Message from TylerSD

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  1. Has amateur audio/video skills, made some PF edits, runs an Active Club in Kansas. Has experience in a variety of martial arts, including marine corps martial arts, ju jitsu, kung fu, karate (and more). Has been body-building for the last 2 years, sub-8 minute mile. Has people who are similarly minded in his Active Club (would recommend 3 or 4 of them). Runs 1 or 2 times a week, lifts 3 or 4 times a week, job is labor intensive. 5'9" 230 or 240 lbs. Would be able to teach basics of the martial arts he outlined.

    14. Was loosely part of White-lives-matter (stickering), was a part of IE and left when their discord server got doxxed. Brother is like-minded, other friends aren't. The doxxing occurred because an employee reported him to corp HR for violations after he went to a college event (happened around jan 6th so tensions were high there). Feels like he's taken the appropriate steps to prevent that by taking security more seriously, but also is somewhat indifferent because he knows he can bounce back.

    15. Says the biggest threat to America is the people pulling the levers. Unsure whether it's the Masons, Jews, or both but says it's some variation of that.

    16. Believes that violence is justified in response to a threat. Doesn't believe it is the proper route for the change he seeks, would be able to remain peaceful as the Org's activists do.

    17. Last physical confrontation was about two years ago, working in bar security he had to throw a guy out.

    18. Views TG regularly, top channels are: PF, Fascist Fitness, Thomas Sewell.

    19. Ride the Tiger and Men Amongst the Ruins were especially influential on him, as it relates to subversive influence on society and the need for great men to take control.

    20. Describes nuclear family as ideal, with close network of extended family. Today differs as we will in a society of broken homes, raised by technology. He was raised by a strong intact family. Believes porn, trannies (etc), promiscuity is ruining society, should not exist within a household; weeds that need to be plucked.

    21. Likes Davey Crocket, General Lee, and Andrew Jackson; Jackson especially as he suffered through being in a prison camp and watching his brothers rot away and die. Crocket because he exemplifies the adventurous spirit of the White man.

    22. Despises Alexander Hamilton the most, because he was a crypto-jew, subversive, created the secretary of the treasury and punished people who wanted to avoid taxes.

    23. Biggest flaws in Nationlist movement is that there's no leadership and little commitment to the ethnic component. Plato laid it out hundreds of years ago and no one wants to admit he was right. Believes the movement fits in as it provides strong leadership and organization.

    24. In the future he sees himself saving up and buying land where he can more effectively train fitness, in the "foggy future" he would like to build a shelter on land to host young men who have fallen prey to vices in an effort to help them rehabilitate.

    25. Has been entirely truthful.

    26. Believes he should be in the organization because he has the drive to do what needs to be done to fully contribute to the organization.