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Good morning everyone. My name is Ryan. I look forward to supporting the organization.

Well done

JFG had helpful insight into why the Yellow Vest protests might wain. The French populace have grown accustomed to being professional complainers / protesters. The Yellow Vest protesters have been appeased in part due to getting movement from Macron and company.

These types of degenerate leftist outbursts are the perfect opportunity for us to shine light into the darkness and change the conversation. Pop culture support of legitimate mental illness / disorders are immoral. Advocates of diversity have done the person in this video a tragic disservice. Theyโ€™ve created a weird world that enables the mentally disturbed to self immolate. Appeal to the masses on their level. Make it a moral discussion.

@sigruna14 Good idea.

Good work

For all of his faults, his series on the psychological significance of biblical allegory was well done.

@Perihelion - CA Good insight. Iโ€™d like to build onto it, if I may. JBP seems to advocate an Erasmus / Arminian form of Christian belief. These theological frameworks give independent agency to the โ€œbelieverโ€. In that a spark of the โ€œlikeness and imageโ€ are present and available to the adherent. I concur that it isnโ€™t the statistic or scientifically accurate description of mankind. Well built arguments can be made for Arminian TULIP, but it lends itself to a more progressive vision on mankind.

@OttoVonBismarck I used to watch Squatting Slav when he came in the scene. Howโ€™s his material now?


@apronandlace Marriage is a life long learning experience. Look at the relationship as iron sharpens iron. Make one another better and challenge each other to greatness. Youโ€™ll be fine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I agree with @Kingfish . We have to pay attention to what makes AOC so appealing. The younger Dem voters seem to take her seriously. Her ideals, her passion. Competency is irrelevant.

Sheโ€™s a stepping stone to a future competent candidate that leverages her type message.

@DaddyPaddy - FL Well said. The biggest joy in life is leading and shaping the next generation. That starts in the home. My three little ones have been raised by a stay at home mother. The expenses are minimal.

@Jonaltright keep your head up.

@Jonaltright You arenโ€™t alone in these concerns. All of the responsible fathers and leaders in this organization have had to weigh out these considerations. I want to encourage you that despite the cons, there are more pros in the end. I wish you nothing but a beautiful and happy white family. The sacrifice and the struggle are all worth it.

@Perihelion - CA Congrats sir.

@Goose These will get excellent foot traffic.

@Sam Anderson Agreed. We need to have our finger on the pulse of public discourse. Many normies agree with our beliefs because our beliefs are natural and ingrained in the DNA. My most effective red pills have been fed to those whoโ€™ve first heard of idenitarian perspectives that were initially mentioned by the Conservative types.

IE: Stefanโ€™s latest tryst into race and IQ

โ€œItโ€™s ok to be whiteโ€ is a term I use in casual meta political conversation when appropriate. Iโ€™ve almost never had a reasonable person disagree. I press on doors to see which opens first. Rational and moral arguments linked to self preservation is always effective in my experience.

@PatrickAZ Yeah Iโ€™ve met many of them here in the peopleโ€™s communist state of NJ. Hahaha

@PatrickAZ interesting...

That โ€œdebateโ€ was one of the funniest coming from the IBS era .

@OttoVonBismarck Internet blood sports. From late 2017 through mid 2018 there were a few popular Youtubers that hosted live debates.

@Alex Kolchak - NY Right on point!

Stefan is on fire.


I agree. Ultimately, we should be using these potential shifts in the Overton Window as opportunity to speak truth into peopleโ€™s lives. Teach people what we believe and a pathway forward. There are thousands and thousands of people who agree and sympathize with us. These supporters are reading his tweets.

@bspon002 Agreed. We need to have the long game in mind. We will win via good ideas and stellar character.

@Jonaltright JFG has spoken about the Yellow Vests from the perspective of a French QBCer (black pilled). He believes the French people to be perpetual complainers. They (all French both left and right) are SO reliant on the massive welfare oriented French government, that they have to tango with them to survive. Therefore, these protests are mostly about the French populace asking for specific material or welfare needs from Macron and company. After the French get what they want, theyโ€™ll move along. This is the black pilled take on the movement.

@Jonaltright The white pilled take would focus on the protests being the spark of a pro nationalist / anti globalist movement in France. Evidence that supports this is the anti Rothschild orientation as of late.

Anybody else can hop in on this one if youโ€™d like to.

Heads up everybody. IDthreeve is my Twitter I made to support IE guys. Haha. Set not FBI. I just got out of the shower and saw that post. Made me smile.


@VinceChaos yes sir. I post almost never on social media. Figured Iโ€™d have an IE dedicated Twitter. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@VinceChaos Iโ€™ll modify it. I keep the OPSEC tight

WY crew is on fire

@Brunswick Props to the NJ crew as well

@wayne peek That tweet was the epitome of some self hating white guilt. Oh boy!


