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2018-12-03 20:44:55 UTC  

Who here /ex-blonde/

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I was blonde till 20 like why at 20 did it go away?

2018-12-03 20:45:26 UTC  

Twins are clones isn’t that cool

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Have you ever seen amish kids? they all start out blonde, there is like 0% dark hair children until they grow older.

2018-12-03 20:47:01 UTC  

mfw when i've taken the rage-pill too early at work and am stuck curling my mouse and keyboard

2018-12-03 20:47:38 UTC  

@Nemets I've had people ask if I was Italian or Mexican before

2018-12-03 20:48:30 UTC  

@Goose stay strong

2018-12-03 20:48:33 UTC  

@Austen Mormons are the same way, even I was blonde as a kid

2018-12-03 20:48:42 UTC  

<:redpill:439924063377555497> all blondes are actually children <:redpill:439924063377555497>

2018-12-03 20:48:45 UTC  

Yeah mormons have that ideal phenotype

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@Danimal876 I'm anti Zionist for a few reasons. It's a state that inherently necessitates conflict, since they knowingly built it in the most unstable region in the world where they very well knew that they wouldn't be welcome. Since they chose to pick a fight with much bigger enemies, really their only hope is to find ways of tricking western governments into supporting them. So, as long as they exist, there's always going to stuff like AIPAC.

I'll probably get called a libtard for this, but I also don't support them for moral reasons. Of course I care more about white people, but I still don't feel particularly comfortable supporting a state which bombs schools with white phosphorus.

As for the West hosting millions of displaced Jews? Well, the simple answer is, we can just tell them "no".

2018-12-03 20:49:46 UTC  

@Alex Kolchak - NY that's some gud stuff

2018-12-03 20:51:34 UTC  

we weren't born to stare at computer screens

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But that's my job

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*treeposting intensifies*

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Have you seen those new computer glasses that block blue light? I want some so I can larp as having bad eyes

2018-12-03 20:53:01 UTC  

@Jacob I totally agree that Israel acts completely immorally. Unfortunately, the blood they have spilt cannot be undone, so I support the idea of Israel- less so it's execution. Ultimately, every major ethnic group should have its own state.

2018-12-03 20:53:38 UTC  

Got my first pair of fake glasses in 7th grade

2018-12-03 20:53:50 UTC  

I actually do have bad eyes

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They used to sell them at Claire's in the mall

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I didn't eat enough carrots as a kid

2018-12-03 20:54:35 UTC  

Carrots are terrible

2018-12-03 20:54:45 UTC  

Carrots are great

2018-12-03 20:55:08 UTC  

*cue Ian posting Bugs Bunny*

2018-12-03 20:55:20 UTC  

carrots are ok by themselves

putting them in food other than carrot cake, however, is immoral

2018-12-03 20:55:35 UTC  

That's a reasonable position. I support that principle, too, my conclusions are just a bit different. I just think that state shouldn't be "Israel" in the modern sense. They can either (1) learn to behave and have a two state solution or (2) have a plot of land in Siberia that was already offered to them. @Danimal876

2018-12-03 20:55:37 UTC  

i got these catlady sjw glasses from when I was still a liberal.

2018-12-03 20:55:44 UTC  

Carrot cake is acceptable

2018-12-03 20:56:02 UTC  

Fruits and veggies are not meant to be in cake. Segregation is good

2018-12-03 20:56:14 UTC  

carrot cake is awesome

2018-12-03 20:56:15 UTC  

@Alex Kolchak - NY Melting swiss cheese on carrots is pretty good though

2018-12-03 20:56:21 UTC  

Cooking vegetables should be a crime

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2018-12-03 20:56:42 UTC  

So long as you steam them first

2018-12-03 20:56:51 UTC  

Zucchini bread is amazing change my mind

2018-12-03 20:57:04 UTC  

I can do steamed carrots but not raw carrots