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That Tranny was a <:chad:359013583469805568>

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I'm thinking it would still be a good idea just to have some kind of FAQ style document that could have arguments to our positions and counterarguments to them. This could help with rounding out some of our members and pledges with some basics of ideology representation.

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This one is for the BUGS Swarm/white genocide people, but in principle, that's what you're talking about.

2018-12-30 18:33:04 UTC  

Something like that geared towards Identitarians.

2018-12-30 18:36:35 UTC  

That is a pretty good example. @sigruna14

2018-12-30 18:41:35 UTC  

Still, the 'white genocide' lingo is alarmist sounding and doesn't make sense at all to people in midwestern counties that have 90% white populations, and in many cases, positive white birthrates. James Allsup's language and style of messaging, especially in his most recent videos, is spot on.

2018-12-30 18:44:54 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham I'm working on something like that right now

2018-12-30 18:45:00 UTC  

I lean more to; “white displacement” and “culture disappearance”. Especially for Texans, they have knowledge of what happens at our southern border.

2018-12-30 18:47:52 UTC  

Perfect! @Jacob

2018-12-30 18:58:29 UTC  

@Evan Thomas It’s “White GeNOcide,” borther

2018-12-30 19:09:08 UTC  

I'd also be interested in a document on why we have the moral high ground. It's easy to feel or act guilty, as Millennial Woes talked about in that video Danimal876 posted (

Even if you're looking at what's best for Mexicans or refugees, for example, American nationalism is better in many ways (can help more refugees closer to home with the same amount of money, mass migration is part of a scheme of low wages for Mexicans, as Fernando Cortes talked about at Amren (

2018-12-30 19:54:37 UTC  

I saw that our rocket chat* server is down indefinitely. I'm curious as to why, too much upkeep possibly?

2018-12-30 19:56:14 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo The Rocket Chat server, not Slack. There are just some issues we need to fix with it before it's ready for general use.

2018-12-30 19:59:38 UTC  

@sigruna14 Thank you sir, programs are always finicky. Thank you for the update

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Are we looking to move everything completely off of discord down the road?

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Where can I get IE flyers and cards?

2018-12-30 20:10:39 UTC  

Your coordinator

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First the national parks, now mercury. This government shutdown is getting rough.

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The upset tranny and the Trump vapor guy need to team up and become a YouTube sensation where they go to different stores and review them

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Peak 2018

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Heads up

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My dad was just telling me about how we need more immigrants to do da jobs Americans dun wanna do

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@Sam Anderson lol I called him racist earlier today for calling a black neighborhood a "bad neighborhood"

2018-12-30 20:51:08 UTC  

Show me "the job no one wants to do" and we can negotiate my salary.

2018-12-30 20:51:35 UTC  

High demand for labour means your customers are willing to pay more for your products due to scarcity.

2018-12-30 20:52:08 UTC  

I've had many different jobs, that boomer line is such BS.

2018-12-30 20:55:14 UTC  

One food service job I had, we really only hired lower class Whites bc the Black people would always flake and be lazy.

2018-12-30 20:55:44 UTC  

My dad won't let me cut my hair shorter than clipper number 2 because anything shorter is fascist

2018-12-30 20:56:02 UTC  

Where is the lie tho

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lol I mean I guess

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@Axel, yes we’d like to get off of Discord entirely eventually. However, most of the Alt-Right’s concerns regarding Discord have been grossly exaggerated.

2018-12-30 20:57:31 UTC  

I'm only with him for like another week so I'll probably just cut it again after I leave

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I understand. Thanks Patrick

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but it's still a waste of money

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Can't wait to see the 20 people in <#358430131447922688> from the Mercury kill

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to be honest I'm not even cutting it like that to show off my political views or whatever, it's just the easiest haircut to manage

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I'm genuinely kinda disappointed that I'll get yelled it if I cut my hair to an easily manageable length, because I have naturally very messy hair

2018-12-30 21:06:58 UTC