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2016-12-24 18:00:40 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-24 18:01:01 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

yes just invited

2016-12-24 18:01:46 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

the cool kids club

2016-12-24 23:26:18 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

i sure am

2016-12-24 23:27:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

maybe if youre lucky

2016-12-25 14:45:44 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Merry Christmas

2016-12-27 01:37:04 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

so cernovich and baked alaska are having a fallign out

2016-12-27 01:37:22 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

cernovich cucking over some of baked alaskas tweets (he's alt right and listen to TRS)

2016-12-28 03:04:18 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

do you guys think milo took all the money from his scholarship fund he created?

2017-01-11 02:30:47 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

4chan may have tricked the intelligence community and buzzfeed

2017-01-11 13:13:21 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

possibly a person who helped dox ghoul (skip to 1:50 mark)

2017-01-26 23:50:42 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-01-26 23:51:20 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

honestly, if Oswald Spengler were alive today, he wouldnt have written Decline of the West, he would have just put a gun in his mouth and ended it

2017-01-27 00:43:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

i got a 30day ban on facebook for saying tim wise is a miserable kike. dont even have the freedom to express my hate in a private facebook group smh

2017-02-05 01:51:29 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

well i got suspended from twitter too

2017-02-05 01:51:34 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-02-05 08:12:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Lots of ppl are getting suspended

2017-02-05 08:12:42 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I got suspended again

2017-02-05 08:13:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I think twitter unveiled new crackdown methods to stop ppl who've been suspended

2017-02-05 08:13:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

And they're protecting antifa

2017-02-05 08:13:45 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Ppl got suspended for sharing the got news antifa doxx

2017-02-05 09:07:43 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

They even banned the twitter jfc

2017-02-05 09:22:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

They had a massive purge Saturday night

2017-02-05 09:22:57 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

They're using new strategies to shut down accounts

2017-02-05 09:24:19 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I wonder how closely they're monitoring alt right accounts

2017-02-05 09:24:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Like even beyond IP addresses

2017-02-05 09:24:43 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Maybe avatars or similar names

2017-02-05 09:26:21 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

What do we need to do? VPN? Tor?

2017-02-05 09:26:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Google voice?

2017-02-05 09:27:07 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

They usually make you register a number. Then they lock you out and require a phone call but won't call burner app numbers

2017-02-05 09:31:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Then do you have to be logged into a VPN all the time just to use twitter

2017-02-06 18:05:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

can someone tell musonius rufus im banned from faceberg until the end of the month

2017-02-06 18:05:56 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

im getting banned from everywhere

2017-02-18 01:54:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

is sevier in here

2017-02-18 13:31:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

you're making thor waffles @BellaDashwood

2017-02-21 18:25:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm in Stockholm

2017-04-07 15:38:27 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

uncensored Stockholm attack photos

Honestly, I don't know a thing about the Kekistan movement. Is that Milo ppl? Sargon ppl? r/the Donald ppl?

I haven't bothered to look into them. They seem like goofballs

Sounds really lame. Liberalism is a sinking ship and they're the ones rearranging the chairs on the Titanic

Give a name with meaning

Bc we exist

end the fed

2017-10-29 20:23:13 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Just my two cents: I think TWP has a strong enough brand that you guys don't need to bring the NSM or KKK along to have warm bodies in the rallies. I think it'd be best to divorce yourselves from the WN 1.0 crowd

2017-10-29 20:25:59 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Allies are usually helpful. I fail to see how they help TWP

idea for a recruitment video: do interviews with guys in IE who wish to be on camera.

Ask "why did you join IE?"
"what does IE believe?"
"what you love about IE?"

have several people interviewed

Since IE is going to be the alt right's vehicle of revolution, this should be mandatory reading for every IE member

2017-11-05 20:30:32 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@MatthewHeimbach you created TWP to become part of which international organization?

2017-11-05 20:30:53 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

you said you had to have an official party in order to join

2018-05-30 12:31:00 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

This is what I believe

Macron was the establishment pick from day 1

2018-10-03 11:45:12 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@AP dont pirate Arktos books

Perhaps they felt CM was out of line because many of the people listed on CM are non-white.

