Message from TylerSD

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Result: Accepted


28 Years Old/Kansas/Kansas City (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jon UT
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: Sent in one about 6 months back, never got a response; sent another a week ago and got the link.

1. Have never interviewed before.

2. Has access to a personal vehicle.

3. Has never had substance abuse issues.

4. No past crimes.

5. Was previously in the marine corp, out in 2018.

6. No ailments.

7. Has always had a passion for "outspoken ideology", though highschool was fairly melancholy, but when he started paying taxes he really moved forward. When he started in the military he read Beyond Good and Evil, Thus Spoke Zarathustra; by Evola: Men Amongst the Tigers, Revolt Against the Modern World; also ready Mein Kampf.

8. Labels self as a Natsoc, influenced by working class family, grandfather who fought for Germany. Believes that the government exists to serve the interests of the people and Natsoc best aligns to that end. As a teenager we was needlessly leftist, but shortly after matured and realized how wrong and against reality it was. Raised in Texas, went to skinhead and punk shows, was never really a leftist as much as he was someone who had leftist views at one point due to who he was surrounded by in HS. Seeing how X had struggled with rejection from society engaged him forward in his political journey especially.

9. It was the demo at the March For Life that enraptured him, how organized and directed it was. Decided to join 6 months ago. Had a doxxing experience where an employee of his recognized him (Michael Knowels event "Men Aren't Women") that was eye-opening for how bad things were and what he needed to do. Wants to join because he needs to do something; has stickered for White lives matter in the past, but felt it lacked organization. Agrees to do everything an activist needs to do.

10. Has heard of civnationalism, sees it as an erroneous starting point. Believe that a true identity is required, that there is an ethnic component to being an American (European) due to heritage.

11. Family has been here since early 1700s, they mostly came from Germany and Wales. Describes self as German (blond hair and blue eyes).

12. Raised Christian, but says he's not sure if he can be a Christian because he's dabbled in hedonism and has always put his race first. Has never felt like religious beliefs have conflicted with political, able to work with activists of other religions.