Chuck looked ghoulish in that video. Creep.

Hey everyone. I have expertise in running startups. My MBA concentration is entrepreneurship. Iโ€™m here to help.

@Papa Pizzagate have you done market research for your potential endeavor? Have an ideal consumer in mind? How do others in your particular industry acquire and retain customers? Feel free to keep it as vague as you need.

@Papa Pizzagate Sounds good. Looking forward to it.


We rock

That map is sweet.

That depends on profession, geographic location, private / public section, etc...

Cost of living and familial plans may dictate your impression of a โ€œgoodโ€ salary.

What are you studying?

Thatโ€™s a worthwhile major. Itโ€™s useful across multiple industries. I work with a large technology company that does some CS / software engineering (in your general geographic area) that starts people around $60k -$70k

Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s better and worse starting points, contingent on your internships, externships, experience, grades, focus, etc.

Seems โ€œgoodโ€ if you are a single guy with minimal commitments.

I suggest reading The Millionaire Next Door. It gives wise guidance on frugality and living within ones means. Making a lot is irrelevant if a man canโ€™t understand how to spend properly. There are men that make $250k per year but live paycheck to paycheck because they spend $245k per year. The key is making $50k (or $75k or $100k or $150k) but spending a fraction of it with the long game in mind.

Thatโ€™s the goal. Spend enough to live, and even live well, but have the discretionary funds to leave a legacy.

When do you graduate? How far are you from Portland?

Fair enough. Iโ€™m here to help.

NP... Iโ€™ve been in business / tech / engineering a while. If and when you have questions Iโ€™m here.

Going into the job market can be a shaky experience.

I had a good chuckle reading that thread.

@Sonic Great work.

Trucking is in high demand. Great idea. Good luck.

@Logan If you need any help with creating and implementing a startup strategy, let me know.

@Tanner - SC Agreed. The starting salary should be much higher, especially is a decent metro area. Cost of living in his area may be one offset to the initial starting salary.

@John O - I am not. I have experience in startups and business strategy.

@Tanner - SC The Bay is bananas!

Last time I was out there, a small 2 bedroom ranch outside the city was ~$800k

@V.Balboa - PA thatโ€™s Mos Def?

@V.Balboa - PA I enjoyed it! Haha

The left is anti science.

Itโ€™s our obligation to get on the thread to compliment good optics. Yes?

Amen. Always come back to our moral high ground. Itโ€™s good to defend your people. Live to the highest ideals. Good optics.


Itโ€™s almost time to utilize those cash reserves.

2019-01-20 00:36:47 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

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@CarletonJ Thank you!


Where is the squatting Slav?

2019-01-21 00:39:00 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

Iโ€™ve liked it so far. Iโ€™m through chapters 1 and 2. The history and subsequent failure of bussing / desegregation are interesting things I wasnโ€™t familiar with.

2019-01-21 00:44:20 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

The ROI is bad.

2019-01-21 00:45:13 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

Expensive with little upside in the moral of financial sense.

2019-01-21 00:45:18 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  


2019-01-21 00:45:41 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

Diversity wouldnโ€™t be much of a VC pitch.

2019-01-21 00:59:22 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

The are high IQ, competent, with strong in group preference.

2019-01-21 01:02:28 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

Thank you.

2019-01-21 01:03:08 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

Good night

That guy Robert Barnes is a high profile litigator. If heโ€™s tweeting about the kids having a possible lawsuit, itโ€™s a good thing.

Now is the time to make it known that the attack on these kids was immoral and due to their whiteness. Time to garner support to the cause.

Keep posting. Keep educating people about anti white bigotry. We will push the Overton Window and determine our future.

Speak truth to power. Shape the discussion. Itโ€™s ok to be white.

Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with the reserves. One team. One fight. Useful for their purpose.

@Hyphenstein Tyler is sharing wisdom here. If youโ€™re joining the military, use it for what itโ€™s worth. Everything needs to be in writing before you join.

GK was great.

I donโ€™t know much about translation. Is this a service that would be useful to market to multinational corporations with reciprocal agreements?

Enter those conversations with wisdom and humility. Generally speaking, women arenโ€™t as politically minded. Donโ€™t force things. Stand by your principles, but tread lightly at the same time.

@Jonaltright Good question. Each context is going to be different. Having a base set of shared principle is a good foundation, but humility in a partner and the willingness of a strong / wise man to lead the family (or relationship) is going to clear the path forward.

Over the years, my wife hasnโ€™t always agreed with a particular stance or aspect of my political outlook, but sheโ€™s never questioned that I do what I do because I have her best interest in mind.

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