Message from WilliamTX

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RESULT:Denied-Ideologically incompatible

notes:William TX
conducted:Tyler SD

Test question: Have you ever seen any of the organizations activism in person? No
Q1:is 26 years old
Q2:in Georgia, perm res
Q3:Savannah GA
Q4:never interviewed
Q5:has personal vehicle
Q6:no substance abuse, can abstain from nicotine and alcohol.
Q7:4 years ago was arrested for public drunkenness. "being a dumb kid" was outside a bar and got into a confrontation. he was legally carrying and told the others he was armed and to back away. He walked away to his car with a friend who decided to wave his phone around like it was a gun which caused police to be called.
Q8:no govt employment
Q9:no ailments
Q10:Has held his views most of his life. Has always leaned right and when he left high school he was swayed by mainstream society to believe the main stream narrative. He was very naive but you quickly learn that is not the way it is. He wanted to know the truth in any situation and the more hes looked into history, current events etc. mainstream media and those who own it are pushing lies/agenda. Doesnt like the way they lie. People who run the media are the establishment/1%. They are all communists. their goal is authoritarianism. They own a lot of academics. It is possible to push what they are pushing through capitalism but they would not have complete control
Q11:labels self as a traditionalist. believes in Religion believes in god. the mainstream tries to convince you that god doesnt exist. has always believed in God but he struggled with that when he was younger. Has had experiences with a higher power when he was younger. One day he was exiting a store when he was very depressed when someone washing the window when he got in his car and prayed asking for a sign. The man washing windows came over and asked if he had given Jesus a thought and said he was giving him a thought just now. the window washer gave him directions to his church and that church strengthened his religion.
Q12:found out about PF on the news or social media. Our march in Philadelphia or DC. Everyone said negative things about us and that we're all feds. He didnt believe it. "Theres no way people could do what theyre doing." That thinking bothered him and he looked on youtube and found a few videos of us. Was interested by our brotherhood and camaraderie. read our manifesto a week ago or so. He liked it, agreed with everything. we talked about our european heritage despite it being considered a negative thing. Its just being proud of who you are. was influenced to join by our camaraderie
Q13:has heard of civic nationalism. Legal migrants would have a better chance of becoming american. They have to spend a lot of money and resources to gain citizenship. They have a better chance of assimilating because they take it more seriously. In some way they are Americans. If your family came from a country and have strong ties but you were born here you would have dual loyalties and that would be a problem. Someone from Africa who came here legally could be American but they wouldnt as american as him because they werent born here. their children would be more american. There is not an ethnic component to being an american
Q14:family has been here since the 1740s. Originally from England, were huguenots. Describes self as white.
Q15:Is protestant, has been through different denominations, is a methodist but prefers the label of protestant. No conflict between religious and political beliefs. The bible says how to build a nation. what should and should not be done . His political and religious beliefs go hand in hand. could work with other activists of other religions.