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Are you online?

had some hope but hes not far enough along

Interviews have concluded for the night. They are conducted nightly at 8pm CST

i will

I am the best questioner

Just got home. Yall need another guy?

17 and already smoking?

he describes himself as a white supremacist?

Thats not a very common read

about 20 pages iirc

pretty useful reading

GLR's how to stay out of the insane asylum

11 pages actually

had to pull my copy up

I think he said the friend was also 17

He says hes been off weed for a few years

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Who is notetaker?

@JasonTX new room?

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@JasonTX Does he live with/near his brothers?

what did he say his MOS was?

that what he said

6 minutes on the safe side? This guy is fast

Jason and I have a good one so far, Sam and Chris have another but they have Ben and Tyler sitting in

it didnt escalate beyond that?


We are working to get down the list. They go for as long as thy need to

hes good. still need to deliberate

Thats a fast no. That bad?

22/TX/Ft Worth
notes:William TX
conducted:Jason TX

Test question: how long ago did you send in your app? Sunday night/ 2 days
Q1:is 22 years old
Q2:lives in Texas, permanent resident
Q3:Ft worth
Q4:never interviewd
Q5:does have transportation
Q6:no substance abuse. does drink but can abstain
Q7:no crimes
Q8:was in the army for 50 months 07/16-11/20. Left as it wasnt the most lucrative or rewarding firled
Q9:no ailment
Q10:His brothers sharpened his politics, over time they bacme more redpilled. over time their opinion of the republican/conservatives changed and they were led to question them. Why are things restricted? Why do those who advocate for us fail so badly? He was driven to seek more traditionally leaning values. Does not agree with anyone completely but Fuentes he follows still today, appreciates his content. Metokour is one of his favorites, jack donavan even though he doesnt align with his life views. Found Fuentes through one of his brothers. Believes he speaks from the heart. His beliefs are "approaching zero" he feels hthey are approaching the truth. the average modern American is ideologically useless
Q11:labels self a christian nationalist. this nation was founded on christian principles and traditional principles align with Christianiy. Traditionalism and truth originate from christianity. Words like nationalist have meaning, someone who put their country first, policies like nation building and other overseas events cemented his views
Q12:knew about our activism, flyers/sticker etc but not our name. Over time it became a priority to find an organization that fit his values. His brother spoke about us and we had superb optics, were well organized, there was nothing that made him question the organization. The DC march is what made him put our name to our actions. Was most impressed and influenced to join. Wants to join because his inner circle is only a handful of guys. They need connections and he cant secure anything for his descendents on his own. "strong men are better together" I willing to apply himself towards activism
Q13:has heard of civic nationalism. Migratory foreigners cannot become american. Nothing can replace being born and raised here. Even being raised here cannot compare to having ancestry and heritage here. There is an ethnic component to being an American. European roots and European values. He has more in common with a german nationalist compared to say someone from southeast asia
Q14:family has german descent beyond great great grandparents. been here longer than 5 generations but doesnt know for certain. describes self as 100% european descent
Q15: pentecostal Christian. his brother has converted to catholocism and he might go the same way. His hatred for what is in front of him can make him question something is right. can work with the irreligious, agnostic, and pagans. Not judaism however
Q16:11-bravo MOS, infantry. land nav, comms/radios, basic bushcraft. Is currently a storm restoration contractor. is a master of know/jack of all trades. is able to work with his hands. special operations infantry man. First aid skills very well ingrained, emergency first responder. Has a certificate in computer science, though he admits that was quite a while ago.
Q17:physical fitness is very high. resolves never to let it get away from him. runs and lifts regularly. 5'10 225lb mile time is at 6minutes "on the safe side" wrestled in high school, jiu jitsu. Was a personal trainer in WA before moving to Texas.
Q18:was part of a relatively out spoken church in (spokane he said but retracted)WA mainly against abortion and anti-vaccine mandate. the church at planned parenthood. was an active member but nothing more. His brothers are likemionded and his boss, a former squadmate recently applied and was accepted for an in person. has never been doxxed.
Q19:biggest threat to america is cultural marxism the knife to americas throat. there are more enemies to be sure but it is closest to home. the enemy wielding that knife is the synagogue. "The head of the snake" they hate christianity and hate him and those like him. The blatant destruction of and hatred of value structures like family and strength to bring it down to nothing.
Q20:The time to be violent is when it is advantageous. In Australia that is more reasonable than here. Any act of political violence should be avoided at all costs. Violence is not right now a viable choice but its not completely off the horizon as for the future. Can remain peaceful during actions. Would not allow himself to get enraged or act stupidly. agreed and understood to violence statement.

