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Conductor: Jason_TX
Notetaker: Randolph_IL

Test Question: Have you ever seen any pf the organizations activism in person?: Not in person. Seen pictures.

1. 21 years old

2. North Carolina. Perm res

3. Fayetteville

4. Never interviewed

5. Has vehicle

6. No substance abuse

7. No crimes

8. No gov employment.

9. No ailments. Has to lose weight. Needs to lose about 40ibs to get where he wants to be. Could still march.

10. Grew up in patriotic house. Researched history at young age. Little by little saw how media and other groups chipped away at what he holds dear. Groups like Antifa and BLM. Groups that are burning down cities and tearing away what we hold dear. They promote degeneracy and everything that goes against what America was founded on. They have a backing and didn't spring up organically. They are funded by individuals within the government and certain people with vested interests. Tend to be Jewish/bankers/politicians. They want power and money. Has been looking for a group that he believes in. Doesn't agree with transgender or LGBT. Hates how it is shoved in the faces of children. A friend introduced him about 6 months ago to PF. America is his home and he will die here. "My people are Americans". Believes that soldiers should have been taken out of Afghanistan. We went there for a moral reason because we where attacked. The way we left was piss poor. Doesn't not believe in intervention. Nations should be able to handle themselves. We should not be the world police

11. Label: nationalist constitutionalists. Everyone has unalienable rights. My people and country come first. Constitution is supreme law of the land but it needs to be more explicit. We need to go back to America First. Researching political ideology around 2015/16 is how he came to this conclusion. Was near Fayetteville NC when there was a riot downtown during the George Floyd affair.

12. Friend of his brother in law showed him some stickers and said was working with PF about 6 months ago. Agreed with the message. Finally figured out how to join and did so. The messages on the pamphlets and the manifesto really made him want to join. Feels that this is the only group that can make change. Can't sit back while the country around him is torn apart. Wants to be part of a group of like minded Americans. Can do all of the activism.

13. Someone would really believe in America and call themselves an American before than can become one. You can't just walk over the border. You need to prove yourself. If they really truly loved America and worked towards it's goals, they can become American. They cannot be "African-American" or "German American". Being a citizen and being an American are not the same. People come here and become citizens but hate this country. Ideal American is someone who works. Someone who puts family and community first, someone who loves the people and wants to work for it's benefit. Has an understanding of our heritage, rights and traditions. There is not an ethnic component to being an American. Agrees with the statement that America is a nation of ideas.

14. Mothers side is German. Came here during the revolution. Dads side side where Norwegian potato farmers and lived in the north. Ethnically Scandinavian, German and Irish.

15. Christian. Non-denom. Brought up Baptist. Never had religious/political conflict. Believes that in the bible, God gives us the right to free will. Can work with other religions.

16. Has basic first aid skills. Has photography skills. Loves camping. Agrees with firearms statement.

17. Physical fitness is not terrible but not at athlete level. Can lift heavy stuff and walk long distances. 6ft2" 290ibs. No martial arts xp.