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REJECTED - OBESE, told to reapply in 6-12 months

Interviewee - 806332



Conductor: WillTX
Notetaker: JasonTX

Test Question: have you spoken to anyone before about the process? No

1. 33 y/o

2. West Virginia, permres

3. closest major city is Pittsburg

4. never interviewed in this process b4

5. no drugs. smokes tobacco, is weeding off of it.

6. no crimes

7. works as a contract worker through cps as a truency case worker

8. has generalize anxiety disorder, diagnosed. takes propananol for enxiety. no xanax. disorder does not inhibit function. should be able to engage in marches.

9. started "more to the left" growing up leaning more towards the "far left". the values this country was founded on have been thrown in the trash. the problem is not White people, Christianity or the Constituion it's certain groups and people. Special interests have completely taken over and have made Americans conform to what they believe. It's a betrayal to this country. Ny "far left" is means he was a socialist, was active for three years in college in his early 20s. This country was founded on the idea that you work hard, you get out what you put in. The freedom to express yourself and the collective that came here who stopped listening to what a monarch told him. Believes the Founders instilled a Christian core. Mercy was given to foreigners to come here but because of that wae have to sacrifice our values. Everybody on Earth has their sovereignty and when people come into their country they are expected to conform. Here that same sovereignty is not extended. Every country has it's history of how it's founded. The Founders have to be respected and when he was on the "Left" he was told to shut up for being a straight, White, ZChristian. This is his counry. Mother's side has been here since the Revolutionary War. The fringe groups taking over are BLM, LGBT, etc. Not going to validate the LGBT's mental illness. Has dealt with the DNC and if you stand up for this country they label you as evil. the Democrat party has socialist, anti-American elements. These groups get money from foreign sources. Get money from Russia, Venezuela, etc.

10. considers himself a nationalist, believes in the core values that made up this country. The real Americans, to him, are people that actually know the history, respect the govt of the people, tjhose that actually took part in it's foundation and continuation. America stands for the core pillars that the Founders intended. Nationalism is to defend your country and heritage. What makes a person great is where they stand in that society and what they do fo rsaid society. If an individual doesn't better a society they shouldn't be a part of the national. Family from Cuba and originally from Spain. Grandfather admired Franco. Americans come from Europe. It must be defended. The Founders intended for America to remain European in essence. For the country to be lead by those of European decent and have Christian values.

11. first found out about our Org from a documentary by Media2Rise on YT. It resonated with him a lot. Has been trying to find a group he can be a part of but also be active and learn more of what it means to be an American nationalist. PF is more about activism, but he also finding is own personal political niche. The Media2Rise doku led him to the manifesto which realy resonated with him. The first thing that stood out to him the part about foreign influence. He wants to be active, something needs to be done. Wants a group where he can learn from people that have been "in this" longer than him. Doesn't want to sit on the sidelines.