Message from TylerSD

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35/MD/D.C. (Is Permres)

Conductor: Sam MN
Notes: Tyler SD

Result: Accepted

Test: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: About 7 days ago.

Interviewed before: No.
Transport: Yes.
Drugs: No.
Crimes: None.
Govt Employ: Was in the marine corp, not active duty, left 8 years ago. Not involved with mil intelligence.
Ailments: None.

SEQ1: A few years ago came across app called "know your jew", starting noticing pattern and how the world really is. The sources of all the political problems (jews) was realized, it then through telegram (names proud boys, and NS groups), which lead him to Europa: The Last Battle which further pushed him forwards. Admits he was originally apprehensive with brainwashing he was brought up with, it was after Europa: The Last Battle he realized that there was a spun narrative which hid important details about reality; named Hitlers attempts at peace, Hitler allowing the withdrawal at Dunkirk, the Polish aggression that provoked Hitler. Doesn't believe holocaust happened (states various proofs). Western Chauvinist, Shadowman311, Full Tide were especially influential TG channels.

SEQ2: Labels self as a fascist, because of the idea that we are stronger together, that the only way forward is to 1488. Describes 'we' as White Americans. Story about his upbringing, had a Black neighbor who pushed him to admit that he's racist, that our cultures are meant to be distinct.

SEQ3: Found out about the Org through activism reposted by The Western Chauvinist. The impression that pushed him over was the reaction from mainstream right slandering us as feds, in addition to the group being organized and not just talking on the internet (namely the banners and marches demonstrated that to him).

SEQ4: Wants to join because he must help secure the future for his children (4, wow). Willing to do activism.

SEQ5: Heard of civnationalism, states it's a farce because it's too abstract and a nation is comprised of it's people.

SEQ6: Family came from England, came on the mayflower; he is Irish, English and French.

SEQ7: Is Christian, never felt like it was at odds with his political beliefs. Would have no issues working with activists of other religions.

SEQ8: Has outdoorsmanship skills (marines and boy scouts, very familiar with camping and hiking), knows basic first aid, was radio operator.

SEQ9: Able to run mile in under 10 min, is very active in general. Very familiar with wrestling, intermediate in Ju Jitsu. Is 5'9" 160lbs.

TEQ1: Never been a part of any other groups. Dad and wife are like-minded.
TEQ1.2: Wanting to help improve the lives of his children made him want to organize.

TEQ2: Believes biggest threat to US is the media/government; media pushed degen and covers for the gov, launders misinformation to the determent of society; government because they are ineffective (admits that it was by design but things have gone too far).

TEQ3: In self-defense violence is justified, doesn't believe it's a viable strategy right now (would do more harm than good because it would play into the plans of our enemies). Would be able to remain peaceful if provoked or attacked at demos.

TEQ4: Last physical altercation was around 2013/2012, he got in a minor fight with a guy.

TEQ5: Follows (TG) America First people (Lauren Witske was named), Police Frequency, DiscloseTV for information. Some info from Gab. Gets emails from 'Patriot Post', which is more normie but keeps him looped in.

TEQ6: The Approaching Fury, book about what lead to the civil war, was particularly influential. Some Ayn Rand book (couldn't remember name). An essay written by Andrew Torban about how masculinity has been subverted. They were influential because they strongly stated what reality is.

TEQ7: Nuclear family stated as ideal family structure. That differs from today because of how many less exist today (28%) versus the 60s (~60%), in addition to the propaganda being pushed. Raised by dad (divorced). Thinks porn and promiscuity is immoral and should be banned.

TEQ8: Admires George Patton the most, because of his admittance of the mistake that was made in WWII.

TEQ9: Despises Lincoln the most because of his aggression on the South. Makes comparison to couple wanting to break up and the other partner pulling a gun to make them stay.

TEQ10: Says largest issue with nationalism movement is the lukewarmness of them, how they harbor complacently (names mainstream, Groypers). Org fits into thoughts by how it organizes, is in shape, that it's building communities to push our goals further down the road.

TEQ11: Sees self working to help straighten out the mess society is in.

TEQ12: Has been entirely truthful about everything said.

TEQ13: Believes he should be in the org because he has the conviction to do what needs to be done to contribute towards moving the country in the right direction.