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Interviewee- 652071
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Sam MN

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Political beliefs and goals.

1. 35 years old

2. Lives in California (permanent resident).

3. Oakland is nearest major city.

4. Never interviewed before.

5. Has a vehicle.

6. Has a history, has been clean from drugs for 15 years. Quit alcohol last year.

7. Was charged with possession, assault, DUI. The assault charge was for a domestic. It wasn’t a conviction.

8. Never been employed by government.

9. His back hurts from a recent work injury.

10. Was a leftist as a youngster, smoked weed and didn’t work. His mom was a liberal. About 15-20 years ago. After that was a basic conservative American patriot. Saw race at an early age and realized what team he was on. The schools he went to were majority nonwhite, had issues with the minorities there. If you don’t fall in line there’s an issue every day. Now believes there’s hope for America. Used to be okay with drugs, tried to advocate legalized marijuana. No longer believes that’s a great avenue.

11. He is a white nationalist. Me and people that look like me deserve to have a nation. We have a right to exist. This includes all white people.

12. Had heard chatter and buzz about us from a few people. Saw the DC thing, thought it was cool. Will Planner told him to join, he was with golden state skinheads. Saw a bunch of white men standing up and decided to join. Everything that he’s seen of us made him want to join. Saw some propaganda of ours in the Bay Area, on a power box. Wants to be part of this and wants to connect with nationalists. Would be willing to do all of our activism.

13. Civic nationalism isn’t white nationalism. Civic nationalism is great if it’s applied truly, but he’s seen no cases of that. Migratory foreigners can become Americans if they are White Europeans. There is an ethnic component to being an American as the founding fathers intended.

14. His family has been in America for 6-7 generations. They were mostly from England, Germany, etc. He is a White American.

15. He is Asatru, he believes in the older European gods. In the past his Christian beliefs conflicted with his politics. No issues working with activists of other religions.

16. Knows a lot of people in his area and has a good mind for propaganda. Has outdoorsmanship skills.

17. He’s in fair shape. 15 lbs overweight. 6’ 199lbs. Does pushups, burpees, pullups, dips. Could run a mile in under ten minutes. Did TaeKwonDo a long time ago.

18. Was in the Golden State Skinheads, did a lot of activism, flyering, rallies, and banner drops. Has been doxed before – name and birthdate (was on facebook). Has some like minded friends.

19. The biggest threat to America is alien influence and the media. The main issue is the media – it has everyone asleep. Its pushing nefarious shit. Everyone eats it up. The Jewish/Israeli influence.

20. Violence is justified in self-defense and defense of others. Doesn’t think violence is currently a viable choice. Would be able to remain peaceful during our actions if ordered. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

21. Two years ago, had a disagreement with a buddy while intoxicated. Just a drunken fight.

22. Gets his information from Telegram, or just listening to the sorts of things people say in person. Watches Conspiracy Hole, West Coast News and Discussion, and Boss Hawg News on Telegram. Listens to TRS and Fash the Nation, the Paranormies.

23. Herald Covington’s books had an influence on him. Kind of like the Turner Diaries but was better written and less extremist. 88 Precepts changes his whole moral compass. Likes Might is Right for teaching a man how to be a man.

24. Ideal family structure is a working man and woman at home. Doesn’t like homosexuality, pornography, transsexuality, and promiscuity are sins and go against nature’s law. It’s degenerate. It should all be defunded.

25. Admires David Lane because he was a true leader. Out of all these people in the movements he really, really cared deeply for his people, more so than everyone else (Pierce is close).

26. Any communists or subversive fucks. Doesn’t like George Soros. Doesn’t like AOC.

27. Unity is a problem in the nationalist movement. Beefing, bickering and fighting has got to stop. It’s not hard to have unity. PF has plenty of unity. Sees what we’re doing with media2rise.

28. He will be in AR running his own plumbing outfit, have some land, and build on it.

29. Yes, he has been fully truthful.

30. He’s a solid nationalist and a good addition to any group.