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Interviewee- 102158
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: We will discuss my political and religious beliefs.

1.27 yrs old
2.PA permanent resident
3.Pittsburgh interview before
5. Access to vehicle drug abuse crimes government employment
9. No ailments
10. Grew up in a liberal city, experienced diversity, and was discriminated against. Conservatives didn't represent him, they sit on their hands. Told he was responcible for slavery and colonialism.
11. He is a christian nationalinst. He is both a christian and a nationalist. Country was founded by whites. Jews control America. Has read the Talmud.
12. Found out about PF from 4chan, we were young and fit. That is why he was interested in us. Decided to apply once he viewed our content, showed no red flags. Would help him organize and identify with. Would apply himself to activism.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, does not like it. Social trust drops, crime rates go up. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment
14. His family has been here since slaves from scotland and ireland. Some relatives to the French and Indian war. Mainly scotland. He is anglo white.
15. He is russian orthodox, never felt that religious and political beliefs were at odds, and could work with others.
16. He could offer human psychology, physical fitness, exercise science, firearms training, hunting, took some medical courses.
17. He is a competitive weight lifter, 7 minute mile, bench is 345lbs, over ten years of kicking boxing, wrestling.
18. Never been in any other groups, no like minded friends or family. Wants to be with like minded people.
19. Demographic change is the biggest problem.
20. Justified in self defense, could remain peaceful if attacked.
21. Last confrontation was when he was involved in a road rage incident, had someone broke into his house.
22. Gets his information from telegram and instagram., project veritas, dn fringe
23. Read harassment architecture, bible, HA gave a good perspective and energy of the book was entertaining.
24. Ideal family structure is a lot of kids, wife, in a rural area, strong community. Today people worship money, woman get jobs, quick gratification. Sexual reolution was a mistake. Anti- homosexuality, pornography, trans, etc. breaks his heart that people do this. Was homeless at 18yrs old, came back to the lord, raised by conservative parents
25. Admires thomas jefferson because of his racist parrot.
26. Despises the founder of the ADL
27. The nationalist movement isn't successful, america first is the only strong movement so far. PF has a standard of fitness, have good ideals.
28. Wants to have a family with kids, reach closer to god, and stay involved in fitness.
29. Has been fully truthful, wants to join for his kids
30. We should allow him in because he is a nationalist, and has a strong fitness ethic.