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  1. A black person is an "African-American", an Asian is "Asian-AMerican" so in our speech we already recognize these foreign groups as being an entirely seperate ethnic group. To be American is to be of Anglo-Saxon and Irish decent. Being part of the Founding and the Settling and Conquering of the West. American is it's own ethnicity. For it to be descibed simply as settler/colonial is "bullshit". To be American comes from the colonialists that came and the House of Burgesses, and the COntinental COngress. Everyone else is here in here out of the mercy of our government. Mother's side has been here since the Founding. Father is from Cuba and his Grandfather is Spanish nad in volved in the Spanish civil war. Was born in Washington DC and was raised in Miami, Florida. Is ethnically American, was born here and was taught American values. Doesn't agree with the Cuban govt. Wasn't taught the Cuban culture. In Cuba you weren't allowed to mix with the black cubans if you were a White SPaniard. It was changed after the Revolution. An emphasis on mixing. Wasn't taught to mix. ZGrandmother, on hte father's side, too was Spaniard.

    13. Is Orothodox Christian, Orthodoxy is a universal for of Christianity. Christianity says you must respect the rules of someones land. If your beliefs come into conflict then there is something wrong. Curches saying that gay marriage is legal, is wrong and a bastardization. You should never use a religion and change it so it fits your political ideaology. No issues working with activists of other faiths as long as they don't put it on them.

    14. Is a fairly decent writer, has orginized campaigns, organize demonstrations, security and safety protocols, knowledge on how the other side thinks. Knows first aid, make a fire, make a quick shelter, filter water w/o a filter. KNows how to edit videos, video blogs.

    15. 6ft 2in 281 lbs no fitness routine. used to wrestle in high school.

    16. Was in "Left Alliance" in college with different alliances with SocDems and Anarchists. Mother is close to how he views things. Was never doxxed for his activity. Seeing everything going on especially Jan6 stuff, seeing how our values are being attacked. Living WesVA, and seeing his mother's family dealing with poverty. Isn't willing to sit and "take this shit" anymore. Wnats get active and do something. Whites need to learn to be proud again.

    17. biggest threat to America is that China owns most of our debt, thus they hold power over us. if China wins then all the other.

    18. violence is justified once diplomacy has failed and when the System can no longer defend what was right. Revolutionary violence is justified when the government no longer has legitimacy it is a duty to take it out. Right now the "jury is still out on that". Doesn't see that the govt will change to what it is supposed to be. Doesn't see how things could change through voting or taking part in the System. The country isn't ready for violence. He is ready for revolutionary violence, but the country isn't. There aren't enough people willing to take up arms against the govt. The purpose of activism is to show people whats wrong, and then the people decide what is wrong. Need to see if the moral and willingess to do so is there. Is willing to refrain from engaging in violence during a demo. Violence is not currently viable. Understands and agrees to the nonviolence Q.

    19. last confrontation was more than 10 years ago, in Miami, people tried to steal something from his friend and they got into a scuffle. tried his best to deescilate.

    20. goes to the WSJ, NYT, NYP, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, DeutscheWelle, BBC. No media source has 100% accuracy. Gets the "White Worker" in his email. uses Facebook. has a Twitter but doesn't use it.

    21. books: Plato's Republic, Thomas Paine, Marx, Mussolini. Plato's Republic was impactful for the Socratic method and how to run a government. If you can continuously ask something you either reach an answer or you need a new question. The idea of the Philosopher King, the governed should also know who is governing them and how they are doing. the person in power and the people putting them in power must be educated.

    22. the husband/father defends and sacrifices for the family. mother is in the house.