interests. Tend to be Jewish/bankers/politicians. They want power and money. Has been looking for a group that he believes in. Doesn't agree with transgender or LGBT. Hates how it is shoved in the faces of children. A friend introduced him about 6 months ago to PF. America is his home and he will die here. "My people are Americans". Believes that soldiers should have been taken out of Afghanistan. We went there for a moral reason because we where attacked. The way we left was piss poor. Doesn't not believe in intervention. Nations should be able to handle themselves. We should not be the world police

11. Label: nationalist constitutionalists. Everyone has unalienable rights. My people and country come first. Constitution is supreme law of the land but it needs to be more explicit. We need to go back to America First. Researching political ideology around 2015/16 is how he came to this conclusion. Was near Fayetteville NC when there was a riot downtown during the George Floyd affair.

12. Friend of his brother in law showed him some stickers and said was working with PF about 6 months ago. Agreed with the message. Finally figured out how to join and did so. The messages on the pamphlets and the manifesto really made him want to join. Feels that this is the only group that can make change. Can't sit back while the country around him is torn apart. Wants to be part of a group of like minded Americans. Can do all of the activism.

13. Someone would really believe in America and call themselves an American before than can become one. You can't just walk over the border. You need to prove yourself. If they really truly loved America and worked towards it's goals, they can become American. They cannot be "African-American" or "German American". Being a citizen and being an American are not the same. People come here and become citizens but hate this country. Ideal American is someone who works. Someone who puts family and community first, someone who loves the people and wants to work for it's benefit. Has an understanding of our heritage, rights and traditions. There is not an ethnic component to being an American. Agrees with the statement that America is a nation of ideas.

14. Mothers side is German. Came here during the revolution. Dads side side where Norwegian potato farmers and lived in the north. Ethnically Scandinavian, German and Irish.

15. Christian. Non-denom. Brought up Baptist. Never had religious/political conflict. Believes that in the bible, God gives us the right to free will. Can work with other religions.

16. Has basic first aid skills. Has photography skills. Loves camping. Agrees with firearms statement.

17. Physical fitness is not terrible but not at athlete level. Can lift heavy stuff and walk long distances. 6ft2" 290ibs. No martial arts xp.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 15, 2021 9:20 PM

If only



lol its true

What a tease.

Oh lord. This guy will talk forever.


Bens qurestion

Hate to cut him off.

More honest than most

Very good answer

RESULT: Accepted
Interviewee- 218895
Conductor: Sam_MN
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Q: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process?: No

1. 29

2. TN. Perm res.

3. Nashville

4. Never interviewed.

5. Has personal vehicle

6. Recovering alcoholic and narcotic addict. K2 Spice. Been clean for 7 years.

7. Once had a domestic incident with father that was resolved. Charge not on record.

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments. Has situational depression.

10. Very argumentative growing up. Developed passion for finding what is true. Applied that to everything. Tried to find political speakers that he liked. Heard Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro because they said some things that where true. Then found a clip of Mike Enoch talking about White Privilege and agreed with it. Became a TRS listener. Is a law abiding citizen and doesn't want to ne controversial but TRS are expressing truth that others are not. Race is a reality and has to be talked about. Does not listen to Shapiro anymore. He is a motivated Zionist and doesn't consider him a valid speaker.

11. Label: Federalist. Local bodies should have much more authority than they currently do. A drastically reduced role of the federal government. Should only accept immigrants from countries that are most genetically and dispositionally related to those that built this country. Has a nascent disposition to power. Political positions could change if he knew he could trust someone with power. A nationalist socialist government would be optimal but is hesitant to give that power to anyone. Zionism is opposed to everyone that does not support the state of Israel and power for the Jewish people. Has interacted with 10s of thousands of people for his job and learned that blacks do not tip. People of the founding stock are really good and the best at a lot of things.

12. Heard about some of our events. Assumed it was like the Proud Boys or oath keepers until he heard about DC and the reaction it got. Saw that the dissenters where completely unprepared for what we stood for. TRS also talked highly of us. Caused him to read the manifesto which he very much liked. Can apply himself to consistent activity.

13. Civic nationalism could work if practiced completely perfectly but it cannot be. Ethnic nationalism is the most logical.

14. Family has been in America since the Mayflower. UK. Mothers family came from Ukraine at the end of the 1800s. Ethnically white.

15. Is an avowed Christian. Is the most important thing to him. Never felt that religious and political beliefs collide. Can work with other religions as long as they don't give him shit about his religion.

16. Is an artist. Is 100% honest about everything. Is ahead of the curve on most issues.

17. Goes to the gym regularly. Is in good shape. Could run a mile in under 10. Sings Opera. Has some MuyThaic (I have no clue how to spell that) training.

18. Not part of any groups.

19. Biggest threat to America is degeneracy. It reduces peoples attention spans, changes what they see as important and ruins their relationships. Makes people unable to process simple truths

20. Violence is justified in self defense. It is not a viable choice of activism. Cold remain peaceful at actions. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Last physical confrontation was as a child

22. Views TRS. Likes to do research on his own. Likes National Justice and Strikers journalism.

23. Nietzsche was influential. He was fearless with his metaphysics and the way he evaluates ontologies. "Beyond Good and Evil". "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". The bible. Marcus Aralias. Used to like some Easter philosophy. Believes things because they are true and not because they benefit him.

24. Ideal family structure is father mother and a wider community. There is no family structure today. Current power structure encourages people to not revere children. Parents where well off and cared for him . Father was alcoholic. Typical Gen Xrs. Would support a ban on porn.

25. Admires George Washington because he walked away from power.

26. Despises Abraham Lincoln. He was completely disingenuous. Was self serving and opportunistic.

27. Nationalist movement has too much of an investment in the dialectic and "the game". People want to be seen as the smartest in the room. Personal character is more important than how smart you are. Knows that we select for certain good qualities.

28. Would like to complete bachelors degree then go into law school

29. Has been fully truthful though may have misspoke because of nerves.

30. Should be let in because he is "solid" and knows what we are looking for from members.

All good man. Best if luck with all your endeavors. If you are interested in helping the movement on the more conventional political level, I recommend looking into the National Justice Party if you haven’t already. I believe from my interactions with them that they have great potential.

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