Also, surprising as it may sound, there exists a strain of anti-Zionism in the Jewish community

As for Kavanaugh, he's not a shitlord by any means. He's just a conservative.

the evidence in the divorce filings seem to corroborate the allegations

the most interesting thing mentioned in the article is how the judge refused their right to have their divorce proceedings kept private. clearly a political move to air Richard's dirty laundry

the story is trending on twitter atm

that would require trump to actually do something meaningful

metapolitically - trump is mana from the heavens; politically- trump has not done much

all of silicon valley should be nationalized - corporate oligarchs should not have this much power

his entire immigration agenda must be passed in order to even have a chance of salvaging america

libel laws must be opened to go after the press

there will not be another trump moment - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

more and more "suspicious packages containing devices" are showing up - Cuomo, Clinton, CNN, Soros


It seems extremely convenient that they are all showing up at the exact same time and yet nothing has happened, like a detonation

also 2 weeks before midterms

I doubt they will find the sender of these packages - they will remain a mystery that will be explained as right wing terrorism but no terrorists will be found

depending on how the packages were sent, they could be sent with some anonymity

could pay cash, no return address (or a fake one), however, they should be at least able to pinpoint an entry point - like a UPS store or USPS office and surely they would have cameras

who is this "alt right truth" guy? he came out of nowhere recently

yea I saw that he was on but where did he come from before then? he seem

yea he came out of nowhere

what is "james fields trutherism" really tho? i think everyone believes fields should be given a fair trial (which is highly unlikely)

oh lol i didnt know that was a conspiracy out there

we dont have a state media, we have a media state. freedom of the press is the tyranny of the press. different strategies must be used to combat the media

well, ultimately, the optics debate is more than appearance. the ideas themselves are inherently toxic. there is no "respectable national socialism"

every post-ww2 interpretation of nazism has been total trash

and no one can possibly know what the actual movements were like back in the interwar period

so every intrepretation of NS is viewed through the skewed lens of contemporary views on the regime

Also, who runs this Heel Turn channel? the host is seemingly absent

whats bigger than the jq?

eh not necessarily

the ideology of liberalism is

liberalism is the greatest threat bc it is anti-identity

those who follow it are disarming themselves

liberalism enables the current conditions we are in. without it, other groups would not be a threat

it is the source of our oppression

other groups take advantage of the situation to their benefit

but they are only able to do so bc of liberalism

a tribal tactic? its explicitly anti-tribal

in liberalism, we see the primacy of the individual and the universalization of man. if you believe in the universal notion of 'man' and his/her interchangeability with any other man on the planet, you're a liberal. most europeans, especially americans, are liberals.

liberalism, particularly the american version of it, was born without jewish subversion

its become an abstract horror that is devouring us now

the founding fathers were not jews

they were something far worse


europe prior to the revolutions was not some totalitarian society. 17th century England was quite nice

do "rights of man" have to be explicitly stated and governance democratized to have a nice society?

part of liberalism is the belief in progress in the hegelian sense. neoliberalism/globalism/americanism is just part of the natural progression of liberalism

until their utopian goals have been achieved i.e. total destruction of all meaning in the world

slide into my dms

ok hot

i've read kmac, sunic, dugin, de benoist. i get the jq, believe me. however, we need global revolution against liberalism

when i use the term "liberalism" i am referring to liberals, progressives, libertarians, conservatives, etc

im not sure. tbh, supporting Ukrainian nationalism is to support the CIA and Zionists against Putin.

Azov is literally funded by Mossad and CIA

If you like Azov, you like jews dicks in your butt

they're not malicious. they're opportunistic. the CIA & Mossad are looking for someone to back to fight against Russia


Don't forget the USA is backing them as well. That's worse than Israel backing them

there's probably more zionists in the usa than israel lol

american christians are rabid zionists

they are more zionist than most zionists

well all of western europe is essentially part of the american empire. its no surprise you see rainbows and mcdonalds golden arches there as well

Western Europe is occupied territory

they are a conquered people and being fed the american liberal toxin

basically, every country "gets along" with the USA or they possess WMDs or are the next hitlerist regime that must be stopped

thats how diplomatic relations work in the world

you're under the American boot or you're going to be facing down the barrel of an American rifle

but it is a globalist puppet

Zionists and Globalists often have overlapping interests when it comes to geopolitics

hence, all the wars in the middle east

How is Azov not a globalist puppet? the CIA was literally funding them

Yes lol

look at Chile now- its full of sodomites and McDonalds

Azov is cringe and blue pilled

most neo-nazis are

exactly so Azov is cringe and blue pilled

maybe if the CIA funded Jeff Schoep then he'd be the next president of the USA lol

consider the following: the CIA is shitty, our govt is evil and they will get in bed with anyone around the globe if it means scoring a geopolitical victory

Of course that is how Russia behaves. The real question is who do you side with: somewhat trad, somewhat nationalist Russia or globo-homo tranny jew dicks with big macs USA

Azov can form a giant brigade bc they got all that CIA-Mossad money.

USA just wants to use Azov to get a foothold in the region to prevent Russia and Europe from uniting to fight against globalism

these perfidious Russian oligarchs were those who sold out the Russian people following perestroika reforms

they sold out Russia to the West

yes, Putin is not backed by the oligarchs. they are not a monolith in Russia. Putin has played hardball with them

at the end of the day, you have to pick a side: USA or Russia. USA has made it explicitly clear they would like to destroy people like us. and the notion of us vs the world is fantasy

Yes, I live under the tyranny of oligarchs. That doesn't mean I should support them at all.

