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Howdy all, excited to start meeting folk! I'm a fan of cooking food and spending time in nature. Heavy metal tunes are my favorite and I look forward to working alongside you all in the future.

How's it going dudes? New pledge from WA state

Thank you! This looks like great stuff.

Shots with mountains in the back are the greatest!

Maybe he's just a cowboy, ha

We brought home our new baby yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thanks ya! Exciting times going forward

Thank you!

Thanks man. Can't stand those anti-semites who pay homage to our fallen soldiers.

For sure. Very easy pill for folk to swallow too.

West, what about yourself?

Thought this state was small relative to Texas but the 6 hour East to West drive is brutal

And cool! Really looking forward to getting involved

First time driving in snow was this Feb on our honeymoon. Each way a pass was closed and we had to go ~30 through the mountains

Haha, I got my middle aged female roofer Subaru just for the snow

@StevePines -WA They say the resale is great!

Baste Japanese.

I'm getting mine "done" second hand with grandparent's results. Sending that DNA in sketches me out, ha

@Jacob You West?

@Jacob Nope, through the passes. Late Feb though we were able to catch one each way.

2019-01-17 02:31:24 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


Thank you! Good to know, just muted.

24 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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