Message from JesseAR

RocketChat ID: C8dPYNAYiSrdcumpN

RESULT: DENIED, dull to the point of questionable mental state.
Conductor: Tyler SD
Notetaker: Jesse AR

Test Question: Have you seen any of our activism in person? No

Q1: 17 years old.
Q2: IL. Permanent resident.
Q3: Lives near Chicago.
Q4: No past interviews.
Q5: Has a vehicle.
Q6: Used weed a few years back. Clean for years. Addicted to cigarettes.
Q7: No crimes.
Q8: No government employ.
Q9: No ailments.
Q10: His stepmom got attacked by a BLM rioter last year, and people on the internet were calling them White Supremacists. Didn't consider himself a racist for some time, but began thinking that he should be keeping to his own. Listening to GLR's speeches and has read his books in the past. Got into National Socialism for a while, but realized that he is not German so he dropped the title.
Q11: Describes himself as a Fascist. The economic and social values match his own. Fascist governments are successful by nature. Knows that he is still new to this ideology. Has never been accepted by anyone other than those of his race. Lives in a black-majority area, been chased out of areas before.
Q12: A few months ago, one of his friends (from Omegle) mentioned our organization as one that was "the real deal". Liked the Manifesto. Saw one of our demos on our website and it made him want to get involved. He saw the effect we had and recognized the impact of the DC march. We represent what he beliefs, such as Patriotism, pride in race and nation. He wanted to join because we have the same values.
Q13: Unfamiliar with Civic Nationalism. Foreigners cannot become American because they weren't born here. This is true for Europeans as well, because they were not American. There is an ethnic component to being American, being born here. Blacks born here are American, but they're not White. They're not like us because they were just brought here, they didn't build it.
Q14: Dad's side is from Ireland. Came over in the 1800's. Mom's side came from Sicily. Describes himself ethnically as White.