Q21:last fight was after a man had hit a woman at an anti-vax rally, blocked him from approaching to speakers with his hands down and in full view of police
Q22:listens to audiobooks instead of music now. alternates between ideological, success based then religious then back to ideological usually. occasionally to a podcast. listens to Fuentes, Metokour, and some other right leaning thinkers. short fat otaku(?), jordan peterson. Uses telegram follows, fuentes, covid redpills, fat people hate, police frequency. Is a follower of Fuentes but doesnt label self a groyper. first time joining a "group". audiobooks are convenient.
Q23:reads jack donavans content, metaphysics of war, ride the tiger, turner diaries.The way of men was one of the first he read in the army, harassment architecture he enjoyed as a "breath of fresh air" TD he found influential because it was tactical and told how the things in the story could happen if things happened in a certain way. way of men instilled his desire to be part of a tribe
Q24:ideal family is a strong father the authority of the family. the mother is the nurturer and cohesive element of the family. sons are to follow and learn from their father and their daughters should look to their father for what to look for in a husband and from their mother how to be a good mediator. That is the polar opposite of today. His ideal has rules and even if its not set in stone it is a guide. Today there is a disgusting amount of homosexuality and other LGBT stuff. theres no fidelity no desire for children. pets are replacing children. there is an importance for similar race and kin. His parents are still married. His sister estranged herself from the family. His parents sent her to college and she became filled with degeneracy and rejected her family and traditionality. they raised their children properly and as best as they were able.
Q25:admires henry ford for his independence and his revolutionizing of industry and having done so in a way that also benefited his work force. He is responsible for a lot of americas strength and productivity.
Q26:despises the flagrant dishonesty of Nancy Pelosi. She is one of the "matriarchs" of modern american politics. is guilty of insider trading, subversion of the then president, supports abortion. Was happy to have Trump in office and would vote for him again. any other conservative he wouldnt vote for. "you say something by saying nothing." he learned more about the synagogue
Q27:nationalism is so simple it should be obvious. your family and community and country should be put first. we must have a culture to cement. Because it is considered extreme people have made mistakes such as the wignats behave in a way that is unbecoming they should be shunned. They're unprofessional. He feels Fuentes is too cautious, thinks its wignat when you act and look disgusting to be around. Fuentes is mistaken in referring to pf as wignats. Would combat wignats with self improvement like reading, lifting, optics(how you speak and dress in public.)shouldnt run around acting a fool. pf isnt a wignat organization, theres a difference between marching and perhaps being intimidating is different from nonsensical acts of violence
Q28:Texas is a breadbasket. work through your 20s to build something. Is a founding member of his company and wants to build it up to where he can sell off and get into rental properties. Move to Montana and buy land for structure for his family and "Circle"
Q29:has been fully truthful
Q30:he should be let in due to ideological similarity as well as his skill set, and his connections. He has "a small tribe" not new to conflict or hard work. Career is independent.

taking 695170
361213 is last so far

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hes back online?

he expects to be asked personal questions regarding ideology and some other personal views

How does he describe himself as NS but turn out to be a civnat?

will read one more and then deny

what are your religious beliefs? "Christian theology"

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are you able to join the call?

another bad one sam?

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oh boy

schizo mode incoming

look what your questioning has brought us

the ethnicity question will be up soon

they probably are tbh

424666 has already been interviewed

hes the one no one could be found to vouch for

former leftist

needs to be grilled hard on his politics

that explains the accent

spaniards from Cuba

cool his grandpa supported Franco though

He didnt seem fat

he was a big looking guy but not fight

he gave an accurate definition.

if a simple one

holy crap

jason check records

Temple is where I live

check records

James TX

his grandfather is spanish

fled from Cuba

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