Message from TylerSD

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Result: Accepted


22 Years Old/CO/Denver (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jon UT
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Answer: Political and socio-economic views, religious, character and moral base.

1. Yes.

2. Used illegal drugs in HS, but has been clean for over 2 years.

3. No criminal history.

4. Worked for the city of thornton when he was 16/17 (government).

5. Has tendentious that is going away.

6. Was concerned with pleasing family/society until Trump came around, then (as a normie) was quite the "MAGA-tard" until 18/19, when he got "radicalized" into believing what his forefathers believed. Between marxism being crammed down his throat and noticing patterns like conservatives never enacting action and jews conducting both sides of the political isles which drove him towards that direction. Ironically, on instagram of all places he got red-pilled by pages posting empirical facts which drove him away from his past beliefs and habits.

7. Describes self as a Fascist, White Ethno-nationalist, American Traditionalist. Believes that it's the correct mode of being as the commy left and free market worshiping right are controlled op by jews. Society helped instill that in him as jewish propaganda was so forcefully pushed on him and forced him to notice patterns. Believes Whites are the largest problem before them because though they can enrapture the masses, they are the ones which see through their propaganda.

8. Wants to rejoin the org because he is capable of fully dedicating himself to the organization. He was so enlabored by familial circumstances which causes him to be inactive in the first place. The influence that had him join in the first place was a big banner dropped in Texas, which covered a BLM billboard and got the Org a ton of recruitment from that event (including himself). Is willing to dedicate himself to activism in the Organization.

9. Believes there is an ethnic component to being an American, a conglomeration of the best of European stock.

10. Family came on the mayflower, can prove it.

11. Is a Orthodox Christian, a church helped him out when he needed it the most and they're not pozzed which is why he's there despite previously coming from a Southern Baptist background. Never felt like religious beliefs are at odds with his political belief, even goes as far to say that the Church is at conflict with the Bible; quotes Revelation 2:9 (synogogue of satan). No issues working with members of other religions.

12. Is in school for programming (will be useful in the future as more time goes on), used to be pretty fluid with video/audio software (though says he would still be useful), can weld, has access to powder/painting equipment (says maybe useful for shields).