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Interviewee- 394184
34/AR/Swifton near Jonesboro
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA

Denied: Liability, (hasn’t reformed his beliefs since swastika face mask scandal.)

Test Question: what do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: thinks it will be about his view

1.34 yrs old
2.Lives in AR, permanent resident
3.Lives in swifton near jonesboro
4.Never interviewed before
5.acess to vehicle drug abuse
7. Violated city ordinates for chickens, nothing else
8. No government employment
9. Straduct arthritis, basically regular arthritis. “Something he is capable of dealing with” no major complications
10. Started off as a democrat, went to college in CA. graduated and got a job, became a standard republican, got older and now feels lost with no representation. Met new people and went from libertarian to Nationalist politics. Doesn't want to give up the country to communists.
11. Spiritually he is agnostic but politically he is an American nationalist. Feels disenfranchised from political parties. JQ woke, thinks jews want to drain whites, through wars and financial activities. Pays politicians and orchestrate illegal immigration. Our country is weak. Jews want foreign immigration to replace whites and give themselves protective status. Started out with the american dream but realized everything has been outsourced and no way to raise a family. Nationalism gives him hope.
12. Found out about PF from the news (DC march), saw us on Fox News. really liked our professionalism, he can relate to our outfit (Khaki pants). He can make banners.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism doesn't agree with it, foreigners can try but need to have roots here to be american. Ethnic component to be american because it's the roots of the tree. European ancestry evolved this society, others are not. Genetic difference.
14.his family has been here for 4 generations originated from france and canada, mostly english and western european.
15. Christian beliefs but agnostic, gets along with christians, a lot of good in the bible. Couldn’t stay democrat because they support abortion, christianinty is a good basis for society. Can work with anyone other than jews
16. Prefered skill sets is graphic designs, laser etching, is a custom heat transfer shirts, vinyl detailing.
17. Currently not obese, 6ft ½ and 270lbs, orange belt in karati, fencing
18. Did activism in the past, protesting covid in CA. victoria smith flyers, white unity front fliers, father and wife are like minded.Has been doxxed for wearing a mask people didn’t like. Wore a swastika mask with family to piss off people supporting mask mandates. Had business shut down, but is building it back up.
19. Wanted to organize because he felt isolated
20. Biggest threat is our sovereignty, has been stolen, need it back
21. Feels that 2nd amendment is necessary, self defense is important, could remain peaceful if attacked.
22. Last altercation was when he was robbed
23. Uses telegram, bitchute, gab, facebook accounts for entertainment. Follows gdl, fascifist channel, vincent james, rally report,
24. Haven't read a lot of books but listened to a lot of podcasts. Knows alot about Lindbergh and henry ford. Read “doom”, things are never what they seem, manipulation is not always straight forward.
25. Ideal family structure is a biological man and woman having as many kids as possible. Currently no families and people use government assistance. Feels like an alien, grew up in a traditional family, tried to do the same for his family but feels helpless, its alot harder. Tolerance to homsexuality but dioesnt want kids exposed to it, promiscuity is a problem, trans is a sick joke, pornography is horrible, devalues relationship, worked in a porn shop at 18, now against it after seeing what it did to people.
26. Admires henry ford, sad he wasn't more successful. Likes his writings. Lindbergh was good too.
27. Despises MLK because he was a George Floyd, built up as a hero but another commie shill.
28. Nationalist movement isn't flawed, just a large spectrum. Real problem is big tech censorship. PF is a uniformity oriented group in the nationalist scene.
Father of 2 and wife

Interviewee- 102158
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: We will discuss my political and religious beliefs.

