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2018-11-04 16:13:41 UTC  

King Trump?

2018-11-04 16:35:40 UTC  

I love these polls!

2018-11-04 17:18:52 UTC  

The best part is the liberal tears in the comments.

2018-11-04 19:30:53 UTC  

I just heard about this new Swizz Beats album cover “Poison.” It’s so violent that I’m not sure I can even post it on here. His Instagram post about the album says: “... End of Empire [the painting on the album cover] is about upending the system, taking power back... Let the Madness begin.” Can we report this post for calling for violence?

2018-11-04 19:31:58 UTC  

The painting, which is by an anti-White “artist,” shows blacks killing and sexually assaulting white people.

2018-11-04 19:42:01 UTC  

Seems like his plan for taking back power relies partly on the white male suicide rate since that's what one of the figures depicts

2018-11-04 19:42:56 UTC  

His post looks like a call to violence

2018-11-04 19:48:54 UTC  

I don't think they know what 13% of the population means

2018-11-04 23:00:45 UTC  

He managed to make blacks look very uncivilized by looking at that album artwork

2018-11-04 23:39:33 UTC  

The artist is Cleon Peterson. All of his "art" features blacks killing whites. He painted a miscegenation scene underneath the Eiffel Tower. He also painted one of his "pieces" on a Rothschild's boat. He was featured for a month earlier this year at the Denver Museum of Art. Really disturbing stuff. @Deleted User

2018-11-05 00:06:21 UTC  

@Sonic yes. I heard about him after his Eiffel Tower painting. The fact that a major rapper is putting this on his album cover, and then telling the world to let the madness begin, can be a big red pill for people leaning to our side.

2018-11-06 00:56:00 UTC  

We should spread this video, it is a short but very good video.

2018-11-06 11:55:17 UTC  

Remind all your boomer friends and family that Fox News is not our friend. ALL media are out to get Trump and support the neo-liberal agenda.

The Fox News Channel has pulled a Trump-approved campaign advertisement about the migrant caravan marching towards the U.S. border after CNN and other left-wing media figures labeled it “racist.”


2018-11-06 13:02:56 UTC  

Cyberstrike becomes Ballotstrike today, @everyone GO VOTE

2018-11-06 13:10:35 UTC  

From everyone I'm hearing from, all the lines are long.

2018-11-06 13:32:16 UTC  

I live in a vibrant area and had literally no one in front of me. A good sign, I'd take it.

2018-11-06 14:11:18 UTC  

Time to vote

2018-11-06 14:11:45 UTC  

I need somebody with basic photoshop skills to make me a new avatar for my Oklahoma Identitarians twitter. DM for details.

2018-11-06 14:25:27 UTC  

@Conway - OK I can help.

2018-11-06 18:40:21 UTC  

1.5 hours in line to vote here in yuppie suburb in ATL.

2018-11-06 19:08:43 UTC  

Cant wait to see the crying tonight!

2018-11-06 19:22:40 UTC  

@Why Tea Stay strong!

2018-11-06 19:28:25 UTC  

Got done.

2018-11-06 20:59:16 UTC  

Just dropped mine & my dad's mail in ballots off,was no line,easy in and out😉🇺🇸

2018-11-06 22:08:39 UTC  

>mail in ballot
>election day

2018-11-06 22:09:42 UTC  

CA lets you postmark it as late as election day @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-11-08 04:44:13 UTC  

@here a major redpill needs your upvote on r the donald - house results if only Whites voted. Edit: pulled by mods

2018-11-08 04:44:44 UTC  


2018-11-08 12:54:48 UTC  

People shilling for Sackler family on Reddit while cheering Sessions’ dismissal as a win for the Chronically Pained.

2018-11-08 16:31:01 UTC  

r/the_donald is controlled opposition

2018-11-08 21:49:43 UTC  

*squeaky noises*

2018-11-09 02:25:19 UTC

2018-11-09 02:32:06 UTC  

I don't even remember reporting them that's how long it took them to do something about them

2018-11-09 04:23:11 UTC  

I wonder if they’re cracking down after Tuckah