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I love the narrative of " Are we really giving power back to these people? "

I'm glad i managed to hop in here, most other places on discord are public #@!$holes where everyone is 12 and dying to pretend to have discussions just to turn it into trolling

youtube is covered in adds about singlemothers whining about their welfcare

Any of those mold-mongers that voted against brett have outed themselves as enemies of western philosophy

@Asatru Artist - MD I mean hillary isn't exactly 'wrong' lol


I can't hangout on twitter it's too depressing

I remember long ago milo thinking about how much destruction it'd cause the nation if twitter just went down tommorow


I missed the context then about the guy talking about the NPC-face above

ikr? rofl

mine are just confused

" Yahhhh we love trump! ooh samantha bee is on, switch to comedy central "

This is the first year I've really payed attention to the term " mid-terms "

I'm picture trump offering an indian headdress to warren

" got your costume! "

Lindsey Grahmbo


works for me

ironically shapiro isn't even white



I love that joke

It's hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic online I don't blame them


It was a better joke imo


mis-spelled meme about reading a certain violent propaganda book involving the mail

Yeah I haven't read it I just see memes about it all the time on telegram

What's you guys's opinion on wojak memes


Course-correction and setting limits are a good thing for those of us who spend a lot of time online, rofl

geez, lol

My one and only favorite quality of his is the ability to not stutter during speech

and thats about it

Last year I considered working out and trying out for the local police force up here in southern-Minneapolis, but I actually met the officers are they're about as neo-liberal as you can get.

and that's why the left can never combat memes, rofl

They're mutations like which can never be predicted



* panic, spazzing, frothing at the mouth *

Time to hop over to audible and spend some of those un-spent credits

I should really look into how genghis khan handled that situation

because he must have been pretty swift and brutal about it


alex " anti-hero" jones

Soon enough it's going to be youtube vs twitter

I need to load up my satchel bag full of flyers and spam it all over the insides of bathrooms when I'm working uber eats

I'm too angry for things like colds to live in me

I had one soo far this year for all of 6 hours


wow I love all three of those guys too, lol

those were the three names I dropped when asked which talking head I listen to

If the platform comes back online and a buncha our guys are missing they're just gonna fuel the fire of our more radical compatriots


Designated street engineers

wow I can't remember the last youtube was " down "

last time^

They're losing thousands of shekels every minute its like this

I say that seriously

After that harpy ford and her allegations fell through they're kinda running out of viable hands to play

We're constantly tasked with being balanced between being optical and moral and looking at the collapse on the horizon


padjeet got a little too americanized and dropped a jelly donut onna server

Gabe newell does it ALL THE TIME

inb4 the left blows their own legs off in new scandal even dumber than the recent allegations against brett

At this rate they're going to be in such a state of collapse we'll win by default

that one is slightly confusing

to me anyway

Yeah it's a little too referency for a pleb like me

Borders are the future

There's only one tribe that is going to make sci-fi reality

As someone dealing with cucks in Minnesota I dunno if more " swedes " would help the issues up here

I shit you not I've had a delivery customer before named " Muhammad Muhammad "

That would be like us naming some jesus jesus

hell yeah

I wanna kill me some bugs with a shoulder mounted nuke

Experts agree that picture is wrong

Anarcho-nationalist: travel ban between counties

Hell yeah, lets see what happens to CA when nobody can leave it, rofl

Sense of community and AIR POLUTION

Are you saying diversity stinks article writer?

euro immigration to the USA would be a funeral pyre for the leeches residing there

yeah, sprinkle in boers into our fly-over farming states, they're a natural fit

If you had to pick and choose would it be war with the south african gov't or bringing the boers over


thats the spirit

the civies would end up in the crossfire as hostile props of their socialist-marxist gov't

kind of like in blackhawk down iirc

jelly donuts in the server room

Well when you're dealing with certain situations sometimes Pinochet posting becomes the only solution

Yeah not in here we're largely not boers at all

He's " ok "

@Deleted User Yeah I was talking about a boers perspective not what we should be doing, lol

It's kind of bad journalism/article posting to totally shade -what- drugs she was suffering with

How're we expected to take actions against drug issues if this story was local to me, it could have been pot, bath salts, pain meds, we don't get to know


Do far-right nations really have a lot in the way of economic problems?

If you have a community where you can confidently come to your neighbor for aid or assisting them the economic issues have a way of sorting themselves out


every historical economy comes with a books-worth of context needed

" learn economics " aka buy into narratives about the past

Yeah, friends of mine who really never " grew up " can never understand why I would be on one of the polarizing ends of opinions.

" A nation for white men of good character " I'de say that's about based incarnate

Maybe it's harder for non-coastal cities to be self-sustaining

Yeah there's something soul-hollowing about abandoning your nation

because racism as a concept is very hypocritical and wasn't really a concept until like 1948

That's the image of a family that is like a cross to a vampire for the left

a hundred thousand whinging cat-ladies screaming in outrage


identity evropa - the dating app


We were told for ages that it wasn't that important, well now we have hard data that is kind of is

thems aint frogs those're gumbo chefs



my grandmother was one


I'm 1/3 irish 1/3rd geman 1/3rd british


holy fugg, does this mean I can lie to get into harvard too

brb application fees

>tfw you find out most pharohs were white

" we were kings! "

british people can't pronounce their T's



that's how you perfect that accent, avoid all soft and hard t's

working class British accent reminds me of holiday themed movies, or disney

hah Most leftist-faces I can imagine being used to iron-man the elites decision to ignore democratic desires for brexit

She has the face of someone who totally won't stiff me on my delivery


I used to be a trucker but it doesn't pay, and I don't like camping out at truck stops for loads, even with my PC being setup fancy in the sleeper cabin

