Message from SamMN

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Conductor: Patrick TX
Notetaker: Sam MN

Test Question: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process?

1. 31 years old

2. Lives in CA (Permanent Resident).

3. Near Palo Alto

4. Never interviewed before.

5. Has vehicle.

6. Has a past of drug abuse, not currently. In his early twenties he got involved in substance abuse: experimented with normal things, escalated to the harder ones. The army fixed him up. It’s been about 7 years clean. Uses chew tobacco, but could abstain.

7. Never been charged with crimes.

8. Was in the military. Worked for the DOD in the army. 5 years active and two years reserve. Finished the reserve about 3 months ago.

9. No ailments.

10. Was typically moderate as a young adult. No particular sentiments out of general ignorance and inexperience. Throughout his early professional career realized the nature of taxes, entitlements, rights, and privileges. Leaned him further conservative. Joined the military. Now is swinging libertarian because he owns his own small business. Taxes feel different than they used to.

11. Identifies as a conservative, kind of. Understands there’s more to it than the linear dimension (of right to left). Both sides take advantage that the average person can only quantify a simple dichotomy of politics. When in reality it’s a three-dimensional cube spectrum. For the most part people can identify with three political vectors: economic (he identifies as individualist in that sense), authoritarianism (he leans libertarian in that regards), and social (he leans conservative). Progressive social policies are okay as long as they doesn’t impact him. Is concerned with the general state of the nation, in history certain decadences have been negative for everyone. Knows that there’s a high regard for community values to develop a high trust society. He is a straight white male but is not ignorant to the fact that this doesn’t necessarily have to be his ingroup, although that’s mostly what happens. The military showed him how he can have comeraderie with people of diverse backgrounds.

14. Has heard of civic nationalism. He has personal opinions on assimilation and different cultures who have more or less potential for it. His mother is from Canada. Some cultures just can’t assimilate. Isn’t comfortable judging an entire culture. Is more comfortable with Japanese migrants than Cuban migrants. Thinks that an ethnostate may not be achievable, unless everyone gets really tired. It isn’t the hill he’d die on.