Message from ChristopherVA

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Interviewee- 313288
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: mostly personal details, beliefs

1. 24 yrs old
2. AR permanent resident
3. Near bentonville
4. Never interviewed before
5. Has access to vehicle
6. No drug abuse
7. no crimes
8. Never been employed by government
9. Has asthma problems, not severe
10. Started off not caring about politics, liberal. Then noticed double standards, became conservative, never was a republican. Eventually came to racial issues. Personally experienced discrimination when applying for college. Racially motivated crimes against whites isn't prosecuted, waukesha attack. Doesn't like pro-war republicans, does not benefit american interests. Joined identity europa
11. Labels himself as white nationalist, whites are the only people allowed to be discriminated against, saw this when applying to colleges.
12. Found out about PF by watching some of our marches, has seen posters in his town. Impressed by the DC march and is why he applied. Organization was optical. Would like to participate in activism, its important, other groups don’t.
13. Has heard of civic nationalism, its misplaced but well intended. Focusing on nation as a nation state is missing the point, people don’t matter but ideas do to them.
14. Family came from england, little bit of spanish from mother side. He identifies as white.
15. Does not have religious beliefs, considered himself christian for awhile. Could work with others.
16. He is athletic, has made flyers before, has database knowledge. Created a database on violent antifa members. No medical training but is interested, no outdoorsmen skills.
17. He is currently above average physically. Mostly into lifting. Bench is 265lbs.
18. Was part of identity europa. Helped with database against antifa. Has like minded friends that he put out flyers with. Never been doxed
19. Biggest threat to america is high immigration rate because of racial change and problems from it.
20. Violence is justified in self defense, could reframe from initiating or partaking in violence.
21. Never been in a physical altercation.
22. Follows NJP, mike enock, stricker, the golden one (on telegram). Uses telegram the most.
23. Has not read very many books, read essays but no specifics.
24. Ideal family structure is mother, father, kids. Now the biggest issue is there is no father and divorce is rampant, some have no children. Against homosexuality, pornography, LBGTQ, no cases where it’s ok. Acouple personal friends were gay but no contact now.
25. Admires theodore roosevelt, he wasn't politically right or left. Was a nationalist.
26. Despises George W. Bush because of the wars he got us in.
27. Nationalists have a hard time appealing to the masses, activism can only get to people through the media which is controlled. Marching and going directly to the masses is the best.
28. He wants to have enough money to buy a house, start a family with his GF.
29. Has been truthful.
30. We should let him into PF because he will put his time and energy into it, wants PF specifically because we are the most successful.