The wifi service at truck stops is PEAK BOOMER-TIER engineering

Yeah, picture sitting for 600 miles of driving then trying to sleep right afterwards, while the truck is being driven by your co-driver, lol

It's a very special kind of torment


pjw skirting danger like a surfer

and his are always bloodshot

it's uncanny

cernovich is a trashy shill, he's only a little bit more than a shill than molyneux

I don't like lisps either, rofl

I don't know how anyone unironically enjoys that content

Never trust any net personality that makes it a brag to show off their profits by brandishing hundreds in a fan

they're basically only kept alive through gibz

I don't see that happening at all

nani, ebola-chan noo

nobody knows what that motive is all about

it doesn't make sense in any form of economics

other than living with the assumption that the entire nation is gonna be the same with a whole new crowd of people around

I think he loosely referring to cities aka ground zero socialist hives

or that

most of INDIA doesn't the infrastructure to sanitize, most people in that nation don't even own a water-tap

And I heard that from the mouth of some of their social leaders

and THOTs came before thoughs

idk my internal monolouge isn't a whole lot about words as it is about concepts

is a dream a narrative or dialoge?

yeah thats wrong

The emotion happens in an instant and we have to try and hold it in memory in order to try to rationalize it with language

Mine is:
choreographing a fictional world
laughing at a meme I looked at a week ago
thinking about how I would sneak to someplace

my head throws away conversations, nothing but a lot of frustration in them usually, rofl

I just wait until there's no more night, works like a charm!


Mine are too crazy, usually taking place as some adventure I'm having on a cruise ship of sorts, or as someone else, in some location I don't recognize

those crazy easterners were onto something with learning meditation in order to relax for sleep, after practicing it for a bit I can pass out whenever I really want to really

When I was in school I could pass out on my desk and go right into a sort of dreaming, one of them a very vivid dream of me going with john goodman to some penthouse suite where arnold schwarzenegger was waiting for us, we had to recruit for our team because terminator 7 " has gone live "


@Deleted User I would either flump my backpack onto the desk or fold my othersized leather jacket as a pillow, I had an instinctive distrust of the globalist shilling going on school thanks to me dad

also damn my grammar goes out the window when typing on my 2nd monitor

ahh geez

that sounds like a nightmare

body: " Hah, look how good you COULD be performing "

my dreams are totally disconnected from my waking life, I'm usually having some sort of adventure with some strangers I don't know, in some truck full of wares, or on some kind big ship at sea, or running around hotels.

I wonder what kind of correlation we could draw between people who never have nightmares and those that usually do

ohh I don't have any





Ask a khorne berserker about making the office a more zen workplace


@Zilna Jestov Are you low key calling dwarves gay?

Their own biology can't withstand their malice

ohh that reminds me, has anyone here ever been " shot " in their dreams before?

namely while laying down in that dream

No heaven here, should I be worried? <:nervous:359009898115104770>

Ahhgeez I've been a bad goy

I'm gonna be in purgatory all through the kali yuga

Never trust those dirty rocks - carpet bros

Hey any of you recently departed, come tell us what death is like #spooktober


You use it but it's just jared taylor every time

Our paganistic ancestors say the jury is still out on that one

I wonder if alistor crowley was just sitting in a log cabin all day playing with one of those

Holding true to aristotelian philosophy

assumption of innocence


or presumption, 12 dollar words

I'm just being cheeky and naming mental learn'ed standards that non-whites don't do

I would moreso consider them guilty of the things they're guilty of voting for, rofl

I have 2-3 bantu coworkers but only two of them are unbearably incompetent

2 outta 3 not bad amirite?

well you see you say bantu around a black person and they'll think you're talking about computers


I like the term bantu

I can't wait to " ban " them " too "

That'd be hilarious

WHATCHU SUCKAS TALKIN BOUT, buncha crazy words and shiet

we would need a peak-optics black man in this movement, like black dynamite

@Kingfish I think that would be saying another member in here is being a real maxine right now

I would never consider them inhuman, and I don't think those optics would ever fly unless it was in a group of people that just recently suffered violent from them or something, even then thats kind of extreme

lol, ayylamp

use the term " non western " instead

way better

for real though someone needs to make an absolute book describing how to be a white advocate and be against civnats and not trigger people

I want to be a burrito vendor on a campus, while white

I thought germans were all into sausages

that's pretty hot-dog-esque

The real way to win the arguement is to be more sharply dressed than the wal-mart scraps the opposition is wearing

well, whole foods DOES sell shirts

you can tell trump watches a lot of WWE because he body-slammed all those BOOMERS

Trump has literally been on WWE, rofl

if you have faith at all in anything you know she will

If life gives you lemons you turn to darker gods

chaos - w40k

" I would rather live around white people " " OHH SO YOU'RE SAYING YOU'RE A RACIST? " " I mean a little- blocked "

rip friend I've known for 3 years

those in-depth proofs are for -us- in order to sell us on the fact that we're on the right side of doing things for our people

we need something else for normies

I'm still not sold on the idea of non-gain tax -users- being unable to vote as a bad thing

sure that's really civnat of me but still

>Tfw we find out your level of sentience is determined by your souls experience-level

Hail king JEB



IDK I've listened to catholics on AM radio up here and they're

Ohh man MEMBER that debate between nick and patrick little? oof

nick is still salty towards him to this day

>Tfw there's a zog-bot reading your screen

ohh yeah that totally made up society of nobodies sounds totally believable

" ASHG Denounces Attempts to Link Genetics and Racial Supremacy "

" Guys this is really hurting our funding plz be nice "

We all know they're low-key furry and love it

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