Just because we live in the USA doesn't mean we should want Zio-Globalists to be successful in their endeavors

in fact, I hope they fail

When Putin wins, Americans win, Globalists lose

perhaps not but I sure as hell am not siding with our hostile elites

they're backed by the CIA

theyre more than problematic

who cares?

Why should I support the Zio-Globalist agenda to topple regimes in Cuba and Nicaragua?

No Nicaraguan ever called me white trash

Cuba being Communist has literally no effect on your lives and theyre less than 100 miles from the USA border

you should be more concerned about our elites in Wall St and the Military-Industrial Complex

because in the real world, there are only 2 sides here: Russia and USA

I'm aware of what they say - I work for Arktos, we publish Dugin

more people in the alt right should read Dugin instead of GLR.

and the people in the alt right are sane?

GLR is trash


Dugin is taken very seriously considering he wrote the geopolitical doctrine of Putin's Russia and is an oligarch targeted by the USA sanctions

Read Foundations of Geopolitics, see that it is read by the Russian military and see the global chessboard unfolding - Dugin is quite influential

Ukrainian nationalism should not be supported. It serves to create a larger wedge between the USA and Russia - a country we should have peace with. Russia could be a potential ally against China in the future.

well thats the future we are on

the world will be dominated by the Chinese

bc at the end of the day, USA will not be able to be militarily antagonistic towards Russia and China (a country that holds most US debt)

Russia and China are currently friends of convenience to counter American hegemony

Russia does not want to be dominated by China in the future

If USA and Russia do not ally then the world will be dominated by the Chinese. This proposal of US-Russia alliance is the only way Europeans hold on to their destiny at the global level

If we continue on our current path: US empire will continue to decline, Europe will fall into multicult chaos and Russia will be too weak to combat Chinese hegemony on their own.

well the share of bright Americans is decreasing slowly but surely over time

how? Why should the US empire stretch to Kiev?

from an isolationist pov, theres no reason for the USA to intervene in Ukraine

just like there was no reason for USA to go into Yugoslavia or Kosovo or Iraq or Libya

or Syria

Without US backing, there is no real Ukrainian nationalist movement and whatever does exist is not strong enough to stop Russia

but-t-t-t gommunismm is bad XDDD

China proves that authoritarianism is good

they're socialist


Socialism differs country to country

ultimately, the state has authority over the economy. they "control the means of production"

We should support Russia and hope they are victorious over the globalists bc they globalists are our enemy

The Soviet Union did fail. However, they also accomplished great things. Russia was a peasant country and rose to be a superpower in less than 50 years.

and dont worry, the USA capitalist system will fail and capitalism will be scorned just like communism is

whatever you want to call this system, it doesnt matter: its going to fail

"capitalism" as austrian economists imagine it is just an abstraction that is fake and gay.

Corporatism - it depends on whose definition of it

If you mean it in its original sense, as described by fascists

the Soviet Union put the first man in space, invented the AK47 and the cell phone

they went from a peasant economy to world superpower in 50 years

thats impressive

the future is NAZBOL

your entire country and way of life is being hollowed out by capitalism and yet you all still feel the need to defend it

there's a reason all the "woke" takes are coming from corporate HR departments

capitalism is inherently international by its very nature

its premised on perpetual growth

its America

capitalism is a meme and nothing more then

whatever you want to call our economic system, its destroying america

America is capitalist

"corporatism" aka corporations dominating the economy, is a symptom of capitalism

this is money power as Spengler wrote of it

you cant temper it with virtue

the only way to keep capitalism in check is to wield authority over the economy

"socialism" means a lot of different things to different people but the definition is that "the people control the means of production" - you can interpret that however you want

in practice, it can be done a variety of ways

ultimately, the market must be reigned in. we should not live in a market society. we should live in a society that has a market

Read Burnham's 'Managerial Revolution' and Lasch's 'Culture of Narcissism' - there's a reason things are the way they are nowadays and its not just "da jooz"

why did feminism happen? why did multiculturalism and open borders happen? breaking down these barriers is part of an economic process that capitalism facilitated

it was more than jews. unironically.

you have a system that allows, not only allows, but favors this subversion. why?

capitalist interests

they were national S O C I A L I S T

consider the following: socialism doesnt automatically equal breadlines and gulags

it means "the people control the means of production"

capitalism, the same capitalism that imports illegals to undermine the working class?

immigrants are labor

the reserve army of labor

why do you think capitalism pushes women in the workforce narratives?


simple supply and demand

more workers = lower wages

much better to have Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve to control USA than the party members, right?


I have stated my position

I said any type of third position

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