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Me too

It says here he recorded it himself and put it on bitchute

His answers have been decent otherwise but this is astonishingly reckless and he's still using his real name

If accepted he would need some serious education in opsec

He's choking on nuance

He seems smart and responsible but he's not ideologically there

Doesn't know the relevant facts

I'm curious of his next answers but at this rate it's a no from me

He's a civnat

It's a no


He's solid it's a yes from me

Could Ben and I get a link to an active room

This guy is Cuban?

What kind of Cuban are we talking about


He sounds funny

I've never taken you to be proselytizing Ben. It's fine to talk about being proudly Catholic

I think the way he answered it introduces a liability

He said he's not sure if it's currently viable and the purpose of activism is to encourage people to take up arms

That's fine but he has to be careful about how he expresses that

He has the best voice of anyone tonight

lol the way he just said that abt himself was kind of narcissistic though

i don't like that even if it's true

yeah that was weird

the irish slaves meme

S a y i t

Did he say when was his last physical confrontation

Are you circling back to it

oh ok my apologies i stepped away

Indeed. I like this guy



This guy is great

Interviewee- 504149
Date: 12/16/21
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Tyler MD
Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?
A: Three weeks ago

IFQ1: 32
IFQ2: Florida, permanent resident
IFQ3: Miami nearest major city
IFQ4: Has not interviewed before
IFQ5: Has personal vehicle
IFQ6: Has not experienced drug abuse
IFQ7: Has not been charged with non traffic crimes
IFQ8: Was a marine reservist, 2010-16
IFQ9: No physical or mental ailments

SEQ1: We’re being slowly but surely taken over by foreigners, not happy about it. Needs to look into nationalist movements because he doesn’t like the way things are going. No one is speaking up for real Americans, only worried about the latest blacks. Didn’t pay much attention to politics until Trump came around. Trump seemed like the real deal, but he doesn’t know what happened to him. He liked that Trump spoke his mind. He liked the wall. Thought Trump was going to be more for White people but it didn’t really go that way.
Q14: “Not throwing a Hitler salute right now but getting there”. Cares about his nation and his people and doesn’t care about anyone else. His people are White people. Living in diversity led him to these conclusions.
SEQ2: Had heard a little about us, saw us marching in DC and thought it might be legit. Saw stickerings on 4chan. Saw fed accusations and disagreed, wanted to see what we’re about. He wants to take action. He can commit to some activism.
SEQ3: On civic nationalism, doesn’t think anything can work without segregation. America was built by and for Whites and needs homogeneity.
SEQ4: Descended from Robert Morris. Believes his family came from Scotland and Ireland. Describes himself ethnically as a White Anglo-Saxon
SEQ5: Christian. Religion and politics intertwined. Has no problem working with other religions if not antagonistic.
SEQ6: Skills include making apps, has built an inventorying system for cameras, works on cars and bikes. No outdoorsmanship or first aid to speak of.
SEQ7: “Shredded brah”. Has a fitness routine and does muay thai. 5’9” 175

TEQ1: Has not been involved with other groups. No likeminded friends or family
TEQ1.2: See himself as an activist doing legwork and logistics to keep things moving
TEQ2: Mass migration of godless savages is the greatest threat to America right now. Zionist Jews who hate White Christians are flooding us with savages to crush us.
TEQ3: Violence is justified in self defense. Wouldn’t initiate violence. Could keep his cool under pressure. Understands and agrees with the violence statement.
TEQ4: Had a fight seven years ago. Another’s alcohol fueled stupidity
TEQ5: Doesn’t use mainstream social media at all
TEQ6: Doesn’t have a specific book or essay to refer to, just lurks and sifts through ideas
TEQ7: Ideal family structure is a male and female nuclear family. What’s going on right now is absolutely degenerate. Pornography is a Jewish trick to destroy people’s psyches and should be shut down.
TEQ8: Admires JFK, seemed to be on our side, but doesn’t know if that’s true
TEQ9: Hates Obama and his transgender so called wife, for stoking hatred of Whites.
TEQ10: Thinks the manifesto is pretty much exactly what he thinks on the state of the movement and where it should go. Doesn’t hear about us in the news like the proud boys, and that’s a good sign that they’re not amplifying us.
TEQ11: Would like to buy a house and start a family. Wants to settle down and get away from mainstream life
TEQ12: Has spoken his mind and been fully honest
TEQ13: He has ancestors that built this country and he won’t sit back and watch it be destroyed.

I have an account it needs be authenticated by someone correct


wow it's Q himself

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