1.27 yrs old
2.PA permanent resident
3.Pittsburgh interview before
5. Access to vehicle drug abuse crimes government employment
9. No ailments
10. Grew up in a liberal city, experienced diversity, and was discriminated against. Conservatives didn't represent him, they sit on their hands. Told he was responcible for slavery and colonialism.
11. He is a christian nationalinst. He is both a christian and a nationalist. Country was founded by whites. Jews control America. Has read the Talmud.
12. Found out about PF from 4chan, we were young and fit. That is why he was interested in us. Decided to apply once he viewed our content, showed no red flags. Would help him organize and identify with. Would apply himself to activism.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, does not like it. Social trust drops, crime rates go up. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment
14. His family has been here since slaves from scotland and ireland. Some relatives to the French and Indian war. Mainly scotland. He is anglo white.
15. He is russian orthodox, never felt that religious and political beliefs were at odds, and could work with others.
16. He could offer human psychology, physical fitness, exercise science, firearms training, hunting, took some medical courses.
17. He is a competitive weight lifter, 7 minute mile, bench is 345lbs, over ten years of kicking boxing, wrestling.
18. Never been in any other groups, no like minded friends or family. Wants to be with like minded people.
19. Demographic change is the biggest problem.
20. Justified in self defense, could remain peaceful if attacked.
21. Last confrontation was when he was involved in a road rage incident, had someone broke into his house.
22. Gets his information from telegram and instagram., project veritas, dn fringe
23. Read harassment architecture, bible, HA gave a good perspective and energy of the book was entertaining.
24. Ideal family structure is a lot of kids, wife, in a rural area, strong community. Today people worship money, woman get jobs, quick gratification. Sexual reolution was a mistake. Anti- homosexuality, pornography, trans, etc. breaks his heart that people do this. Was homeless at 18yrs old, came back to the lord, raised by conservative parents
25. Admires thomas jefferson because of his racist parrot.
26. Despises the founder of the ADL
27. The nationalist movement isn't successful, america first is the only strong movement so far. PF has a standard of fitness, have good ideals.
28. Wants to have a family with kids, reach closer to god, and stay involved in fitness.
29. Has been fully truthful, wants to join for his kids
30. We should allow him in because he is a nationalist, and has a strong fitness ethic.

Interviewee 182239 needs to be kicked.

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We skipped if he has interviewed in this process before @SamuelVA

Ya ment MN

Interviewee- 313288
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: mostly personal details, beliefs

1. 24 yrs old
2. AR permanent resident
3. Near bentonville
4. Never interviewed before
5. Has access to vehicle
6. No drug abuse
7. no crimes
8. Never been employed by government
9. Has asthma problems, not severe
10. Started off not caring about politics, liberal. Then noticed double standards, became conservative, never was a republican. Eventually came to racial issues. Personally experienced discrimination when applying for college. Racially motivated crimes against whites isn't prosecuted, waukesha attack. Doesn't like pro-war republicans, does not benefit american interests. Joined identity europa
11. Labels himself as white nationalist, whites are the only people allowed to be discriminated against, saw this when applying to colleges.
12. Found out about PF by watching some of our marches, has seen posters in his town. Impressed by the DC march and is why he applied. Organization was optical. Would like to participate in activism, its important, other groups don’t.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, its misplaced but well intended. Focusing on nation as a nation state is missing the point, people don’t matter but ideas do to them.
14. Family came from england, little bit of spanish from mother side. He identifies as white.
15. Does not have religious beliefs, considered himself christian for awhile. Could work with others.
16. He is athletic, has made flyers before, has database knowledge. Created a database on violent antifa members. No medical training but is interested, no outdoorsmen skills.
17. He is currently above average physically. Mostly into lifting. Bench is 265lbs.
18. Was part of identity europa. Helped with database against antifa. Has like minded friends that he put out flyers with. Never been doxed
19. Biggest threat to america is high immigration rate because of racial change and problems from it.
20. Violence is justified in self defense, could reframe from initiating or partaking in violence.
21. Never been in a physical altercation.
22. Follows NJP, mike enock, stricker, the golden one (on telegram). Uses telegram the most.
23. Has not read very many books, read essays but no specifics.
24. Ideal family structure is mother, father, kids. Now the biggest issue is there is no father and divorce is rampant, some have no children. Against homosexuality, pornography, LBGTQ, no cases where it’s ok. Acouple personal friends were gay but no contact now.
25. Admires theodore roosevelt, he wasn't politically right or left. Was a nationalist.
26. Despises George W. Bush because of the wars he got us in.
27. Nationalists have a hard time appealing to the masses, activism can only get to people through the media which is controlled. Marching and going directly to the masses is the best.
28. He wants to have enough money to buy a house, start a family with his GF.
29. Has been truthful.
30. We should let him into PF because he will put his time and energy into it, wants PF specifically because we are the most successful.

7 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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