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  1. Believes violence is justified in self-defense. Doesn't believe we are in circumstances that would justify it now, but believes we may be heading in that direction. Had a very thorough answer as to why it is currently ineffective, only effective when society has totally broken down (more thorough than that, "best yet" - Jesse AR). Agrees he could compose self in the same way as the Org's activists.

    12. Last physical altercation was when he was 14.

    13. Follows Zero Hedge (likes it the most), RT, and "the lying media heads" such as Fox, etc. Follows Western Chauvinist Thomas Sewell, Aryan Fitness, Folkish Resistence, PF.

    14. Top 3 works that have: Decline of the West - Spengler, The Squire's Trial - Slavros, Ride of the Tiger. Was a janny for Iron March, spoke with James Mason, Slavros, among others during his time there. But was not affiliated with any groups during his time, but knew guys who started up the first Atomwaffen groups; wasn't a huge fan of their "goofiness" and "schizophrenic ramblings".

    15. Ideal family structure is nuclear family. Problems with current US family is that there's no moral structure, it's been destroyed, single mother's have been the new standard; lack of marriage, lack of structure, lack of moral framework are gone from modern families by propaganda and rot. Was raised by a single mother and broken larger family, it was through that he saw what was wrong with having no structure first hand; unsure how he came out the other side unscathed.

    16. Admires Washington, but did say Rockwell first, Washington because he was an incredible idealist. It was his strong beliefs and their application towards a harsh reality that held together the Country in it's infancy.

    17. Despises the Clintons' the most as they have been responsible for bankrolling and organizing the cultural marxism rampant in education system, calls HRC a pig who has many times come so close to plunging this country into extreme rot atop what they already did.

    18. Says flaws in Nationalist movements is lack of clarity, says that Nationalism on it's surface lacks structure as it can be left/centrist/right and therefore requires ideological structure and uniformity. PF fits in as it provides that structure, through ideas, uniform, and discipline.

    19. Would like to establish his name in the movement, yell, speak, feels he's been muzzled and wants to express himself. Would like to help out others, build community.

    20. Claims to have been fully truthful.

    21. Believes he should be let in because he is fully devoted, refuses to sit on the sidelines.