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Hello gentlemen. I look forward to being a part of this great movement!

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Shaving is now homosexual?!

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Oh yeah, the gay gillette commercial

The guy I talked to took my message

@Reinhard Wolff What are your thoughts on the Dems who recently announced their presidential campaigns?

2019-01-17 02:33:29 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Egard Watches is moving in the right direction. Much better than Gillette. Still, I couldn't help but notice how they emphasized black men, but black men rarely exhibit manly virtue.

It is quite weird how so many women have replaced actual children with pets @NateDahl76

Wrong and also unnatural

Thats Hollywood for you โœก

UNC Chapel Hill

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA and I would have put more up but the rain began to come down heavily.

All the campus buildings are locked up on the weekend. In the near future, we'll get some up on bulletin boards.

If the Dems turn this down, Trump must go with the national emergency strategy.

What would the great Andrew Jackson say about these Indians harassing American kids ๐Ÿค”

@Sam Anderson I think so. Spencer is from Whitefish, MT

is bbq perhaps the most pro-white food?

Shapiro has the most annoying voice. How the heck did he become a famous speaker

The opposition leader in Venezuela seems too weak @VinceChaos

Sure, but I do worry about Bolton's influence. Pence seems to be at least somewhat of a neocon @VinceChaos

I've been using the smirk all day

@Reinhard Wolff Has serving as the leader of IE impacted your familial/personal relationships?

Have you guys seen that Coca Cola is airing a pro-diversity commercial before the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? I will not be watching.

What cigar pairs best with chocolate milk booze ๐Ÿค”

Doesn't Charlie Kirk have a "thing" with Candace Owens

I guess Charlie Kirk needs to lay off the soy @Alex Kolchak - NY

Keep the Stahlhelm in the closet

Is there an IE style page? Brooks Brothers used to be implicitly white and American

Good afternoon fellow huhwhites, how does one combat feeling blackpilled?

Thanks for the advice. I'm surrounded by leftists everyday and they want to drag everyone's mood down with them. @Papa Pizzagate

I found it weird for a President who I thought was tough on crime to celebrate the release of two black drug dealers

If he keeps this up, I may as well write in Richard Spencer

David Duke endorsed Tulsi ๐Ÿ˜†

Tulsi has the image that will draw media attention

The Mormon birth rate is actually at replacement level

The documentary made me wonder if Spencer is a heavy drinker

Tell me, where did you find such a girl? @Jakob-NY

My ex-gf made me choose between her or supporting Trump in the 2016 election. I chose Trump.

I recently met a girl who admitted many of her friends are worried that MeToo will discourage men from asking them on dates or escalating things

I have a buddy who is completely MGTOW

MGTOW is logical, but it will only further lower the white birth rate

Well, we are in clown world where an ex-wife can take everything from her husband

The best career decision for a woman is divorce. Just ask Jeff Bezos ex-wife when she takes half of everything he earned.

At the very least, MGTOW is about not getting married.

I'm afraid most whites will never see our people as an extended family until neo-liberalism has come to an end.

And we've lost our strength of will due to bourgeois softness

My problem is all the girls I meet in college are not feminine. Why did girls replace nice dresses with those awful yoga pants as everyday wear?๐Ÿค”

They study gender/feminist studies

I don't think they should go to college at all

Why did the men before us allow all this to happen? @Ryonne

I ask myself that everyday

I have no clue what the answer is

A lot of men had thought letting white women vote would be a hedge against black voters. It hasn't quite worked out!

Roger Stone guide to getting doxxed: deny, deny, deny

What are you great white folks doing this Saturday?

The Starbucks near me is always full of college girls and homeless black people.

Good morning fellow whites

I hope Nick Sandmann wins every penny of the $250 mil and WAPO goes bankrupt

Turning Point is basically a "muh free market" group, correct?

It's too bad conservatives in our country are such cucks. If they had a spine, we could work with them.

It's gotten to the point I can't stand to be around these "conservatives" any more than I can liberals.

I will help to change the topic. Is it raining where you guys are?

NC is getting non-stop rain

I've been drinking black coffee since I was 12

What are you going to? @Lawrence of Eurabia

Dining out with a trad QT? @Lawrence of Eurabia

Happy Friday goyim

Can't sleep so might as well get up

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