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2018-11-04 20:16:47 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate dunked in what

2018-11-04 20:16:54 UTC  

Tanning is anti-white! Explicitly!

2018-11-04 20:16:58 UTC  

Through a badketballl hoop @Sherlock

2018-11-04 20:17:04 UTC  

Oh like those things at fairs where you hit the bullseye with a beanbag

2018-11-04 20:17:08 UTC  

Those things are awesome

2018-11-04 20:17:10 UTC  

Trump rally in GA goes waayyy back

2018-11-04 20:17:15 UTC  

If blackface is banned so should artificial tanning

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2018-11-04 20:17:29 UTC  

Speaking of e-women, did anybody else see Lana's latest sarcastic video?? Threw me for a loop at first..

2018-11-04 20:17:50 UTC  

@Sherlock *Where you at??*

2018-11-04 20:17:54 UTC  

She's a hoot

2018-11-04 20:17:58 UTC  

@Sonic many wigNats never caught on that it was satire

2018-11-04 20:18:02 UTC  

@Flint Couldn't make it man. Wish I could be there

2018-11-04 20:18:06 UTC  

Bet it's awesome

2018-11-04 20:18:21 UTC  

I love wignats.

2018-11-04 20:18:33 UTC  

@Flint anyone go with?

2018-11-04 20:18:43 UTC  

I think it was pretty ingenious

2018-11-04 20:19:30 UTC  

It's so easy to run circles around them rhetorically, dumping on them in yr streams.

2018-11-04 20:19:52 UTC  

@Alex Kolchak - NY I'm reading that op-ed now. Funny enough it's riddled with grammar mistakes. Obviously shook af

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2018-11-04 20:21:08 UTC  

Lauren Southern's sister>hit or miss girl @NateDahl76

2018-11-04 20:21:56 UTC  

@Sherlock Great American and Phoenix Fire

2018-11-04 20:22:33 UTC  

I have opinions on relative rankings of EGirls but I feel expressing them is inherently beta. Oh wait, too late.

2018-11-04 20:24:27 UTC  

Can someone please red bull me on what a wignat is? 😌 37 yr old Boomer here trying to keep up with all the terminology.

2018-11-04 20:24:34 UTC  

It's beta not to immediately rank all women

2018-11-04 20:24:45 UTC  

The only winning move is not to play. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-11-04 20:24:47 UTC  

the fact that egirls know that they're egirls makes listening to them very weird. It's like a sneaky type of porn like ASMR is

2018-11-04 20:25:00 UTC  

The "hit or miss girl" is a flatchested 12 year old girl, or a boy. I am disturbed by the thirst for her/him.

2018-11-04 20:25:10 UTC  

Gonna have to disagree, bud @Sherlock

2018-11-04 20:25:12 UTC  

@missliterallywho it's a 19 year old girl

2018-11-04 20:25:27 UTC  

Nyannyancosplay on YouTube

2018-11-04 20:25:29 UTC  

@NateDahl76 was kidding lmao

2018-11-04 20:25:37 UTC  

*that's what she wants you to think*

2018-11-04 20:25:39 UTC  

It’s just because of that one video and the smile, became a meme very quickly

2018-11-04 20:25:48 UTC  

Is ASMR cringe if you never get "lower tingles" and avoid THOT-ish ASMR creators?

2018-11-04 20:26:02 UTC  

Goddam lol

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2018-11-04 20:26:10 UTC

2018-11-04 20:26:11 UTC  

@missliterallywho @NateDahl76 I guess they never miss huh?